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Please get on board with stamps.com and get the shipping inline.  My switch to deco costs me 6-8 minutes per package.  Please.  Thanks

By Luther Veuleman on 30 September 2014 Implemented!

Shopping Cart Items (Plural) For Multiple Products

DecoNetwork's shopping cart that is located at the top of most websites has a small grammer error. The word Item does not become plural when there are multiple products in the shopping cart. "2 Item" does not look or sound good compared to the correct "2 Items" that should be displayed. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 12 May 2016 Implemented!

Filter / sort function Front Store Website

There really should be a way to for a customer on the front store/website to easily sort products by price/name/brand and set some filter options
like colour / size / product type etc. etc.

Please vote because this is a major problem now in the current Front Store

By Jelle van der Mijl on 14 January 2017 Implemented!

Packaged Products

I'm not sure this how many people offer these kinds of deals on their stores, but we would love to offer a single item packaged purchase. We want to be able to include multiple products into one nice single add to cart item. We've done this a few times on our store by creating a product type specifically for that package and using custom fields to indicate sizes and each view to be the product, but it’s very unclean and does not work large scale having to make new product types all the time. Just have the ability to package preexisting products from our library into a single product type.

By Kevin on 26 August 2014 Submitted

Pattern Generator

Some type of pattern generator, you upload a pattern seamless tile and the generator would fill an object, text or graphic, with a particular pattern and with the ability of scaling the pattern fill.

By Ruben on 26 August 2014 Submitted

"Coming Soon" For new custom products

The ability to display new custom products with a message that would say "Coming Soon" and a button or field for customers to enter and submit an email for inquiring for that particular item, also for items that were out of stock from our supplier but are waiting for more, instead for us to turned it off would be nice to display a message like "Temporally out of stock" and again a button or field for them to enter and submit an email to contact them and letting them know that particular item is back on stock and ready to order.

By Ruben on 26 August 2014 Submitted

Sale, Featured, Latest Product Widgets

I think we need more control over the widgets and product catgories. For example with my old shopping cart platform, when we created new products they would automatically be displayed using the "Latest" product widget and again best sellers were automatically populated under the "Best Sellers" widget. 

Currently we have one widget which only displays products from the selected category there isnt even an option for displaying producsts under sub categories!! We can't even duplicate this widget as a work around.

I would like to see more widgets avaliable and the ability to add products into more then one category. 


By Justin on 29 October 2014 Submitted

Sales team commissions

it would be great to assign a sales team member to a order / quote and then once closed the sales team member makes a commission (editable) on that sale. Maybe integrate PayPal or use zero / intuit payroll to pay out employee.?? 

If the above is not possible then a way to generate a report based on sales member would be great.. 

By SDPH on 13 January 2015 Submitted

quick books compatible export file .iif

I would like to be able to download an .iif file for all transactions including orders and payments into quickbooks. Then quicken option is currently available which is not compatible with quickbooks. And also those options don't include payment transactions   I need this feature urgently as all our accounting is in quickbooks. 


By Mozi on 29 January 2015 Submitted

Quick Quote starts with product already being viewed

In its current form the quick quote system forces the customer to always start from step 1 and choose a product, even if they are currently viewing a product and simply want a "quick quote" on that particular product so they can get the full price of a printed order before deciding to purchase.

It would be much less frustrating for the customer if the quick quote system did not to force them to select the product again and even more importantly this is a very likely cart abandonment point.

So the idea request is for the Quick Quote system to bypass the product selection stage if the customer has already chosen a product to view.

By Website Admin on 31 March 2015 Submitted

create a predecorated product from an order

Think a process where once a customer has designed and ordered a product , a simple way to just convert it to a predecorated product would be extremely useful. 


By Brian cresswell on 14 April 2015 Submitted

Make The Site Mult-Lingual!! Shoppers to switch languages at store front.

Make the Store Front  MULTI-LINGUAL!  People can click popdown to change language from one to another!!

PLEASE! Thanks!

By Raymond Merritt on 01 June 2015 Submitted

Auto Email Customers who have not purchased in a while

I would like an auto generated email to go out to customers example in 6 months that we can edit


Hi we have noticed you have not purchased in a while, If we can help please let us know  blah blah blah, would also like a box where you could imput the minimum spend so it filters out the small costly jobs

By Daren Wright on 04 June 2015 Submitted

Default Qty

Please Please Please can we remove the default qty of 1 in the default size box in business hub, this is annoying and we have had mistakes made where our staff have forgoten to remove this qty. Does it really need to be there?!!!

By Daren Wright on 16 July 2015 Submitted

Sell Blank Products Options

I'm interested in selling blank products but I can't sell everything this way. Can you make an option to turn it off for individual items? We are warned by some suppliers that we can not sell certain garments such as Nike without embellishments. Without this option I must either turn off blank item purchases or not offer these brands on my website.

By Rebecca Alumbaugh on 27 August 2015 Submitted

Rhinestone Designer

The rhinestone design option on Deconetwork is extremely limited!   Since customers like to visually see what they are getting it would be nice if they could choose the text of the rhinestones and actually see them plotted on the product.  A website that you may want to view is www.customizedgirl.com.  Their rhinestone section is awesome.  May want to also allow customers to use different color rhinestones at additional cost.  For example red rhinestones are more expensive than crystal.

Any upgrade you can make to the rhinestones would be greatly appreciated.  

Denise Hayes/Customglamgirl



By Greg Hayes on 11 November 2015 Submitted

Automatically Apply Extra Charges to Certain Orders

It would be nice if there was a way to set-up your extra charges so they automatically apply to orders when their requirements are met. Now obviously this won't work with everything but here is the example that spurred this idea.

$25 extra charge applies on orders that are more than 1-colour, 1-location and less than 7 pieces.

So when you create the extra charge there is a genaric "form" you can fill in that would have options like...

Apply to order if more than ___ pieces
Apply to order if less than ___ pieces

Apply to order if more than ___ colours
Apply to order if less than ___ colours

Apply to order if more than ___ locations
Apply to order if less than ___ locations

Now those are the ones that would apply to this example but you could put a few other different genaric filters.

By Rylan Grose on 01 December 2015 Submitted

Limiting Stock Designs

It would be nice if fulfillment centers had more control over stock designs. Currently there is no way to limit which stock design categories/folders to certain affiliates. We upload a lot of stock designs that are great for certain niches, but not for others. So it would be great if we can make some stock designs private / only available to certain affiliates / groups.


By ZACH DEWHURST on 09 February 2016 Submitted

Markup For Each Proccess

It is extremely necessary that affiliates have the ability to choose their margin for each process. We offer embroidery, DTG, screen, sublimation, and wide format printing and it is necessary that an affiliate choose how much they want to markup each process. Currently it is applied across the board and this does not do an affiliate much good as a lot of their products become significantly overpriced. For example a custom keychain is $6 full color printed, whereas a hooded sweatshirt is $25 full color printed. Now the % markup would work, but a lot of affiliates like to apply a flat price, but it drastically skews the price. A $5 markup on the sweatshirt is ideal, but not for the keychain.

By ZACH DEWHURST on 09 February 2016 Submitted

Exporting a 'business hub' search to excel

If you do a search in business hub (date range, etc) it would be great if you could export that to excel

By Jared Fullinfaw on 15 August 2016 Submitted