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Art Approval BEFORE payment

I'd still like to have the ability to do the art approval before the order is payed. Unfortunatley in this industry it has been the standard for some time. I also feel as if it would be easier for our artist to be able to pull the "needs changes" files from Deco rather than having to have them emailed to him. I don't want to switch customers to NET terms to require this and we still can collect payment upfront. However, I'd like to provide my client the mockup prior to payment.



By Hunter Strine on 14 February 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

another language


For non-English websites it is quite important to be able to create a more flexible Affiliate store

outside the standard language you also want to be able to offer foreign language
Now you can only choose the language that the main website uses and this is not enough

By jan langius on 14 February 2019Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Smart Select

I'm not convinced Smart is the right word.......... smiling w/ smiling eyes Can the system not be amended so


a/ smart selected products go in to business hub but not live on the site by default?

b/ individual products rather than whole catalogues / supplier ranges can be added

c/ The very badly auto-selected product categories are not included

By Richard Mattinson on 08 February 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Ability to social share a blank product

We don't all do products with pre-designed logos..........


So the ability to use the facebook / twitter share functions for blank products would be a massive plus

By Richard Mattinson on 05 February 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted


We need the ability to send orders to Quickbooks in different categories. This would help us keep track of how much sales we have for each department. Our last system let us send embroidery info to embroidery sales, printing info to printing sales, and apparel info to apparel sales and so on... 

By JON LORTZ on 04 February 2019General ideas Submitted

Read Receipts for Shipped E-Mails

We've had a few customers say they haven't recieved the "Order Shipped" email. A read receipt would be great so we can then know if our salesman needs to follow up and notify them that their order is complete and ready for pickup. 

By Daryan McDonald on 01 February 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Create option for Raster Artwork in Business Hub (Halftones, 4 Color Process, etc)

We need the ability to add a raster file into Business Hub and mark the colors ourselves without modifying the image. This way, we can still quote our customer, and add mockup for simulated process, or any designs with halftones. Using the file attachment works for now, but long term this would be very valuable as our designer has to make mockups outside of Deco and it has to be priced out manually or else the mockup will be blank.

By Hunter Strine on 30 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Calendar Production View

Calendar Production View - surely one of the most important production management tools. Drag n drop orders to different days to change the production dates.  Calendar view ideal for large screen view in the production area for quick reference to orders due when rather than through a list. 

By Sam Jensen on 29 January 2019Business Hub ideas Implemented!

DN8 Upload Image in Form

We are looking into doing a print of the month/print of the week by incentivizing our customers with account credit (Good way to collect PR content). However, I'm trying to have them fill out a form and submit their images to us. Currently, I would have to use another form it looks like and embed it. Is there a way to add an upload files to the current form? If not, let's get it going. Small feature that goes a long way.

By Hunter Strine on 29 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Show Minimum Quantities on Front End

The back end has the ability to set minimum quantites by product and by print process.  If you are using multiple print processes it becomes confusing to the end user as to what the minimum quantities are for each product until you get into the designer.

Why is this information not able to be shown on the front end?   Can you make it an option in the blank product listing widget in the design tab?

See this screen shot


By Craig Parrish on 24 January 2019Store front ideas Submitted

syncing sku part

It is really import the sku due to the importance in accounting process. In inventories if you have the sku you are able to use it and the integration will run way much better 

Using SKU will allow you to have inventories ok in quickbooks otherwise you have to recreate an artificial number in order to identify

By Juan Caicedo on 19 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

CC field for Email Payment Request

Many many many times a customer has a different email address for their billing department.  I'd like to be able to use the 'Email Payment Request' feature but send and/or CC the request to a different address.


Ability to change order of product colours

It would be really useful to be able to re-order the colours of a particular garment on the Admin > Products > Product > Colours screen. Currently the colours display in a completely random order which is a little frustrating. It would be great to be able to set a specific order on the product page and have this mirrored in the swatches on the storefront and in the designer.

Also, there's actually no option to remove a colour once you've added one. This would be useful too!

By Julian Regan on 18 January 2019General ideas Submitted

Make custom production statuses more useful

Being able to set custom production statuses is a great feature and helps us to manage our internal workflow more easily. However, there are a few things that could make them far more useful:

  1. They don't show up in the production tab of an order. The only columns on display here are the default order statuses: "paid", "Ordered", "Received", "Artwork", "Produced" and "Shipped". It would be extremely useful to be able to have our custom statuses show up in this table, giving a quick summary view of exactly what has and hasn't been done with each order. It's quite inconvenient to click into each and every line item of an order to see the exact status under the production section.

  2. It would be fantastic to be able to update the custom production status of a line item via the order management API. The custom status for each line item is visible under the field "fc_production_status" in the order search endpoint but this field cannot be set via the update order status endpoint. This would allow us to integrate our production workflow in a much more streamlined fashion. For example, barcode scanning could be implemented at each stage of production to automatically push status updates back to deco and keep the backend in sync, without needing to explicitly go into each line item on the business hub and update the status.

  3. It would be great to be able to bulk set custom production statuses via the "Actions" panel in the Production view, for example to mark a number of different order items as stock checked or QA complete

As a side note, it would also be great to be able to change the order of the columns in the Production view!

By Julian Regan on 18 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Pull from Inventory - Optional

We recently started putting our stock levels for items in and have noticed that it is automatically pulling items from our stock and not creating a purchase order, so no one knows these items need to be pulled as they already show as "recieved". We need some way to know what is actually ordered and if someone needs to pull from stock. Giving us the option to create a purchase order from stock is necessary to be able to use the inventory feature on Deco.

By Dan Barnes on 17 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Hide decoration options that can't be used

Can we hide the print options that are not available for a type of design/garment. example, when a customer clicks TEAM NAME the only decoration option we'd like customers to use is screenprint for example. Why show the other options that can't even be used? Too much unnecessary information can confuse people and reduces sales and conversions. TIA

Auto Complete Address Form

I feel like when creating a new customer you should be able to auto complete the address form based on a small about of information like the street. I see this all the time on other websites. 

Here is a stack overflow about it.

By Matthew Kustes on 16 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Ability to print screenprinting/emb/etc. seperate.

Having the ability to only print work orders/invoices that include screenprinting or whatever decoration process. We print the sheets and send them out to production but have to highlight the screenprinted items when the job includes both screenprinting and embroidery. There's also a ton of pages that print, which is kind of unneccasry when half of the pages are emb. I know we could select which pages to print, but having the option would be a cool feature.

By Hunter Strine on 15 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Customer Review

Please, guys, support this idea.

Allowing customer to leave a review just like any platform out there.

This would be a great impact or boost on our SEO especially on creating JSON-LD or schema mark-up.

Thank you

By jhon geric on 14 January 2019Store front ideas Submitted

Auto fill discount code on checkout page

Great for marketing, and popular on e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Auto discount be applied from URL

By Zhen Lim on 10 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted