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Volume discounts Vs SKU

there's a problem with volume discounts against SKU codes - you can't apply them in real terms (£) the same way you can versus single price


This is a huge failing in pricing online..............


Please fix so the quantity discount comes off SKU pricing the same way it works on single pricing

By Richard Mattinson on 13 June 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Service Fee

I would like to see an option to add a "service fee" to the checkout on stores built for customers. This service fee would help cover admin fees that are not neccisaryly included in the products being sold. This function should automatically be added to the order when the customer checkouts similar to the way ticketmaster charges a convenience fee. The option for a flat fee or percentage of the total order would be good. This would help with other requests for a reimbursement of the CC processing charges paypal and other companies charge.

By Rich Barona on 04 June 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Ability to Control Pricing on Individual Items within Affiliate Stores

***Let's GET BEHIND THIS ONE FOLKS as the last post three years ago didnt get traction***

Wouldn't it be GREAT to have the ability to control prices on individual wholesale items for Affiliate/Campaign stores as needed where the general % or $ markup/commission rate amounts don't do the trick?


I began using this powerful software and did my price tables to suit my main DTG print-on-demand business as any newbie would do, right? I had previous customers and been providing them products at a certain rate before purchasing this software. These customers then created affiliate stores specific to their market but geared towards "decorated products" more so than offering "design your own products". This created a PROBLEM as I could not just change the "commision rate" along with "mark up rate" to reflect their price as it couldnt get close by factoring in the wholesale price and the DTG tables that I initially created for my business. This resulted in me having to change my base apparel costs, which in turn created problems with my main print-on-demand pricing after making the changes. The general % and/or $ affiliate store/campaign option is a great start to get most products close to the price you want but other product pricing is drastically off and therefore cannot sell.  

Proposed Solution:

Allow the DecoNetwork customer the ability to have more control of their affiliate stores/campaigns by allowing us to begin with a general % or $ commision/markup and then have the ability to overide a specific item that is drastically off by filling in the desired WHOLESALE PRICE we want it to be in that specific affiliate store or campaign. This simple change (with minor code writing : ) ) would drastically improve our HEALTH by having a lot LESS STRESS and allow us full freedom to negotiate pricing with big customers as needed because DecoNetwork will give us the CONFIDENCE to make up any number we want that will get us the deal rather than trying to figure out how we will get the wholesale pricing to match what they want and loose out because the DecoNetwork System DOES NOT allow it. If you make this happen, DecoNetwork can feel even better about themselves knowing they just increased the life expectancy of some stressed out decorator trying to make a buck. 

Thank you all for your time and vote yes!!

By Christopher Linnel on 31 May 2019Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Wildcard SSL

Please installl this feature for White Labelling app. Will be really great for when new affiliates sign up and be directed straight to our own SSL secured sub-domain (i.e instead of

Defeats the purpose of white-labelling when affiliates can see which when people google, deconetwork pops up as the first search result.

By Zhi Ting Chong on 30 May 2019Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Downloaded Orders Column in Production

When an old quote has been approved and paid for it can go back into earlier pages of production and can often get missed if we don't go through every page to make sure every order has been downloaded.

It would be really helpful if instead of having a download symbol next to the order it could be it's own column so we could just select all the orders that haven't been downloaded instead of going through every page. 


By Bianca Botter on 22 May 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Quotes to Orders

Can we have a new tab in business hub called APPROVED QUOTES, these are quotes that have been approved but NO payment has been made or invoice raised, currently these approved quotes go straight to orders, which skews the monthly sales figures when reporting.  It would be much cleaner tyo have them seperate and when payment is made or an invoice is raised they then convert to ORDERS.   

By marino tribuzio on 21 May 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Add Brand logo to Designer Product Selection Product Images

As the titels says. We are niched as a high end (quality) custom shop and it would be very usesful for our clients to be able to actually see the brands they are choosing from within the designer. 

This already exists in the products area so Deco knows how to do this. It just needs to be an option in the designers product selection area as well or change the designer from having its own seperate product listing. 

Clients dont know style numbers, but most do know the brands they love and want to find. 

By Nathan Phillips on 21 May 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Assign a Customer to a Sales Member

It would be great to be able to assign a customer to a sales team member.  Currently you assign a sales member to an order and not a customer, so when a customer places future orders you have to go back and look up who handled that customer and assign it to them again.  My team lands their own customers and if their customer buys something online there is no way to keep up with who sold them on it.

