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Affiliate Page

Many affiliates don't want to have a secondary website & certainly don't want to waste time looking after a site for their groups clothing requirements. This is especially true with short term fund raising ideas etc. or low volume clubs / societies.

As store owners we want traffic to our website - it's the king project! So we need a way to have affiliate pages within our main site rather than an unloved affiliate site tucked away somewhere. We want the traffic, We want the sell on opportunities great navigation can provide.

So lets have affiliate pages instead of or as well as affiliate stores.

** This suggestion has been around for about 3 years but appears to have became lost in the deco maze ...... **

By Richard Mattinson on 26 February 2016 Submitted

User manual - detailed

I wish there is a comprehensive and up to date user manual prepared that gives detailed and precise instructions on how to use the program, how changing a setting will effect the end user or the store owner.



By Eva on 28 March 2016 Submitted

Override retail prices by wholesale prices on bulk orders placed by affiliate stores

It would be great to have the ability to charge wholesale prices on affiliate orders that come directly from the registered email of the affiliate site owner. 

Orders coming through as internet orders are locked to the affiliate store, which I understand and appreciate, but there is a need for bulk orders that are placed from the affiliate site to be priced at wholesale prices and not retail.

By Eva on 13 April 2016 Submitted

royalty for designers

The ability for designers to be paid a royalty for showcasing their designs on your website, we can do this now but the whole store has to be the designers for them to be able to get a commission as an affiliate. 

We would want to start 1 store with an array of diverse designers posting their designs with the ability to earn a royalty commission when items sell.

There are many sites out there doing this and this would be criticial to ensure deco is always at the top.

By Joseph on 18 April 2016 Submitted

Deco Shopify Plugin (like Printful)


This would be great for business.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 02 May 2016 Submitted


The templates for the affiliate stores and for new deconetwork are dated.  Deconetworks needs to get with the industry and update its templates,  its bad branding for the company.  Your site looks great, but what  you offer others do not.

The templates should also be update and be able to show the individual campaigns with running totals.   The software is behind the competition.

By Darlene Duggan on 06 May 2016 Submitted

Support .DST files

.DST files are the most commonly used file formats for embroidery machines in the US. Most of our digitizing partners convert to .DST and .ISI files, so if we didn't have to convert those to .EMB that would make the work flow much faster. Currently for each embroiderred garment, we willl have to convert each logo from .DST to .EMB and then back to .DST for us to print the garment. 

By Jenna Roe on 02 August 2016 Submitted

Set a 'Supplier' to Free Form items when placing an order

The ability to set a Supplier to Free Form items when placing an order would save time raising Purchase Orders and avoid confusion in purchasing.  A drop down of of the Supplier list at the beginning of any free form line item would be a huge improvement, and seems like a relatively simple fix.


By Jon @ MCC on 04 November 2016 Submitted

Revenue Reports

Currently, you can export orders in DecoNetwork, but the information could be much more useful. 

It would me much more helpful if the reports allowed revenue to be sorted by decoration process, affiliate/store, & Product Type/Group. Knowing how much profit was made from each store, product, and decoration process is invaluable information to a decoration business. 


By ZACH DEWHURST on 12 December 2016 Submitted

Option to edit the HTML for every individual page

Would be great when you can edit on HTML level the individual pages.
As of now it is only possible through CSS but when you want to add some text or replace text this isn't always working.

Please vote!

By Jelle van der Mijl on 13 December 2016 Submitted

Add Price Variant Option to Color Pallettes

RECOMMENDATION: Add price variation option in Color Palette set-up.

This recommendation would add significant flexibility and efficiency to DecoNetwork by enabling people to manage many different price variations on their decoration offerings without the need for adding more decoration processes.

For example,

Set-up up a Metallic Color Palette in the Screen Print Process.

At set-up assign the metallic ink a +$0.25 mark-up.

When the customer selects a color from the Metallic Ink Color Palette $0.25 is added to the price of each piece.


For most decoration processes there are price differences in the different materials used and there is currently no way to offer these options in DecoNetwork, that I am aware of.

Here are a few examples from a per peice perspecitve:

Screen Printing: Standard Color, Custom Color, Metallic (+$0.25), Fluorescent (+$1.25)

Transfers (Vinyl): Standard Colors, Metallic or Neon  (+$0.25), Metal Flake (+$0.50), Glitter (+1.25)

Rhinestones: Crystal, General Colors (+$0.75), Special Colors (+$1.25), Rhinestuds (-$0.50)

Embroidery: Standard Colors, Metallic (+$0.50)



By NICOLE DORR on 05 February 2017 Submitted

screen set up fee

i would like to see an option for screen set up fee removed from previously ordered products so the customers only pay this once if the dont change it. 

By Daniel Listerud on 16 May 2017 Submitted

Customer Contact Emails - Quote Feedback

In order to get a prompt feedback from the customer, after he's received a quote, I'd suggest to add on Customer Contact Emails, a quote feedback email to be sent automatically after a set number of days (as in Abandoned cart contact customer email settings) to remind the customer to provide a feedback.

This would improve and build a kind of the customer care relationship inside DN:

- reminding the customer that he has a quote to approve or not

- the sale team members would be automatically updated by customers with their quote feedback within reasonable time

It would be great to be able to set a number of automatic emails, (with different content) to be sent after a quote has been submitted and to be able to choose which has to be sent for a specific quote.

Thanks everybody!


By Alice on 27 July 2017 Submitted

Responsive Business HUB

Could it be possible to make business hub responsive or have its own app? It would be a killer duo with new resposive sites. To be able to manage/ mock/ quote/ invoice orders through an app system would be awesome. I would even be open to contributing some money to this project.

By Jaime Roa on 06 April 2018 Submitted

multi item campaign

The single item campaign does not allow us to compete, we have competitors that offer multi-item campaigns.

I am not sure how to attach an image to this request.



By Shelly Barton on 08 May 2018 Submitted

Catalog on Facebook

Is there a way to create a Catalog on Facebook from DecoNetwork, using a data feed or something other than manually uploading products?


By Niki Merrett on 04 October 2018 Submitted

Google and Facebook User authentication

Hi there, 

It would be really great for our customers if instead of having to create yet another new user account on a website they could just use the authentication methods other websites use through Google or Facebook. This is a widely implemented way now for people to log in to websites really easily. Any chance of it arriving for Deconetwork any time soon? 



By Evan Cockshaw on 09 February 2020 Submitted

Customer read/open receipt/notification for quotes, notes and emails.

Having the ability to see if a customer has read a quote would be extremely useful for the below reasons. 

1. It confirms that it did not land in their spam box

2. We can see how much interest that they have in continuing the quote by seeing how many times they have viewed it. 

NOTE: Read notifications and follow ups and other handy functionality such as email templates and automation can be found in a Gmail app called Gmelius. If there was some kind of intergration with this app, that would be amazing!


By Brian Hulley on 19 March 2020 Submitted

Product Search In Adding Decorated Product Section

In our master library we've now reached about 100+ pages of products offered. As it stands the only way to quickly find products when adding a new decorated product to a store is you have to go to the category which the product is under and then remember which page you can find said product on. It would be great to have a similar search bar is in the product section in the decorating section, just type in the product id or name and get the same results.

By Kevin on 25 August 2014 Implemented!

Persistent sort in Hub lists

I'm always having to resort my production queue by due date.  It would be great if our sort option was sticky or persistent. 

By Sara on 03 September 2014 Implemented!