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Alter Number of Colors after Product Creation

I find myself running into this problem many times when dealing with different products. They will have some versions of the product which have different number of colors for just a special version. It seems really unintuitive that you cannot change the number of colors on a product after you make it. 

I feel like there should be an option when uploading which allows for a manual color number set to go against the default you pick at product creation.


quick books compatible export file .iif

I would like to be able to download an .iif file for all transactions including orders and payments into quickbooks. Then quicken option is currently available which is not compatible with quickbooks. And also those options don't include payment transactions   I need this feature urgently as all our accounting is in quickbooks. 



Add rush charges

There needs to be a way to add rush charges.  Either as a percent mark up based on different levels of rush service.  Or a separate pricing table based on type of rush service requested.

By Jenna Banks on 28 January 2015Store front ideas Implemented!

Add rush charges

There needs to be a way to add rush charges.  Either as a percent mark up based on different levels of rush service.  Or a separate pricing table based on type of rush service requested.

By Jenna Banks on 28 January 2015Store front ideas Implemented!

Need "price per shirt" to appear on product page after logo/design is added

For some reason, the price per shirt is no longer visable after the design/logo is added to the product.  Users only see a product total and can no longer see price per item unless they add it to their cart.

By Jenna Banks on 28 January 2015Store front ideas Submitted

The embroidery area for hat backs is way too small (only .5" H)

The embroidery area for hat backs should be greater than .5"H.  How is someone supposed to be able to arch their text around the back arch of a hat with only .5"H to work with?

By Jenna Banks on 28 January 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Product Details disappear after designing product

After desiging a product, why do the product details disappear from the main product area and get buried in a small link that sits next to the product name?  This is not intuative.  It should be easily visible next to the other tabs shown on the right hand side of a product image.

By Jenna Banks on 28 January 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Internal email notifications configuraton

The Business Hub internal email notifications need to be managed. Our administrative users email inboxs are cluttered with dozens of Deco notifications. Sifting through emails to determine what is pertinent information is time consuming and counter productive.

The ability to turn off specific notifications for users would be a smart addition so as not to bombard users with information overload. From the User/Login console add radio buttons for each type of notification update. Turn on what you want the user to receive, turn off what they don't need to know.

Simple, but productive idea, 

By Barry Carter on 28 January 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Need better filtering options for end users (i.e. by brand or price range)

My new DecoNetwork website is great but is missing a major component.  End users want to seach by brand and to filter by price range (low $ to high $). 

With the current backend system, the only way to allow end users to search by brand (i.e. Anvil, Next Level, etc) is if I manually go into my backend system and individually categorize each sku one-by-one.  I have over 4,000 skus on my site and absolutely do not have the time to set that up, nor to manage it if new products are added.

Also, there is currently no ability to let end users sort results by price range.


By Jenna Banks on 27 January 2015Store front ideas Accepted!

Decal Printed Support

Most of us printers have a vinyl plotter/cutter and/or have a full blown printer cutter. I would like to see support for just adding that process. It seems very difficult to manually add a product, upload different options such as size and options. It seems the color pallette was already in place and works well.

-I want to be able to give the customer a "stock" picture of their logo for their affilliate store or have a set of designs that I stock

-sizes with price alterations

-color pallete with printed option

-Options for quality of vinyl ie thickness or other properties.

By Joshua Frost on 26 January 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Dedicated Customer/Deco Liaison - aka Deco Updater!


This idea is simple to integrate and takes no coding at all...

The most frustrating thing thing being a client is just not being heard.  I think that goes for any businesses, espcially one with some sort of monthly subsription.  

I, and hopefully other users, would like to have a dedicated person that will go on the message boards and update us with all the many questions we have. ie... when we can expect certain features?.. we dont even need exact dates but we just want to know that these things are being worked on.  Are some of our ideas being implemented? Are they being heard, much less considered? 

When users say things like "is anyone listening?" or "this forum is dead is Deco even around" this person can step in and give users a little bit of comfort instead of feeling so abandoned. 

