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Pick up in store

We have a lot of cutsomer who are local to us and also ones who are far. We love giving the option to our local customers to be able to save on shipping and pick up in store, but we seem to have customers from all over our state who choose to pick up in store. We end up losing money on shipping for the customers who aren't local and are choosing "Pick up in store." There should be an option for us to be able to put zip codes, cities or something so the customers who aren't local won't be abe to choose that option. smiling

By Meryl on 05 January 2015 Implemented!

Adding Products to Multiple Categories

It would be very helpful if we could add decorated products to multiple categories.  Right now you have to clone a product if you want it to be in 2 or more categories.  This is not ideal especially if you are working with thousands of decorated products that need to appear in 2 or more categories.

By Jeremy Litchfield on 04 November 2015 Submitted

Make it easy to sign up - Log in With Facebook

Can we add the ability for our customers to sign in via their facebook page? Would be much easier for customers to create an account when purchasing and when they want to reorder.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 01 December 2015 Submitted

Control Over Uploaded Stock Designs

It would be great if we had more control over the stock designs we upload. 
• The ability to change the default background colour of a stock design just like we can in the store designs section.
• The ability to move/re-order stock designs within folders and to select and move items into different folders. ( especially since zips don't tend to maintain the correct order when uploaded)
• The ability to turn stock designs or sets of designs on or off depending on the relevant store ( When running more than one website) 


By Syl Cinque on 11 September 2014 Submitted

Patterns in color swatches

Hi All !! PLEASE PLEASE vote for this one:

We need ability to load up different PATTERNS in the color swatches  in online designer:  So that customers can create, for example, zebra print TEAM NAME AND NUMBER  or polka dot or flower pattern TEXT. etc..

 Having the ability to "fill" text/ image color with a pattern would make the designer more versatile and if anything  bring in more business, especially if your customers are teams/ schools, etc..

Thanks!! thumbs up


You can put the patterns on their own palette and category and place it  in the same little window where the color swatch and color slider are currently.

By mb on 05 June 2015 Submitted

Production Time based on Product.

I have many products that have way different production times. I would like to see the ability to base the production time on the actual product/ quantity order. Currently I believe it is one standard production time which doesn't make any sense. 

By pete on 27 August 2014 Implemented!

Single Page Checkout

Need the option for a way slimmed/trimmed down checkout

see thread: http://www.deconetwork.com/forums/feature-ideas/4139-bikini-cut-checkout#6433


By Adam on 27 August 2014 Submitted

Add Products to Google Shopping

Adding decorated products or even specific non-decorated products to Google Shopping would make sites more competitive that offer unique catalog style items.

Not a huge priority, but something to keep on the radar (maybe this already exists and I am unaware of the feature).

By Jon Dreher on 30 August 2014 Submitted

Allow Multiple Designs on Pre-Decorated Products

When creating a pre-decorated product within an affiliate store that has three shirt colors, but each color of shirt has a slight design variation because of the shirt color. Instead of having to create three different products, when the customer clicks on a different shirt color the design associated to the shirt color will show up.

By Brad Dassow on 05 June 2015 Submitted

SSL Certificate

Be able to incorporate our own SSL certificate so customers finish transactions in our own domain



** Implemenetd in dn7.5

By Ruben on 25 August 2014 Implemented!

Larger Printable Design View

In business hub, it would be nice to be able to see a larger/printable Design View on the garment/product without downloading the source files that don't show how the customer sees it anyways. Even the work sheet images are way to small.

By cindy on 22 May 2015 Implemented!

Production Planner

Could we be possibly have an extra overview tab that’s like a calendar. The production manager can assign a job to a particular day/ time so the sales team can see when a job is going to be done rather than just saying yes its on the list. If the production manager could do that it would work amazingly for scheduling and give everyone a better understanding of when and how long jobs take to be done.

By Lloyd Rees on 24 February 2017 Implemented!

Paypal payment reference

We recognized that upon receiving payments using PayPal no reference is transferred from DecoNetwork currently. Of course the responding order status changes to "paid" in DecoNetwork, however this still becomes a struggle for our accounting department to evaluate for which order this payment was received and therefor creates additional manual effort.

It would be upmost beneficial to have the DecoNetwork order # automatically populated and transfered as reference when customers using PayPal payment methods. This will not only help us to keep track of your payment records but also our customers.


*Implemented in v7.5.11

By Shop Admin on 16 August 2017 Implemented!

Please let us put our t shirt designs in more than one category?

It would be great if we can select multiple categories for the graphic designs we upload on deconetwork.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 04 November 2015 Submitted

Dynamic product

We deal with hundreds of catalogs/products that are not available in deconetworks catalog and will probably never be such as Dickies, Adidas, badger, high 4, cherookee scrobs and more. Adding all those products in Deco is not a practical option. The only practial solution that Deco provides us to quote for those product without having to spend a lot of time with setup is Free form product. The problem with this option is that we still have to calculate markups based on tiered based costs, then calculate discounts based on qty and then add embellishing charges. Having to calculate the price this way is very inefficient, especially knowing that all this information is already available in my deco settings and I am not able to take advantage of that.

To combat this issue I suggest a Dynamic product. To create a dynamic product, load any preconfigured product in business hub then have an optionb  to mark that product as a Dynamic product (see attached image) which will enable us to make following changes to the product on fly.

1. rename style number and product desc
2. edit colors if needed
3. edit sizes if needed
4. most importantly allow us to edit product cost whcih will be used to calculalate new sale price of the product based on our markups
5. option to disable default image of the product.
6. option to save this new product to be used later if needed.

Luckily I had a chance to discuss this feature with Brenden at the ISS show in Longbeach and received a very positive response from him. The fact that him and Chris acknoledged that this seems like very useful feature makes me happy and hopeful that it will be taken seriously.

Thanks for your vote


By Mozi on 29 January 2017 Submitted

A 'Flip' Feature in the Designer

The 'rotate'' function in the designer is great but it would be awesome to have a 'flip' function also.


Available in 8.001

By Syl Cinque on 11 September 2014 Implemented!

We Need A Mobile Friendly Online Designer (40% of our website traffic is on a mobile now)

Hi Deco, we really need a mobile friendly online designer.

We need an experience that is positive on all devices.

Our website has a very high bounce rate on mobiles + a really bad mobile conversion rate.

It would be great if it was someting similiar to Domino's pizza, they have a mobile app for customising pizza's which they launched in 2014.  


** Implemenetd in DN8

By Jared Fullinfaw on 08 February 2016 Implemented!

Designate specific fonts

A capability to designate specific fonts at a product level or even at a process level would be helpful

By Ruben on 25 August 2014 Implemented!

Better Search Filter Options

I think DN would benefit a better search filter/attribute option in the left hand column, where customers can quickly drill-down to the garment they are looking for from a particular category (e.g search by gender, price, colour, size, brand etc etc).



By Ian Roome on 04 May 2015 Implemented!

Prices From

I know we've been banging on about this for about 4 years - but there's nothing happening & now I can't find the thread, can't see the idea...... etc etc etc.

So lets ramp the thing up & get some action furious

WE NEED the prices from that appear on websites to show the lowest price, not the highest furious "from" - the clues all there for the English speaking world that Deco lives & breathes in.........

Now as much as it'd be nice to show the lowest price, this might also lead to some issues, so as discussed lets have the price range shown!

Prices from £28 furious

Prices from £14 confused

Prices from £14-£28 smiling w/ heart eyes

You want us to sell product, We all want to sell product.......... Pull yer finger out & get it fixed!!!

By Richard Mattinson on 09 March 2017 Implemented!