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Tax Exemptions Choices

As you know most countries have 1 or more taxes. Also, many countries allow for tax exemptions of different kinds. Example:  Businesses can be tax exempt on one or more taxes, There are tax exemptions for purchase for children under certain ages. If a country has a VAT tax and a local tax it would be important to be able to choose what tax is exempt for what customers. Deconetwork only allows for a global tax exemption. This is not good when you need to provide a quote that requires tax exemption status. 

By James Taylor on 21 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Payment on/off feature

It would be great to have a payment on/off feature on business hub invoices. This will help when you are juggling between wholesale and retail orders. `````````

By Michael Santiago on 18 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted


Just like the title says. We should be able to assign a custom background color to each individual template design to display our template designs in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Also the available organization system for templates is atrocious. It does not allow for more than one level of hierarchy. For instance, we have a section called "business" for company logo templates but can not be any more specific(ie: plumbing, restaurant, hvac, construction, etc) than that without making 40+ more tabs that would display on the page. This forces us to lump it all into one category. In volume this is just messy and ugly to the end-user. If we had 1000 designs lumped onto one page how would they find the right one for their business?


CLIPART for the DIYers instead of TEMPLATES ONLY

The business hub is awesome but our websites' designer functions are still not super great and are clunkier than others with less stock artwork avilable.

I don't have a design team on staff that I can afford to pay to sit and make templates all day. Inksoft provides like 15000 free stock designs or something. Look at what custom ink,  uberprints, and others are doing. We need to simplify the designer view a bit by removing the clutter and make the buttons/links larger and more prominent and add a clipart library our customers can use.

Right now its templates only. I find that my customers usually want something fairly simple yet very specific and it would be awesome instead of having to make each and every design for them to just give them a library to choose from and they can pop in whatever text they want.

The best way to make a product is to completely put yourself into the end users shoes, so that would be DN's customers' customers. Once you do that, use the end product and see how intuitive it really is. 


customer store credit - TOTAL REVAMP

I think customer/store credit should automatically be available as a payment method once a customer logs in to his or her account. Our tedious policy now is to count misprinted or shorted tems and tally up the price and manually add a credit to a customers account. Then, when they reorder, we have to manually make a line-item on the order with a negative balance for that credit amount and delete the credit from the customer account page. It needs to be simpler than this.

I personally like the credit option much more than the refund option because we don't take as much of a loss due to the mark-ups. 

I would also like customers to have a clear view of their store credit and be able to spend it on whatever they want or let it compound into more. This could make refunding order shorts easier and give the customer incentive to order again sooner.

Also we could use this funtion to set-up a loyalty program with repeat customers. It's great because of the margins.

We could offer say a $100 store credit per $1000 spent. If our profit margin is 60% then that $100 is really only $40 out of pocket. Most of our orders average in the $600-$1500 range so that $40 is fairly insignificant at the end of the day and a great way to keep them coming back for more.


Additional email address in Customer

The majority of our customers use different email addresses for the person ordering and the accounts depart who need the invoice, it would be great if when you setup a new customer you can list two email address so that when sending quote/order/invoice etc you can select the relevant email address or both.


By Liana Hendy on 12 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Team Names

We are finding more and more customers are wanting individual names 'embroidered' ont there garments however the Team Names function only allows us to select print. It would be great if this function could be opened up to embroidery as well.

Many thanks

By Liana Hendy on 12 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Products Only Account Access

Add an account option so the user can only access our products listing along with adding and deleting products and updating their information.

By Alex Thomas on 07 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Import Orders

I am looking to see if there is any way to batch import orders to business hub via a .csv file. We have HUGE baseball leagues using SIPLAY to create their rosters and orders to be sent to us. We currently have to spend hours and hours compiling, adding, and imputing data from the information they give us. We know there has to be a more streamlined way to batch import orders when the data has already been put into a .csv file.

By Stephanie LaFleur on 07 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Decorated Products: Decoration Process Min Quantity Override & Select Price Table

Pre-Decorated products require the same minimum quantities that are set for the Decoration Processes used.  This does not work for online stores where people are ordering indvidual products.  The current work-around from support is to make a copy of the product and use a different decoration process that is set-up with a minimum of 1. This is very time consuming requires many additional work arounds, and is not efficient.

