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Hi Deconetwok,

I subscribed to Deco in late July this year as I see there is potential in the system and I was told that some missing features will be in future release. But I was disappointed that the latest release did not solve the most crucial issues for many printers, there isn't complete pricing structure for all the printing methods in this industry.

With the Area pricing added in V7, it is possible to have a temporary work-around solution for Vinyls but I did have enough process to replace for that many other Heat transfer material I use and the current solution cannot apply for special effect/colour type of Vinyls which cost more.

This is a big problem, pricing is the core of our business, if we can't work the math right....we can't sell. Deco should take "PRINT METHOD & PRICE STRUCTURE" as the No. 1 priority for updates next to security and bugs issues.  

Instead of working on a Vinyl module and then a Laser Transfer module and then a Printable Vinyl module one by one. Deconetwork should work on an ALL-FOR-ONE SOLUTION - which is the flexibility to let us add any number of Printing Process on our own and let us choose which pricing structure to go with the print method we added. There are already, single print, area print, colour print etc pricing structure in the current solutions, thou still not perfect at the moment ( still missing of specific print size price calculation method and additional cost option for Vinyls colours that cost more ) but implementing a flexible "ADD NEW PRINT PROCESS" and "CHOOSE PRICE STRUCTURE TYPE" should not be that difficult? It will seriously resolve a lot of limitations now.

I have been wondering how many developers/programmers does the company have too.... a Vinyl feature took so long to be added??????
I hope someone can let us know how long we have to wait for the price structure to be complete!

Thank you!





By laine on 22 December 2014General ideas Submitted

please change tshirt and the views in stores

shirts look to short and black looks grey heres an better example of a black tshirt       or look a zazzles black t shirts


Inventory Availability for Affiliate Stores' Pre-Decorated Products

We have some stores where we know we sell the same things every year so we print a few dozen before the season starts. It would be much easier if we could keep track of inventory of those printed products in DecoNetwork instead keeping up another system.

I think it would be great if we could add inventory levels to pre-decorated products. Make it a setting that only the fulfillment center can access - like the Permissions section. I could do it in the FC's Products section since I've had to make each store their own blank products for the pricing to be correct, but in some stores I use the same blank product for multiple decorated products.

This would help us keep track of our inventory using the system that sells it for us. Give us the same options as with the blank products - Out of Stock Behavior and Low Inventory Alerts. I'm sure at least SOME other members sell pre-printed goods, and not just us!

By Kristine Hamaty on 07 December 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Override Minimum Order Qty in HUB

Sometimes I send samples out for items that have a minimum order quantity if decorated.  I'd like to be able to override the MOQ for orders created in the Business HUB.

Workaround: Create a copy of the item just for samples and make it viewable in the HUB only.


3rd party application

Deco store API has all the functionality to show its products on a 3rd party and non-deco website but the submitting order is a little incomplete for that kind of application. There should be a way to get the deco line item id without going to the deco store; just by making an API call. If this is implemented, any application can be created either desktop or online which can sell deco products without ever going to the deco store website.

By farzoqe on 02 December 2014Store front ideas Submitted

Non-decoratable Products Directly into "Decorated Products" Section on Affiliate Sites

Currently, Non-decoratable Products go into the "create" category on a website, eventhough there isn't a way to bring them into the designer.

I'm creating quite a few products that will have personalization options using "custom fields" and not use the designer (i.e. laser engraved ornaments and Christmas themed items). I don't want to create a decoration area on these items because they won't use decorations from the designer. It's not really a blank product either so neither place makes sense.

By Kristine Hamaty on 30 November 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Edit Meta Information for Decorated Product Category Pages

Provide the ability to edit meta information, with page title being the most important, for decorated product category pages.

By Kimberly on 30 November 2014General ideas Implemented!

Distinguish styles from each Supplier

Currently we purchase similar styles from multiple suppliers. Price, availability and ship time are the factors that determine which supplier we'll select. However, when creating a new order and adding a new product in Business Hub, there's no way to discern from which supplier the style is coming from. In order to determine this, one must first commit to a style, save the order, open purchase orders, and raise POs' until the product is found. Only then will one know if they have selected the correct supplier. 

Maybe assign unique colored text to the different suppliers, or add a prefix code of some sort to the style numbers that indicate the supplier, SM, AB, SS. Better still, from within the order template, choose a supplier first, then have the styles available for that supplier populate.

By Barry Carter on 21 November 2014Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Adding Yelp and LinkedIn to the Social Sharing Sites list!

Please add Yelp as an option to when adding social sharing links.

So what can we do? Add Yelp! Oh and why not LinkedIn too?

Please vote!

By Caesar Rubio on 21 November 2014General ideas Submitted

More Control Over Marketing Emails

It would be nice for the Marketing Email Function to have more specific control. We have been trying to use it toward letting customers know of a product being out of stock or a size being out. It would be great to have options like mail everyone who has placed an order between dates, or a based on a item in the store, etc.


Related Items

When creating decorated items, we would like the capability to make items that are decorated with the same design related to each other without having to go in and relate the items to each other individually? It seems logical that we would be able to make this selection during the initial item creation stage. It would also be very helpful if there were a way to make relationships mutual. For example, if Item A is related to Item B then it would make sense that Item B should be related to Item A as well...possibly a check box?

