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Customers can add Shutterstock images in designer through Stock Image

It would be amazing to allow customers to purchase shutterstock/adobe stock photos from our website and use it in their design. Just charge customer additional fee for stock image during check out just like current stock images.
By Andrew on 09 December 2015 Submitted

Live Inventory From Suppliers

It woul be great to pass through live inventory from suppliers to our site BUT have an option to turn on / off as some people may not want this but for us, THIS WOULD BE HUGE as a print on demand company that doesnt hold inventory.

Lets say someone wants 48 - Next level 3600 in black, size XL but with live inventory it showa there is only 36 left.. the client can either order the 36 and the other 12 in a different style or just go with a different style altogether or even pick a different color with more inventory..

This would save us from having to stop production but it would also save us the headache of having to tell a customer that we do not have what they just ordered.. 

By SDPH on 28 December 2015 Submitted

<<<< PLEASE VOTE >>>>> Adding more colors and styles for same design in the designer tool which will make customers buy a lot more items ( Combine products with same design to get a discount )

Adding this feature will get us a lot more sales, please read below :

We have been getting lots of complaints from customers about how to add different apparel colors and different style for the same design while they are in the designer tool, Combine products with the same design to get a quantity discounts , that will solve a huge problem and drive customers to buy a lot more items and colors .

So for example: if someone wants the same design but in different color T-shirts, they also want the same design in hoodies and different color hoodies... etc, in the current system it's super complicated to get it done.  we do need an easy way from the designer tool. attached an image from custom ink, you can also go to custom ink designer lab https://www.customink.com/ndx/#/   and click on product colors on the left and you will see how easy you can add more styles and colors.

NOTE: Adding this feature will make the customer buy a lot more as everyone needs the same design in multiple shirt color ad multiple styles.  


By Sam on 06 August 2019 Submitted

Provide the ability to share Decorated Products between stores

We have 4 or 5 main stores that we operate that have unique niches, but some of the decorated products could be shared & available to 2 or 3 orther stores.  We have 100's of decorated products.  

For a decorated product that we want to use in multiple stores, current implentation requires us to create a decorated product from scratch in each store.

Provide the ability to designate that a decorated product is applicable to one to many stores.  This could take the form of designating the decorated product for availability in multiple stores, providing the ability to import decorated products from other stores...anything that minimizes the clicks / time needed to make a decorated product available in multiple stores.

By Kimberly on 05 November 2014 Submitted

Questionannaire at end of purchase

"How did you hear about us" short questionnaire at end of purchase - bar graph outcome would be great

By Jared Fullinfaw on 27 December 2014 Submitted

Add 'Signs & Banners' feature

Since we have the capability to prints signs & banners, we'd be very interested in DecoNetwork adding this capability that Inksoft is now offering. http://www.inksoft.com/online-signs-banner-design-software/

If other DecoNetwork users have interest, please voice your opinion here in hopes that DecoNetwork will also add these features that will grow everyone's sales.

Happy holidays!

Don Bullock

By Don Bullock on 14 December 2015 Submitted

Facebook Store & Pinterest Buyable Pin Integration

I'm considering paying for Shopify just to get the ability to allow people to shop my store directly from Facebook and Pinterest. I would LOVE if Deco would integrate, so I don't need to pay for another service.

Social Media is such a large part of our culture, it makes sense to allow people to shop right from their profile.

By Kristine Hamaty on 06 June 2016 Submitted

Coupons for a single product

Assign coupons to a specific product

By Ruben on 25 August 2014 Implemented!

Improved Sorting of Products, Decorated Products, Designs

Our shop has 100's of products, 100's of decorated products and 100's of custom designs.  

The current implemenation displays these products / designs in pages.  If I want to move a product from page 10 to page 3, I have to either move it page by page 10 to 9 to 8, etc... or move to top page 1 and then move to 2, then to 3.  

This is very time consuming, particularly when moving many products / designs.

Please improve the ability to sort and move products & designs within our shops.  An interface that I think is simple and easy to re-organize is Netflix.  I can easily move movies in my queue from 50 to 15 with one click.