I have 2 ideas that would help solve this issue:

  1. Add an option to Decorated Products: Decoration Process Minimum Quantity Override
  2. Add the option to Decorated Products: Select Decoration Process Price Tables 

These 2 options would allow:

  • The use of the correct decoration process
  • Customers to purchase decorated products at quantity of 1
  • Manage Decorated Product pricing in pre-formulated uniform way.
  • Reduce the number of duplicate products that need to be created and managed in the product catalog.
By NICOLE DORR on 07 March 2019General ideas Submitted

Bulk set product VAT exemption

It should be possible to bulk set VAT exemption for products. The main use case for this is childrens clothing: it should be VAT exempt in the UK but this is not set by default.

The only possible solution right now is to go into every single childrens product in your catalog one by one and tick the 'VAT exempt' tick box. This is totally impractical considering there are over 300 kids items in the Ralawise catalog alone. To be honest, these childrens products should be set as VAT exempt by default, but since they're not a way to set these in bulk is much needed!

At present, we have no option but to charge VAT on these items and overpay VAT to HMRC for these sales. Help!

By Julian Regan on 06 March 2019General ideas Submitted

Quotes in Business Hub

The Business Hub needs the ability to just choose the number of print colors for each location on the garment when giving a screen print quote. As it is now, we have to open the Designer and create a design of some sort just to get a quote. I understand having the Designer as an option for quoting. We have plenty of customers that walk in and call in for quotes. They are just wanting a Quick Quote. It would be a great feature to add because we do need to print out the quotes and email them. It would speed up the process for our team and customers.

By Joe Caricari on 03 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

text knockout

Would be nice if the online designer had a knockout feature. So for example if you layered text on top of an image there could be a knocked out border around the text.


By Marco Gonzalez on 01 March 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Campaign Templates (Decorated products)

I would like the ability for my customers to start a campaign from a decorated product (Template)

By Marco Gonzalez on 28 February 2019General ideas Submitted

Social Media Live Feed

It would be great to have a widget on the Website that allows a live link to Social Media Pages.

Therefore when posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc the widget would be updated with the latest post(s).

This will keep customers updated and engaged with the Marketing Message

AND ALSO updates the webpage which is good for Google! Google sees that something has changed and assumes the page is more relevant, getting better search results

By Becky Greenberry-Jeffs on 28 February 2019Store front ideas Submitted

Pressing Enter when in draft mode SHOULD NOT RELOAD THE PAGE

The fact that drafts dont' autosave is the most annoying thing in Deco.  Even more annoying, is that sometimes I press enter after I alter a price.  And if you press enter, it reloads the page and you've lost all edits.  This ist he absolute worst.  


Two solutions:

1)Auto save functionlaity

2)Disable the enter key from reloading the page.

By Micha Weinblatt on 27 February 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

PenCarrie Catalouge Update

Pencarrie catalogue is over 2 years out of date - this could desperatley do with an update! 

By Sasha Nelson on 23 February 2019General ideas Submitted

Embroidery Thread Colour

Would be great to have some more detail / interaction around thread colours when customers upload their own logo into the designer, even if this was a drop down box asking the customer how many / which colours were in the design but ideally the system would check this and display it itsself. 

By Sasha Nelson on 23 February 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Magnifying Zoom Tool

When customers are looking at clothing but want to see more detail in the printing type they can scroll over the area and it brings it up closer to see. Some embroidery is more specific, some colours might not show up on the clothing colour you've chosen etc. 

Less return or unsatisfactory results.

By Maisie Eldridge on 20 February 2019General ideas Submitted

Show Customer/Internal Notes on Create Quote/Order Pages

We feel that it would be good if customer notes that have been added to a customers account are displayed on the "create a quote" or "create an order" page. This information should be visible to us whilst making the quote/order but not displayed to the customer. Therefore we would know if an internal note has been placed on a customers account when creating a quote or order from the same page.

By Benjamin Dawson on 15 February 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted