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remove balance due from production sheet

I noticed that when I print production sheet for customers with terms, it shows balance due on the top in a big square box.  production sheet goes to my printer who does not need to know how much I am charging for a job  I should have an option to hide that from displaying.  This is an easy fix and should be considered in the next release


Customer to Upload & Edit Quote Proofs

My customers would like to be able to edit and upload new artwork to a quote that I designed or has a placeholder image and needs the final artwork for there order. Please vote...

Thank You


By Dean Carson on 31 October 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted

Combine products with the same design for quantity discounts

You should have the option to combine different items for a quantity discount as long as they have the same design. If a customer orders 24 navy tees and 24 long sleeve navy tees we should be able to choose if we want to price that as 48 pieces or leave it at 2 x24 pieces.

By Paul Costanzo on 30 October 2014Online designer ideas Submitted

Custom Fields - Date Option

The "Date" options in the Custom Fields only go back as far as 2004 and in the future to 2024 or something ridiculous. This needs to extend much further into the past, I'm uploading Christmas ornaments and I need people to choose the year they were born, married, etc. and for quite a bit of the population, pre-2004 was important ;)  

By Kristine Hamaty on 30 October 2014Store front ideas Submitted

Sale, Featured, Latest Product Widgets

I think we need more control over the widgets and product catgories. For example with my old shopping cart platform, when we created new products they would automatically be displayed using the "Latest" product widget and again best sellers were automatically populated under the "Best Sellers" widget. 

Currently we have one widget which only displays products from the selected category there isnt even an option for displaying producsts under sub categories!! We can't even duplicate this widget as a work around.

I would like to see more widgets avaliable and the ability to add products into more then one category. 



Customer Support

Not sure if this counts as a "feature" exactly but how about a 24/7 custom support system via phone or live chat? I know there used to be a tab for that but there was never anyone on the other end, it was always leave a message.  I almost rather see something like this work than see a brand new awesome feature.  Sometimes waiting 24 hours is too long to get some immediate support.  

By Justin Rodriguez on 26 October 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted

True White Label

I would like the ability to remove all the Deconetwork logos, even in the back end of my affiliates. My customers (who do not own printing equipment) do not need to know who we use for our platform. It doesn't benifit deconetwork to advertise to my customers who do not have the means to use the deco platform without printing equipment. 


Private Forum - Deco members only

With our frustration for the lack of Deco team members communication at the current forum, I like to think that is do to not wanting to share publicly (hoping this is the reason) their plans or whatever they are doing that they would like to have in a closed circuit, even if this is not the reason I still would like to have a private forum, I don't like much thinking of my potential competition watching and reading what I'm up to, if they are also members of Deco then I would feel that we're in a fair game.

So if you like the Idea please VOTE!


If you like to discus this idea please go HERE


Thank you.


Batch Upload Capability for Store Designs

We really do need the option to do BATCH uploads of our own Store Designs just like we can with Stock designs. At the moment the only option is to upload them one by one or import into stock first which means all stores have access to them.

At the very least if batch uploads have been done in Stock and then 'copied' to Store they should actually be copied rather than linked so that they can be either deleted or disabled from stock if you don't want all stores to have access to those particular designs.

As is stands the files remain linked so if you decide to delete them from Stock they also get deleted from Store. 

By Syl Cinque on 23 October 2014Online designer ideas Submitted

Refine the online designers sizing features

The online designer has the ratio, the + & - toggle & corner drag sizing, but it is almost impossible to get 2 objects the same size on the page. It would be nice to have the ability to just type a size. Not really an Idea, Just an improvement... Thanks



This could probably be lumped into "PowerClip Editing Contents" by Ruben, but I view it a little differently.

Cropping is really nothing more than supplying a clipping mask and then removing the "masked area"  The function already exists.  We use it when we set a custom product decoration area.  Essentially, what I am looking for is the ability to select a clipping mask and supply a background from stock images or uploaded images.  The "masked area" would be below subsequently added text or images allowing for "layers" of decoration.

I am not asking for a custom clipping mask, just a basic circle and rectangle that can be sized without regard to proportion.  This would allow for most "cropping" functions.

The primary application is photographs where we want to drop out a background or select one idividual in a goup photo, etc.

The next step would be to place the mask image behind the "cropped" image with a 4 or 6 pt stroke and apply a gausian blur to feather the edges into a white or black border, so it doesn't look so much like a "cut-out".

