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Sell Blank Products Options

I'm interested in selling blank products but I can't sell everything this way. Can you make an option to turn it off for individual items? We are warned by some suppliers that we can not sell certain garments such as Nike without embellishments. Without this option I must either turn off blank item purchases or not offer these brands on my website.

By Rebecca Alumbaugh on 27 August 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Ink change fee in screen printing module

It is very common in screen printing to allow someone to print the same design on another color shirt in a different color ink and just charge an ink change fee to clean the screen. I would like to see an color overide in the deco designer that would calculate this fee and allow people to change the color of a design using the same screen (there currently is a color overide but you cannot actually change the color). I would also like the ability to provide quotes showing the same thing. 

By Corey Hyde on 27 August 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Remove line item


Would like to see the line item dissapear from the awaiting production screen 


Red Polo

Age 5-6 Production Qty 5   Produced 5  Shipped 0

Age 7-8 Production Qty 5   Produced 0  Shipped 0

Because they are the same product they both still show on the awaiting production screen untill both lines are complete. It should only show the

Age 7-8 Production Qty 5   Produced 0 Shipped 0

If that makes any sense!



By Daren Wright on 26 August 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Extra Production Tab


A tab in the production order page showing associated ordered products with this order and there status, so we can see if there are items ready and waiting in shipping to go with the outstanding items being produced. Even if it showed the overview screen at the top of the page for that order.

This should also be relevent to shipping before the items are shipped it should show if there are items in production relevent to that order.



By Daren Wright on 26 August 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!

adding / searching “Previously Quoted Product”


When you create a new quote in Business Hub, you have the option to “Add Previously Ordered Product”. You can then search and add products to a new quote.

Would it be possible to provide a similar function that allows adding / searching “Previously Quoted Product”



By Andrew Smith on 25 August 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Custom 404 page

At present, 404 errors are presented with a simple page that is effectively a sales dead end.

The 404 page should be editable so that visitors can be redirected back into the sales part of the website.

By Ray Cassidy on 21 August 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Confirmation Step for Refunds

There should be a second confirmation window that pops up when you are completing a refund, especially for credit refunds (beyond the window where you fill in the amounts you are refunding).


People sometimes are going too fast, or hit a wrong key, or refund the wrong type of payment and it creates a huge hassle for the credit payments if they are refunded, having to track down the customer and ask for the payment again!

By Rylan Grose on 20 August 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Grouping Products for Package Sale

I would like to submit an idea for voting. It would be really nice if we, on the backend, could package items together into, essentially, "starter kits" or other themed packages so that customers who are wanting a little of a few different items can chose this option and be walked through the steps to add their art, choose their garments, colors, etc. For example, if we wanted to run a "Contractor Package" that targeted contractors, it might have some tees, some polos and some hats- all under one clickable thumbnail. Basically, we chose what they can chose, lump it together and they can chose the color and add in their art. This would involve a lot, I understand- screen printing minimums, embroidery minimums, etc..  However, if we could set the "rules" for each package then that would cause less issues when going to production. Not sure if I'm explaining this great but I hope I'm getting the point across. I'd be happy to clairify anything in question! Thank you for your consideration!

By David Groves on 19 August 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Store Level Choice of Displaying Prices with Taxes

We would like to offer some sites with Taxes included in listing prices and some without, I.e. some with Inc. VAT and some excl. VAT
Could the display of Taxes be decided at store level?

Alternatively or in addition, could a toggle setting be included on the site for a customer to switch between displaying inc. Tax prices and excl. Tax prices.



By Andrew Smith on 19 August 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Add predecorated products in business hub

We need the ability to add predecorated products to an order or a quote. Sorry if this is a repeatitive idea, I probably already posted it myself.

Vote here for "my ideas"


My Ideas

 It would be nice if I could see all my submitted ideas without searching through all of them, similair to "My Topics" in the forums but my ideas. I hate that I have to even submit and Idea for the Ideas.


volume pricing with a fixed price

the system rounds the percentage to 2 decimal places.

if we sell a 100 x $18 items total $1800.00 (but we need to sell them at $5.00each we the have to give the the customer a 72.22222222222221% discount the total should be $500.00

you system rounds it to 72.22% so the total is $500.04 

if we had an option for volume pricing with a fixed price we could opt not to use the percentage discount


Ability to Batch PO Garments per Webstore

We currently run many spiritwear stores for select periods of time and batch print at the end. 

We would like the ability to Raise PO's for everything relating to orders placed from that store when we turn it off at the end of the sale. 

This way we have an exact cost of garments for that store's sales and it will match the batch production. 

I believe this would be best implemented by adding a column option under Production Overview (called webstore) and allow you to seach/sort per store and raise the PO's for all those orders. 

Thank you

By Tyler McElhaney on 13 August 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Improve scalability of custom domain configuration

This is a techy one, but you should get it sorted...

You currently instruct users to hard-code one IP address as an A record when adding a domain to deconet:


. Will tie you forever to the 1 IP address - if you want to use geo DNS you're stuffed, if your provider goes bust or otherwise wants to use that IP address for something else you're stuffed, if you want to move hosting providers you're stuffed.

. Won't work in the future with IPv6 (they'll need to add AAAA record too)

. Will give your all your stores permanently poor latency (particularly to European end-users) due to the round trip down-under - unless you want to try and get control of that whole IP block, and shift it overseas and introduce multiple routes to it with BGP (you probably don't want to go there).

In short it's a bad idea, and it won't scale...

What you should be telling people to do is point their domains at you using CNAMEs and or NS records - then YOU can change the IP address(es) of the web server yourself when you need to.

By Tim Small on 12 August 2015General ideas Implemented!

Live chat integration with OpenCart stores

Live chat software is the most advaced application for providing customer support service on website. It is an easy to access utility for both customer and users to communicate with each other. For OpenCart shopping store's I would like to refer eAssistance Pro live chat software. It is easily integrated with OpenCart shopping store and also easy to use.

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By Thomas Grey on 12 August 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

User Limitations and Access

There needs to be a way to limit users from being able to see the Dashboard and sales data in any or all stores not matter what their level of access is.

By Jeff McClure on 05 August 2015General ideas Submitted

Database download

Will be great if you allow to download the database of my store, with all my created products and designs. This will be great to modify quicker the meta tags, and some information.

For example, i'm trying to improve my SEO and now i have to go clik by click on every design to change emtas. But if i have an XML fuile, i can update this very quick.


By Pedro Baschwitz on 04 August 2015Store front ideas Submitted


Opt to not list of blank and decoaration at store fornt level but by dollar signs indicating the basic deluxe and premium price range

By Rob Lawlor on 03 August 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Barcode Scanner

My inquiry about barcode scanners was directed to this platform.  I've been long hoping to implement barcode scanners in the production/shipping/receiving workflow, especially when dealing with single custom orders.  Since it seemingly looks like the capability is there to use barcodes in Deco, I'm making it part of this wish list.



Allow Credit Memo Creation

Many printers have account on terms such as Net 15, Net 30. What the HUB has lacked since it's inception is the ability to create a true credit memo. Deco has responded to my requests with suggestions of using store coupons, etc. This will not work for most Business to Business transactions.

Why We Need Credit Memos
If an order is misprinted, particularly on customer supplied goods, the amount to credit a customer can be more than the amount billed.
Deco will show a negative amount, but it does not recognize the amount to refund in the statements or open invoices.
If adjust an invoice to require a refund for a NET 30 invoice, I want that Credit Amount to show up on statements and let it apply towards other invoices - like a standard accounting system.