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Temporarily out of stock

It would be great if the customer can  see if item is temporarily out of stock before they start to design it.  One great solution would be if the .png file can be place over the product witch is out of stock

For simpler explanation i make Photoshop photo. You can see it HERE.

By Sandi on 04 January 2016 Discussion Required

Zapier Integration

Rather than asking for integration with X, Y, and Z... I'll just leave this here.  Zapier already integrates with 300+ web apps and is adding more all the time.


Deco triggers could include:
New customer, New order, Order ships, etc


By Sara on 25 August 2014 Submitted

Crowdfunding for Groups

For group orders, allow individuals to log on independently to the same account to pay for their own garments out of the group order by letting the organiser share the link through social media to all members of the group. Only when the full amount is reached do you then start fulfilment of order.

This would prevent large orders falling through because of the hassle for the organiser of rounding up everyone’s payment and then processing a batch payment.

By Andrew on 04 September 2014 Submitted

Better Alignment Capabilities

As it is right now the alignment tool it works like if there is only one object or if anything needs to be centered in relation to the decoration area only, but there are many cases that a design is compose of a few graphics (objects) that ca be replaced by the customer or perhaps repositioned and need to be aligned against other objects either at the left, right, top, bottom and also center in relation to an object and not just the decoration area.

By Ruben on 11 September 2014 Submitted


I would like to be able to send and adjust 3 separate quotes all in one email sent.  Each quote has its own line items, shipping, and grand total as opposed to putting all different options under the same quote.  

Out of all the quotes the customer can select which ones they choose to proceed with and will be charged accordingly, all other non selected quotes will be deleted. 

By Justin Rodriguez on 04 February 2015 Submitted

Production by Decoration or Product

Production- It would be nice to be able to see all the products with size and qty that are the same decorated product or design. For instance an affliate store orders 67 individual orders of the same decorated product that are going to be bulk ordered and printed all at once, In production I would want to see a view/production worksheet bulked by design and qtys instead of the individual worksheets generated per order.

By cindy on 17 March 2015 Submitted

Printing Packing Slips before item marked as shipped

It would be nice to be able to generate and print out the packing slip prior to marking the item as shipped.  In my production, I have a quality control section that will inventory the items to be packed and shipped.  It would be good to have this feature so I can have the packing slip printed out earlier than when generating the packing label, etc.

By James Berdeguez on 26 March 2015 Submitted

Ability to delete design from customer account

We have created some design for the customer in business hub, Lot of those designs havent been approved and therefore I would like the ability to delete those designs to avoid confusion and to keep thisngs clean. I was surprise to see that there is no way to delete those designs. This feature is easy to implement and a necessity.


By Mozi on 03 February 2015 Implemented!

You Need This - Improved Product Category Management (Here's How) - Vote!

Deco Users - Are You Not Tired of the Product Category Mess?

Smart Select was a HUGE improvement to product management, making management of pricing, decoration areas & rules, and color availability more or less automatic.HOWEVER, categories remain a burden. The defaults from Smart Select are usually insuffiecient or plain wrong.

My Suggestion:

Use the Bulk Action feature to Set Categories or De-Select Categories

Examples (Select):

1. Search for any product with the string 'long', then select all the long sleeves and assign to the Long Sleeve category

2. Search for any product with the string 'performance', then select the ones you like  and assign to the Perfomance Wear category

Examples (De-Select, or change categories):

1. Select an unwanted category (like a duplicate) ie: Sports, then select items and re-assign to a Sports Jerseys

2. Search for Polo Category, then search for string 'performance', selelect items and add to subcategory Performance Wear - - >Polos

So please give this a vote - all our lives will be bit  easier.


By Tommy on 04 March 2015 Implemented!

Digitising Discounts


I think it would be useful to offer a FREE digitising incentive when the customer spends a certain amount e.g being allowed to confirgure DN that digitising is FREE when a customer spend £100 or more etc.