The obvious advantage is to allow a retail customer to upload and crop an image as part of their decoration without having to involve the "art department".  If it could be treated as a design image element, it would allow for it to be a "chargeable" feature much like adding a custom piece of art from a pay as you go source.

Alternatively, if it would be possible to upload a template to accomplish this, but that would be limiting.

By jim freeman on 22 October 2014Online designer ideas Submitted

Net product price on the quote screen missing

Customer called me to get a quote on 100 t-shirts with 2 color print. I started a quote screen while customer is on the phone, enetred the t-shirt and his design so now I see unit price and a discount 7.5% and then a grand total. Where is the NET PRICE of the product. He doesnt want to hear that the price is $8.00 minus 7.5% discount. he wants the net price. I had to pull out a calculator to give him the net price which is preety dumb. However, I noticed that the customer does see a net price on the quote that was emailed to him. So why not make the same number visible to me on my screen. Even I as a salesmen would like to see what is the final price I am charging them for the product before I email them a quote.



Automatic Rewards Program

We are in the process of launching a website for Fraternities and Sororities and using some sort of Rewards Program is important to us. It would be beneficial for other retail sites as well, but this market responds to this type of program more than any other I've looked into.

Points would be earned by purchasing (an item priced at $19.99 would earn 20 points), referring friends (10 points when a friend signs up for an account) and on friends orders (get 10% back in points from referred friends orders).

I want to set up options for points to be redeemed for exclusive products, credit towards an order and as a "gift" to a friend.

By Kristine Hamaty on 21 October 2014General ideas Submitted

PowerClip Editing Contents

I would really like to be able to edit the contents of an uploaded graphic created with a PowerClip content in CorelDraw, having this capability customers would be able to change the contents with different patterns, backgrounds, other graphics and photos, this will be very helpful so people can replace place-holders with photos in collages, designs with particular frames, etc., if this is not possible using PowerClips then any other way or method that would do a similar function will do.

Please consider this idea and VOTE please.

Thank you!


Quick, Simple, Easy "mark as produced/shipped" Options Needed

When you open an order, you get this nifty little headings bar:

Under production, the new version lets us see the overview of the order:

Wouldn't it make soo much more sense to click on the red cross where production, click once to actually mark as produced, then the same for shipping? instead of travelling here there and everywhere within business hub (which has quite a considerable amount lag time).

Even if there was a dialog box that just asked "full shipping?" or "Full production?" and a button to click to go to partial shipping if thats needed, that would save heaps of time.

Ideally, i want to open my order, mark as invoiced, click "produced", click "shipped" and then done, filed, gone, out of sight. Its such a hassle to simply invoice an order.

By Camille Prestwidge on 20 October 2014Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Store Specific Sizes

It would be nice to allow stores to disallow certain sizes of a product for just that store. I have many clients who would rather have Small-2XL for the size range and others who want the full product range of XS-4XL. Many have their own unique inbetween as well. Its gets confusing when i have mutiple stores i get complains because they wanted small-2xl on a product and its now XS-4XL because a recent store i lauched required that be the size requirements for the product.


Design to Product Hover over function

Currently when the hover over function is turned on for a product the design is displayed in a bigger box so a customer can see the design more clearly. It would be nice if products displayed the design first and when the design was hovered over the product was revealed with the design on it. 

So essentially have the option to go from Design to Product, not just Product to Design. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 October 2014Store front ideas Submitted

Header Color Scheme

Its great that we can now change easily change the color scheme of an affiliate website, but there are a few places on the site that we should be able to change the colors, but currently cannot. The biggest place is the header of the website. The hub template is the best and most often used store template, but is bland for a lot of people. By simply giving the header a color the entire site becomes more colorful. 

It would be nice to have the header color scheme be an option when customizing the colors of a website. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 October 2014Affiliate store ideas Implemented!

Ability to use Radio Widget over drop-down lists

There are a few places within Deco that it makes better sense for using radio buttons over dropdown lists.


The first place is when affiliates sign up for a new website and they have to choose a custom website template. Most affiliates don't even notice that the templates are in a drop-down list, and nearly every new affiliate starts with the default custom store template. 

The second place where radio buttons make more sense over a drop down list is on the shipping page. It makes more sense for customer to be able to see all of the shipping methods at once and make a choice from there. Our customers can pick up their orders if they like but most do not because they didnt see that it was a shipping option. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 October 2014General ideas Submitted

Blog Page Widget

It would be nice if affiliate websites had a Blog Page widget for SEO purposes. Blogging and creating unique content has a lot of SEO value and a blog widget/application would make storing the content easy and organized. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 October 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted