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Barcode Scanner

My inquiry about barcode scanners was directed to this platform.  I've been long hoping to implement barcode scanners in the production/shipping/receiving workflow, especially when dealing with single custom orders.  Since it seemingly looks like the capability is there to use barcodes in Deco, I'm making it part of this wish list.



Allow Credit Memo Creation

Many printers have account on terms such as Net 15, Net 30. What the HUB has lacked since it's inception is the ability to create a true credit memo. Deco has responded to my requests with suggestions of using store coupons, etc. This will not work for most Business to Business transactions.

Why We Need Credit Memos
If an order is misprinted, particularly on customer supplied goods, the amount to credit a customer can be more than the amount billed.
Deco will show a negative amount, but it does not recognize the amount to refund in the statements or open invoices.
If adjust an invoice to require a refund for a NET 30 invoice, I want that Credit Amount to show up on statements and let it apply towards other invoices - like a standard accounting system.



Customer Follow Up Feature

Looking for something similar to how CRM or Salesforce works without having to purchase another app. For instance on the "shipping" screen when you have the check box to let the customer know. Why not have another box with a calendar feature and a note to follow up with that customer.

All too many times you have a customer who is a raw new customer and they order, you make and ship, but yet they are lost in translation. A simple follow up reminder could have gained extra revenue, or at least help foster a relationship.

This feature could also be coded in the customers file too somewhere, but with that added feature inside the shipping window.

By Joshua Frost on 31 July 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Price based on Cost +%

Have an OPTION to have your price set by your cost + markup


For instance if you use a standard mark-up of cost+50% on all your products, you just input your cost in the "cost" tab and then in the "price" tab there is a check-box where you can select to set your price based on cost. You could either have an are right there to input this percentage or when you select your product default that changes the percentage (i.e. hats are 50%, jackets are 25%, etc). Saves us having to do the math on every product we have and would eliminate the size surcharge having to be filled in as well.

By Rylan Grose on 31 July 2015General ideas Submitted

Cost by Size

Simple idea since it applies to about 75% of all the products out there. Have an option to create costing based on size!!!


9 times out of 10 a product will have a different price based on size, however the price across different colours will be the same. That being said, we currently still need to input a price for "white, light & dark" regardless of them all being the same. Most products this doesn't take too long to do as there are only 6 sizes x 3 = 18 boxes to fill in. However if you have pants or dress shirts with upwards of 30+ sizes, it takes an extremely long time to do.

By Rylan Grose on 31 July 2015General ideas Implemented!

Let Affiliates to ad themselves his comissions

I need to let affiliate-shop admins to change his comissions based on a minimum prices of the non decorated products. Now only the superadmin can do this.

By Pedro Baschwitz on 27 July 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted


Hi Deco, can we please get an INVERT ARTWORK COLOURS button and a COPY & PASTE function in the designer program? 

By Jared Fullinfaw on 26 July 2015Online designer ideas Implemented!

Price table for Area pricing

Well, i thought i better add a post here, since the other one seems to have died.. 

The area based pricing method seems be half way finished, its a shame since its a very good feature, but it cant be used yet. 

There is no way of making a discount on this method, which really is a shame,.

We need a pricetable just like in the printing section, with white/light/dark, AND a setup fee. 

We get a lot of customers on our site who order 100 pcs and up, and we would really love to start using the area price, but since there is no discount we cant use it. 

Thanks .. hope this is something that is already on the table for future versions..



Live chat integration with eCommerce website

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By Thomas Grey on 24 July 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Clone an order/Customer Options

CUSTOMERS/Customers/Orders/Closed/Customer Options/CLONE ORDER

Radio buttons down the left hand side to select the appropriate order. Job description column added between Order # and Purchase Order # for the convenience of finding the past order quickly. 

A function as such will expedite order entry, and as importantly, recall all order notes (not internal notes) to insure accuracy and consistency each and every time.  


bulk delete decorated items

Please, please please put a bulk delete on decorated products! Even a tick mark to select multiple items would be a godsend!

