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Add to Cart Button

The add to cart button is a bit pointless when you have garments with sizing as you then have to go and edit the size etc anyway, would be so much better if it had a pop up with the available sizes colours, so you can then comfirm it to cart when you have chosen the required size colour etc but skipping the designer.

By Daren Wright on 09 July 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Account Number

Just something simple but most of our suppliers give you a unique account number. Perhaps is already there and i havent seen it but this would be a good addition!


Allow Free Form Products in 'Previously Ordered'

End the descrimination against Free Form Products! Set them 'FREE'! Vote YES to allow Free Form Products to be an option when adding previously ordered products in order builder. 

Together we can do so much. Thank you.


By Patrick Bardsley on 07 July 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Embroidery Stitch Out

I think it would be a good idea to be able to upload the scan of the actual embroidery Stich out and also if there more than one colour top being used add the other emb file and also be able to ammend the thread colours used within the digitizing tab.

By Daren Wright on 04 July 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Speed up payment system

When a customer is in store most of the time they pay there and then, I would like it to pop up an option when order is created in store to say give payment option and print order without downloading a pdf, at the moment  it is to time consuming. also alot of our items are taken of the shelf so the ability to skip the whole purchase order production and shipping would be awsome where applicable.

By Daren Wright on 04 July 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

News Feeds

I would like to be able to filter the newsfeeds to show what we need to see to make it more visual for our staff to see, or have them seperated  by quote questions orders etc and remove things we dont need to see.

and even something that pops up to say someone has requested a new quotation etc

By Daren Wright on 04 July 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Larger design area

I'd love to see a larger area to be able to design, even when zoomed in on the design area, you end up using a very, very small portion of the screen.



Supplier PO# Sort/Search

From the Production view, Supplier P.O. # column.

Fix this function so that when the PO is placed in the cell and the search button is depressed it actually populates all orders with said PO.


Order Template Control

Basic idea is to have more control over the functionality of the e-mail/order templates. Currently you can customize the template to LOOK the way you want it to. What I am looking for is the ability to customize the FUNCTIONALITY of them.

Take the order template for instance. Currently it calculates tax on a line-item basis, which in itself isn't terrible. However the SUBTOTAL for the main line items and extra charges also include tax! Then there is no overall order subtotal that the customer (or we) can use, you have to manually subtract the "tax included" from the "Grand Total"

So either Deconetwork needs to make their code snippets (or whatever they are called) such as "order.grand_total" made public so we can see a master list of ones we can use (they would also then have to have ones set-up to calculate the actual subtotals). Or they need to make the detailed coding for these snippets made public so we can edit them to our own uses.



Multiple products for campaigns

I would like to see multiple product options and designs for the campaigns implemented.  It would be great if a fundraising group could sell both a tee and a long sleeve shirt or have the ability to add a bag or a mug to a campaign.

The ability to have multiple designs would be great as well.  Having 1-3 design options as well as multiple products would be beneficial. 



By Nia McAdoo on 02 July 2015General ideas Implemented!

Itemized order

I often have clients ask me what the individual cost of item is as well as the decoration price on their quote/order!  I didn't realize until I viewed what my customer sees that the order isn't itemized!  This would be a great feature in the business hub!  Especially when clients are comparing prices!

By Michael Thompson on 30 June 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted


Overview is awsome and speeds up the process but could do with showing all the sizes for a single item and not just the total qty of that line item so you can produce and ship individual items.

Also a company column would be a bonus!


By Daren Wright on 26 June 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Search Facility in store_directory

I would like to be able to add a search box in the Store Directory to make it easier for customers to search their school.

By Daren Wright on 26 June 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Visa Checkout

Offer shopping cart support for the new option from Visa called Visa Checkout

By Michael Thompson on 25 June 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

UK Post Code Validation for Shipping Methods

Hi UK DN Users,

For Shipping Methods for DN in the UK,  a list of counties are displayed for which that Shipping Method is to be available.  Here in the UK we have been using postcodes since the 70s and for our courier service to deliver we will need a valid postcode.  Different timeframes and costs apply to different areas of the UK, so we have provided DN with an extract file of valid postcodes prefixes and associated areas such as  UK Mainland, UK Offshore, Scottish Highlands and Islands and non-UK Offshore.  Using this we will be able to calculate correct timeframes and costs. Without this, I don't see how we can use Shipping Methods at all.  Vote here if you want an up-to-date solution for Shipping!

How have other UK DN suplliers dealt with Shipping?  Please let us know how you have got around this problem, or if you just don't use it.





Email Control

I am an affiliate store owner so I don't have access to the business hub, only the store controls.
Recently one of my main opposition signed on to my email list so every time I sent a marketing email I was telling my opposition what I was doing and there was no way to delete them from my email list.
To successfully market as an affiliate I need control of this list, and not only because of the above scenario. I am sure there will come a time when one of my customers wants to be removed from this list and rather than spam them I would like to be able to comply.
Another point is, what if I was to set up a marketing campaign through a social media site such as Facebook where people were invited to leave their email to receive a newsletter. I have no way of manually adding them.
A little more control, please!


INK COLOR on Production order

Colors in a design needs to be listed on the production worksheet/ business hub view.


option to close partially shipped order

Currently short shipped orders stay open until original order quantity is edited to reflect actual ship quantity. Option to close order with short shipped quantity will decrease an extra step and keep the integrity of original order and also provide helpful information of filling rate.


By Wasif Siddique on 20 June 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Invoice and ship date

Currently there is no invoice/bill date, original order date is used as the invoice bill date, adding invoice date and ship date would help keep Integrity of original order by without having to change order date to reflect correct invoice date.


By Wasif Siddique on 20 June 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Sync integration with quickbooks

While the system handles most of important business processes, it is missing the most important aspect which is accounting. User can use quickbooks but each time export and import of data makes things complicated.

Intergration with Sync app like ECC cloud by webgility will be a great addition. It allows user to sync data with quick books by selecting which particular order need to be imported.

By Wasif Siddique on 20 June 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!