By Mark Holland on 17 November 2014General ideas Submitted

Screen Print + DecoNetwork = challenging

I’m a screen printer that sees the perks of DecoNetwork, but quickly realize it is not screen print friendly.

I’m in the process of setting up stores with many groups/organizations, but the Store Design limitations are making it very difficult for me.  I plan on offering many Store Design options for each site, but currently they are all one color designs.  Not because my shop is limited, but rather DecoNetwork is limited on charging the customer for the number of colors in a design correctly.   In the design view it knows it is a two color design, as it can separate the colors and give the customers the option to change each color in the design, but does not give me the option to charge the customer for each color in that design they are selecting, unless they the customer tells DecoNetwork it is a two, three, four ect. color design as they are placing it on the garment. 

Next problem DecoNetwork presents the Screen Print shop is not being able to lock size of the design.  As a Screen Print Shop I can easily create a screen in anticipation of selling multiple, but it is not cost effective to create new films/screens every time a customer changes the size of the design.


My humble suggestion is in the “Store Design” -> “Add Design” - section you give the store owner the option to set the unique cost of each design is a you’re loading it.  There are some designs I have to pay a royalty on, and others that I do not, it would be nice to be able to just set a fixed price for each specific design.  I could easily set the price for multi color higher than single colors as I’m loading them.  You could also lock the size of the design in the field as well.  This would be a good place to also give the store owner the option to set color options for each logo.  As a screen printer I do have the ability to mix custom inks, but it is not cheap/easy enough to mix custom inks for one shirt.


Change decoration dimensions per product sizing.

I would like the ability to change the decoration sizing per product sizing. Example we sell a specific product that comes in vastly different sizes and instead of creating a product for each size we would like to just adjust the decoration sizing. 



Front print location for sizing "A" 16 x 24

Front print location for sizing "B" 24 x 36

Front print location for sizing "C" 36 x 54



My Design management

I have 5 "my design" pages when I upload a design to a product, What a pain to flip thru to the last page to find a file I just uploaded. or select the wrong one.. I would like to be able to delete the old images that I don't use or slightly changed and maybe organize them... This should be a simple feature added to my design stock page... What does the deco family think?

By Dean Carson on 06 November 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted

Chargeable Custom Fields

We have been debating the idea of using custom fields to give our customers more options for their products. One of the main issues we are looking at is dealing with adding names and numbers. This works perfectly with custom fields since not only do they not have to be required like normal text but they also will show up at the checkout level in the cart so customers can see all the way through that they are getting what they typed in. The issue being we woudln't be able to charge them extra for doing so.

It could also be useful for other features like do you want gift wrapping +X dollars with checkbox fields and such other great ways to build on custom fields


Provide the ability to share Decorated Products between stores

We have 4 or 5 main stores that we operate that have unique niches, but some of the decorated products could be shared & available to 2 or 3 orther stores.  We have 100's of decorated products.  

For a decorated product that we want to use in multiple stores, current implentation requires us to create a decorated product from scratch in each store.

Provide the ability to designate that a decorated product is applicable to one to many stores.  This could take the form of designating the decorated product for availability in multiple stores, providing the ability to import decorated products from other stores...anything that minimizes the clicks / time needed to make a decorated product available in multiple stores.

By Kimberly on 05 November 2014General ideas Submitted

Improved Sorting of Products, Decorated Products, Designs

Our shop has 100's of products, 100's of decorated products and 100's of custom designs.  

The current implemenation displays these products / designs in pages.  If I want to move a product from page 10 to page 3, I have to either move it page by page 10 to 9 to 8, etc... or move to top page 1 and then move to 2, then to 3.  

This is very time consuming, particularly when moving many products / designs.

Please improve the ability to sort and move products & designs within our shops.  An interface that I think is simple and easy to re-organize is Netflix.  I can easily move movies in my queue from 50 to 15 with one click.

Generally need improved ability to rearrange products / designs within store.  This should be uniformly applied to all locations that provide sorting.  I only listed to the two that are most commonly an issue.

By Kimberly on 05 November 2014General ideas Implemented!

Allow Volume Discounts at Store Level

As it is now, volume discounts are only allowed at the fulfillment level. For instance, this means if I set a 10% discount to the entire product category of Apparel, that category will be discounted in all Affiliate stores as well. We need to be able to set this at the store level since we apply discounts to Our Owned Stores differently than affiliates.

Multiply layer style for designs

We are a direct to garment printer and our inks are absorbed into the shirt which causes the design to look different depending on the shirt color. It would be fantastic if there was anyway to simulate the "Multiply" layer style in photoshop whenever a design is uploaded or made into a decorated product. This would help us give a more accurate representation of what the product the customer orders would look like. As of now we just use the saturation filter and darken the design to look kind of like it but it is not accurate as you change the shirt color. 

By Patrick Riordan on 03 November 2014Online designer ideas Submitted

Adding a color picker

I would like the team ad decontwork to add a color picker instead of the color slider....Dye-sublimation gives us the option of every color combination available. A color picker makes it simple for our customers to match they color they desire...The slider is a constant guessing game whereas acolor picker is an exact science for my customers...This is about my customers....Please vote on this so Deco-Network will move this to the top of their list.. 

By Tony Cooper on 02 November 2014General ideas Implemented!