Look at this example. Not completely understanding the backend the store manager goes in and puts designs up and thinks I will just put them on every decorated product then the customer can choose. So the store manager does just that only to be dismayed when looking at the store front and the first 632 items in the store are all of the same design just on different products! No worries.....the store manager will just go in and delete all of the items and  undo the mistake. WRONG! There is no bulk delete, so the store manager must spent the next few weeks opening up the item, editing, and then deleting each item, all 600 plus of them. Each item takes 5-10 minutes depending on the speed of the internet that day. The store manager thinks to himself...maybe DecoNetwork was a mistake, this is waaaayyyyyyy to much work, I don't have time for this. I will just delete the site and move on. But then....the orders start to trickle in with the design your own feature they advertised....Damn....the store manager realizes that his going to have to go about deleting those 600 plus decorated 

So please, please put a bulk decorated items delete feature on! Please vote for this feature....

Signed........The Store Manager

(True story, name withheld to protect the identity of the store manager)     smiling w/ sunglasses

By Lisa Schwaberow on 21 July 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Cart Customer Confirmation Issue

The shipping page calculates an estimated shipping time correctly by adding together the maximum shipping time for a shipping method and any production time allocated, including reducing the production time by any rush option selected. This is way cool :-)

However the order confirmation step in the cart does not show this total time, but only the shipping time which of course is incorrect. The customer is being asked to confirm an order based on incorrect displayed information.

Maybe this is a bug fix not an idea suggestion.

By Website Admin on 19 July 2015Store front ideas Submitted

order Export

Some fields are not offered in export in order line item exports and some are not offered in order summary export, Why not allow all fields to be exported in either type of export. 

Besides, it will be useful to make order, invoice and shipped option working. Currently inrespective of selected option all orders are exported in the date range shipped or invoice filter does not work. 

By Wasif Siddique on 18 July 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!


How about trashing this repetitve voting system, just get the necessities implemented and have better communication and support system! this is for the birds! tongue wink


Default Qty

Please Please Please can we remove the default qty of 1 in the default size box in business hub, this is annoying and we have had mistakes made where our staff have forgoten to remove this qty. Does it really need to be there?!!!

By Daren Wright on 16 July 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted


Allow us to move designs to a different subcategory.  Also I would be nice if we could chose to arrage the designs alphabetically.

By Rachel Dahlgren on 14 July 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Ability to Select All Orders

To have the ability to select all the orders at once. Right now it only show 20 per page.

By Brad Dassow on 14 July 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Hold production

I'm not sure if this idea has already been listed, if so, maybe it can be merged.

I'd need to be able to put an order on hold in the business hub in a way that's very visible on the order and production windows/forms (like a big red HOLD across the page) to avoid accidentally producing it until the issue is cleared with the customer. 


Smarter free form product

I would like to see size/qty field little more advanced so that if we are entering mulyiple sizes and qty it automatically updates the qty field. The way i suggest is that you can give us an optional popup table with 2 colums for size and qty. Your program then automatically updates the qty field by adding all the numbers from the qty column and ofcourse it also deactivates the qty field beacuse its now dynamic. follow the link to view the mockup I have created as a suggestion

The reason I find this feature beneficial is that we are dealing with hundreds of products not setup in our deco system. especially bottoms. Bottoms sizes range from 28-48 then tall/slim styles are seperate. So to create a product with that many size option for 1 customer is too much work. Also they keep changing the style every now and then. so it may not even be woth it. A popup table feature would be a perfect solution for this task. This way we wont have to add sizes manually and therefore no chance of making mistakes with numbers.



Rush rates by product

At the moment if a product is not a stock item and we have a 24hour rush rate  setup, there is no way to prevent a customer from ordering the product and specifiying a 24hour rush rate, which we then would have to refund. The only workaround is a message in the rush rate name that appears in the cart at the shipping and option selection stage, but this relys on the customer reading it and not making a mistake (bad idea!!).


It would be useful to be able to specify what rush rates are available on each product. It would need to be more than one.

For example

Rush rates setup: 5 days - 20%, 1 day - 50%

Product 1 is a stock item therefore both rates would be available

Product 2 is a non stock item and threfore only 5 days rush would be availalbe

By Website Admin on 13 July 2015Store front ideas Submitted