Yes, we are well aware of the dangers of saying something will be ready on a future date.  We know Deco wants to put out 100% working code and not be held to a due date.  However, saying "something is in the works" then waiting OVER A YEAR for this something is also not acceptable.  I rather now it has been in the works, that it is a year away, or a deadline needs to be pushed back because of X Y Z reasons. 

I have no idea why Deco thinks this kind of sub par customer service doesn't severely hurt there business.  I think many people would leave to inksoft if it weren't for their initiation fees.  But I think it is just a matter of time before the frustration sits in as I have already come close to my own threshold.  If there is a much better option I would have left already... maybe Deco just banks on that very fact - ignore the customers because they know they are one of the better products out there. It's just a matter of time..



By Justin Rodriguez on 21 January 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Screen Set Up Fees

I would like the ability to turn off the screen set up fee for my affiliate stores. Or at least be able to turn it off when creating a decorated product.

If it is a decorated product, it would make sense to create and burn the screen ahead of time and only do it once. However the designer will charge the set up fee for a decorated product everytime it is purchased. What I've been doing is using a dye sub price chart to bypass the set up fee but then that overcomplicates things in my business hub and product catalogues. This solution was suggested by a deconetwork support staff. 

By Power Grafx, Inc. on 15 January 2015Online designer ideas Submitted

Affiliate stores to type in their 'retail' price, rather than general markups

Hi Deco,


It would be awesome if Affiliate stores can manually enter in prices for the products they want to sell, as long as they are higher than the wholesale price that we set.


Kind regards,



By Jared Fullinfaw on 13 January 2015Business Hub ideas Discussion Required

Sales team commissions

it would be great to assign a sales team member to a order / quote and then once closed the sales team member makes a commission (editable) on that sale. Maybe integrate PayPal or use zero / intuit payroll to pay out employee.?? 

If the above is not possible then a way to generate a report based on sales member would be great.. 


Store-specific payment gateway

I would like to have the ability to assign payment gateways at the store level. This would greatly enhance the fulfillment center owner's niche marketing capabilities by allowing us to launch branded stores to highly targeted niche markets while maintaining the niche store's branding throughout the purchase and billing process.

For instance, if I were selling shirts to summer camps, I would probably attract more customers if I marketed the line with a relevant name (i.e. than I would with a more generic parent company name (i.e. At present, we can launch these niche stores but are forced to bill the niche store's customer under the generic parent company name's payment gateway.

By Mark Holland on 09 January 2015Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Pick up in store

We have a lot of cutsomer who are local to us and also ones who are far. We love giving the option to our local customers to be able to save on shipping and pick up in store, but we seem to have customers from all over our state who choose to pick up in store. We end up losing money on shipping for the customers who aren't local and are choosing "Pick up in store." There should be an option for us to be able to put zip codes, cities or something so the customers who aren't local won't be abe to choose that option. smiling


Digitising Discounts


I think it would be useful to offer a FREE digitising incentive when the customer spends a certain amount e.g being allowed to confirgure DN that digitising is FREE when a customer spend £100 or more etc.

By Ian Roome on 05 January 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Blog Feature

A simple blog feature that allows us to create content on site and our readers to comment and share.

By Jared Fullinfaw on 27 December 2014Store front ideas Submitted

Questionannaire at end of purchase

"How did you hear about us" short questionnaire at end of purchase - bar graph outcome would be great

By Jared Fullinfaw on 27 December 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted

More Production Process Options

We would like to have a couple options, rather than just having 'awaiting processing' & 'awaiting shipping' options. And being able to go back and forth between the options would be great.

For us it would be ideal if orders come in and go into;

step 1 - 'awaiting processing',

step 2 - processed - so now it's 'awaiting order sourcing'  

step 3 - sourced - 'awaiting production'

step 4 - produced - 'awaiting QC'

step 5 - QC passed - awaiting shipping

step 6 - shipped

This would suit us perfectly, but I guess businesses are different so being able to customise these for Deconetwork users to suit their need would be ideal.



By Jared Fullinfaw on 27 December 2014Business Hub ideas Implemented!