By nathan randall on 20 May 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Customer Account POs

It would be great to have the ability to turn off automated POs by customer account. I know that there was discussion of seperate pricing structures for screenprinting, etc for contract customers which is great, however I need the ability to have automated POs on our system but turn them off for our contract customers. Maybe when you roll out the pricing structure thing, that would be implemented into the decoration process? EX. A contract pricing sheet w/o POs and diff pricing and a retail one w/ POs. Of course those settings are parameters we set.

By Hunter Strine on 16 May 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Designer to just design shirt ideas

My affiliate stores are mainly sports teams, so they have moms that have shirt Ideas but the coach is the one that is the admin for the store. Would be nice if there a way to use the designer for the moms to submit shirt ideas to the coach and then the coach decides which one he makes as decorated products available in the store.

A current work around I can think of is have the moms create accounts and save designs to their accounts and then can review them in business hub but this is confusing and not a clean solution. 


PayPal & Credit Card Fee Addition Functional

I don't know about you, but every PayPal transaction through my webstores cost me 2.6% + 30cents.

Deconetwork needs a function to add this fee automatically at checkout if the customer is using my Merchant Service PayPal.

The fee will need to be clearly visiable at checkout so the customer can choose between PayPal with a surcharge or EFT Bank deposit without a fee.

Let's get behind this and stop losing money on sales.

Regards Brendon




Decorated Product Size and Turnaround Time Change

Hi There

We should be able to limit the sizes we offer on decorated products as well as production time

when creating decorated products i have copied the same blank item and created a decorated product with limiting the sizing and changing the turnaround time however, i do not want that blank item in my website and when you choose to inactive item or available only in business hub decorate product disappear .


Any Help?


Select All Check Box

Select All Check Box

It would make it much easier step if you have this checkbox.  Lots of times there are different product in one order and most of the time it's done at the same time.


By Aris Miranda on 25 April 2019Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Batch Purchase order per store

It would be good to be able to batch a purchase order per store at the end of a sale. Having this option would be much easier to separate orders for production. Or Make it easier to select all orders in the Overwiew to create a purchase order. Currently you can only select 50 per page.

By Joseph Martin III on 23 April 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Organize Product Colors

Having the ability to organize the colors a product is available in would not only allow you to make the product page look better but would also improve the customers buying experience. The easier it is for customers to find and choose what they want, the more likely they are to buy.

Here's a comparison of the difference -


Deco's order for Hanes Beefy-T colors:



Custom Ink's order for Hanes Beefy-T colors:


It would be nice to click and drag the colors but even just adding the sort arrows like the sizing page would do the trick.

I feel like we should have the tools necessary to create the best possible user experience whether we use them or not and being able to easily and intuitively select a product color is a pretty standard function of any online store.

Let me know what you guys think.

By Jim Budzynski on 23 April 2019Online designer ideas Submitted

Adding attachments to email in Business Hub

It would be really helpful if when you "email customer" from Business Hub that you have the facility to add attachments, rather than just being able to type text.......

By keith williams on 11 April 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Remove "Average" Pricing on Quotes

Please add the ability in the admin panel to have the option to send quotes with the price averaged out or seperate prices per size. We've lost a couple jobs due to the customer not grasping the whole "average" concept. (I agree, it's crazy..)

This mainly comes from the concept that 2XL and up has a higher price point then S-XL.

By Hunter Strine on 10 April 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Price tables

I would like to see a way to switch between price tables for decoration method, when quoting a job.

I have prices that change based on Screen Printing method, such as Goof Proof, Polytrans, Elasti prints, Puff, Glow in the dark.

I would like to be able to change the price table based on which screen print we are doing for each quote.

Instead of having to change the price table for the whole system.

By Gary Tomlinson on 09 April 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Amazon Pay

It would be nice to integrate Amzon Pay into the DecoNetwork site as a method of payment for customers. Easy clicking for the customer to check out and makes the sale much quicker.

By Andrew Hendrick on 09 April 2019Store front ideas Submitted

Player Names & Numbers should NOT have one cost

PLEASE VOTE!!! Names and numbers shouldn't cost the same. Those should be 2 different processes with 2 different costs. Most people stock numbers and cut names. Losing money by charging the same price. PLEASE VOTE!!!

By IVAN ONTIVEROS on 03 April 2019Online designer ideas Submitted