Generally need improved ability to rearrange products / designs within store.  This should be uniformly applied to all locations that provide sorting.  I only listed to the two that are most commonly an issue.

By Kimberly on 05 November 2014 Implemented!

Affiliate stores to type in their 'retail' price, rather than general markups

Hi Deco,


It would be awesome if Affiliate stores can manually enter in prices for the products they want to sell, as long as they are higher than the wholesale price that we set.


Kind regards,



By Jared Fullinfaw on 13 January 2015 Implemented!

Quote History

A lot of times changes are made to quotes that I send out.  The customer might say "oh before it was this price, now it's changed." Sometimes they're right sometimes theyre wrong.  Since the quotes overwrite each other everytime they are saved maybe I think it would be nice to have some sort of function to look back at old quote prices/quantities that were saved

By Justin Rodriguez on 04 February 2015 Implemented!

Larger design area

I'd love to see a larger area to be able to design, even when zoomed in on the design area, you end up using a very, very small portion of the screen.


By Eva on 02 July 2015 Implemented!

Realistic Printing

Many other designers on the market allow users to upload images that look realistic on the t-shirt.  That means that we can see the seams and/or wrinkles of the fabric behind the design, instead of just a design overlay.  This would be really useful to help the users pre-sell their t-shirts.

By Adam Berkenpas on 14 September 2016 Discussion Required

Adding Yelp and LinkedIn to the Social Sharing Sites list!

Please add Yelp as an option to when adding social sharing links.

So what can we do? Add Yelp! Oh and why not LinkedIn too?

Please vote!

By Caesar Rubio on 21 November 2014 Submitted

Invoice and ship date

Currently there is no invoice/bill date, original order date is used as the invoice bill date, adding invoice date and ship date would help keep Integrity of original order by without having to change order date to reflect correct invoice date.


By Wasif Siddique on 20 June 2015 Submitted

Increase Sales with easy 'Shopify' Fulfilment Integration

Ability for a Fullfullment Centre to create a 'Shopify App' for their store that integrate's with Deconetwork

So we can offer services such as these;


By Jared Fullinfaw on 28 October 2015 Submitted

Display Per Piece Price In Designer & Display Price Break Piece Price(optional)

Currently in the designer when the user starts to add their quantity, the price reflects the total amount of the order. Big numbers are scary and can easily disway someone from ordering.

I want them to see the price per garment!


- A customer selects Gildan® 2000 Ultra Cotton™ 100% Cotton Tee Shirt.

- The Designer loads showing blank pricing for one garment ($4.15 in my case)

- They hit "Add Text" and a new price kicks in. My screen printing price. Also the minimums chage to 12 (per my screen printing settings).

- All of the sudden before they can play around with the designer some more they see a price tag of $101.16

That is a big number for 12 shirts and can scare people away quite easily. I bet I lose 90% of my prospective online clients at that step!


- A customer selects Gildan® 2000 Ultra Cotton™ 100% Cotton Tee Shirt.

- The Designer loads showing blank pricing for one garment ($4.15 in my case)

- They hit "Add Text" and a new price kicks in. My screen printing price is added and displays as "$8.43 each". 

Also, I would like there to be some pre generated text under the price that pulls the next three price teirs for said design and says something along the lines of "order 24 and pay only $7.99 each!" "order 36 and pay only $7.56 each!" "order 50 and pay only $6.43 each!"

By Austin Martin on 03 December 2015 Submitted

More Decoration Methods

Option to "add" additional decoration methods

I run a promotional company and it's impossible to get all of our branding methods into the limited options

If there was a way to add additional branding methods it would be awesome.

  • Digital Printing
  • Laser engraving
  • Debossing
  • Pad printing
By Ashley Ball on 31 January 2017 Submitted

Custom Production Blackouts

Love being about to disallow weekends as production days, would also love the ability to define OTHER non production days (holidays, shop maintenance days)

By Adam on 01 September 2014 Implemented!

Allow Team names & Numbers in Campaign Designer

Campaigns are also great for group order. Allow us to use the Name & Number Feature. Would be perfect for team orders.

By Tommy on 27 January 2016 Implemented!