By Ian Roome on 05 January 2015 Submitted

Printing Upcharges based on product (eg vinyl, metallic vinyl, glitter vinyl)

Our store uses three different types of printing methods...vinyl, metallic vinyl, and glitter vinyl.  The metallic and glitter are more expensive products.  In order for us to charge $3.00 more for metallicvinyl and $5 more for glitter vinyl we had to set them up as if they were screen printing methods.  It's confusing for the customers and for our production department because when we print the production order form the color is not specified.  We have to visually look at the order and determine if it's metallic or glitter.

It would be nice if we could set the price per color.

Any assistance you could provide in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Denise Hayes/Customglamgirl







By Greg Hayes on 11 November 2015 Submitted

Single decoration, multiple products

Adding items line by line then adding artwork is a pain .............

Lets have the ability to select multiple products & add the same logo to them all in one go.

Once they've ordered selecting previously supplied product is easy, but lets get that ease at first contact

By Richard Mattinson on 26 February 2016 Submitted

Sorting Products & Categories

I would simply love it if there were a quicker way to sort products into categories. Rather that having to configure a product and saving any changes, which takes a while when loading, it would be awesome if we could drag and drop products into category folders, much the same way we can reorganize the categories themselves.

Or a "move to category" drop down option included in the bulk option area similar to most email browsers which would make the sorting process much simpler. Thank you!

By Power Grafx, Inc. on 03 February 2015 Implemented!

INK COLOR on Production order

Colors in a design needs to be listed on the production worksheet/ business hub view.

By cindy on 22 June 2015 Implemented!

Products on sale

I miss a function where i can put products on sale with discount and that its visible for the customer old price vs discount price

By Tiono Stoop on 17 October 2014 Submitted


Add Name + Number Pricing.

Add Nme + Number Pricing is not the same as cutom artwork pricing.  For most businesses it is a set price based on decoration process used.

Add Rhinestone Name + Number: $5 Name, $6 Number, $9 Name + Number
Add Transfer (Vinyl): Name + Number: $4 Name, $5 Number, $7 Name + Number
Add Screen Print Name + Number: $4 Name, $6 Number, $9.50 Name + Number


Add an option to assig pricing tables to Team Name & Number at the Designer Settings level in each decoration process:

  • Decoration Process/Rhinestone Template/Designer Settings/Allow Team Names to be Added/Select Pricing Table
  • Decoration Process/Trasfer/Designer Settings/Allow Team Names to be Added/Select Pricing Table

  • Decoration Process/DTG/Designer Settings/Allow Team Names to be Added/Select Pricing Table

  • Decoration Process/Sublimation/Allow Team Names to be Added/Select Pricing Table

By NICOLE DORR on 17 February 2017 Submitted

Commission, make it easier!

The Commission system is too difficult to understand and it's hard to show commissions to affliates. I vote for better commission reports as well as Administrator abilities, we should be able to set when the comission clears, edit if there is a problem with a particular order etc. 

By cindy on 03 April 2015 Implemented!

Multiple sizes when min requirement is set

Our Minimum order is 36 for screen printing and at times our clients want to order 250 but with multiple sizes... it would be great to allow customers to pick multiple sizes when pciking an item with a min order requirement set to it. Maybe set an option to allow this or to deny it like it is cureently set at but i can see how this copuld help with screen print orders. 

By SDPH on 27 April 2015 Implemented!

Copy Quote

Function to copy an entire quote. As customers want to cheange little bits on a quote, it is frustrating to have to create the whole quote again to change a small detial 

By Daniel Sissons on 06 September 2016 Implemented!

Auto-Add Related Products

This is a 2 teir idea.

1st - All products should automatically generate related products based on descriptions, categories, titles, etc. but ONLY when you have not manually entered product(s). As soon as you manually enter a product this auto-fill option should go away. (Could just be a toggled option)

2nd (and more importantly) - When you manually add a related product (P2) to a product (P1), then P1 should get automatically added as a related product to P2. Since we have already dictated that they are related we shouldn't have to enter this into every product.


By Rylan Grose on 12 March 2015 Submitted