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Availability Dates Option

It would be great to have an option to set availability dates on products. For example you want to have a product available between July 1st and December 31st; I would like to be able to set the date when entering the product, so it would only show an active status during those dates. Our three biggest vendors have their products this way and it would make keeping current so much easier.

By Team Sports Ink on 16 June 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted


In the Index why can't there be a direct link to this area "DecoNetwork feature ideas & voting" I feel like it gets lost and you have to click three links before getting here. Feature Ideas and Voting should have a main area that shows the newest post like the other areas in the forum. I don't think all the users are aware of its exsistance or there would be far more voting!


Expiditing Shipping Options

Having a software bridge that worked with the UPS WorldShip and the Fedex ShipManager where we could type in the order number in the Customer ID field and the info populates automatically would be extremely helpful.    We prep our labels early to speed up the process in the back warehouse and having this would speed up the process even more on the front end.

By Miranda Knerr on 11 June 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Add you own templates

I would like to be able to add my own garmet templates on to the system which stay uploaded, like with the deco templates but ones i have created, so they are easily accesable when creating new products.  Would also like a shared template feature where any one willing to share templates can select this option so other deco users can access them to.

By Daren Wright on 10 June 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Auto sort site in alphabetical order

Its not a huge issue but when you are adding a decorated product from another store into business hub, can it be set to put the sites in alphabetical order, it a simple idea and can be frustrating.

By Daren Wright on 10 June 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Order Sorting

I know you can set the colour backgrounds for orders over a certain production time. i would like to visable see these at the top of the production screen

Example red orders over 7 days, orange orders over 4 days old etc etc so you can click on the colour which will bring up the urgent orders, or even let us be able to have a custom default sort so the when you open the order page the oldes orders come up first.

By Daren Wright on 10 June 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Convert Fonts to Curves

I would like to see the orders that come through with text automatically converted to curves, so you don't have to worry about having the correct font installed


Thumbnail Images for decorated products

It would be great to use another image that is already stored with the product in a thumbnail view that is displayed on the website for decorated products.  For example I want the back of the shirt to be the view that is seen on the homepage thumbnail view.   We shouldn't have to upload the image again if it is already asociated with the product, but just a different aspect (i.e. decoration image of back or sleeve etc).  

Additionally, if you do upload a new image into the decorated product it doesn't seem to maintain the aspect ration and get's stretch/distorted using this method.  If I could zoom or adjust the aspect of this image that would be great.

By James Berdeguez on 09 June 2015Store front ideas Implemented!

Patterns in color swatches

Hi All !! PLEASE PLEASE vote for this one:

We need ability to load up different PATTERNS in the color swatches  in online designer:  So that customers can create, for example, zebra print TEAM NAME AND NUMBER  or polka dot or flower pattern TEXT. etc..

 Having the ability to "fill" text/ image color with a pattern would make the designer more versatile and if anything  bring in more business, especially if your customers are teams/ schools, etc..

Thanks!! thumbs up


You can put the patterns on their own palette and category and place it  in the same little window where the color swatch and color slider are currently.


Allow Multiple Designs on Pre-Decorated Products

When creating a pre-decorated product within an affiliate store that has three shirt colors, but each color of shirt has a slight design variation because of the shirt color. Instead of having to create three different products, when the customer clicks on a different shirt color the design associated to the shirt color will show up.


Auto Email Customers who have not purchased in a while

I would like an auto generated email to go out to customers example in 6 months that we can edit


Hi we have noticed you have not purchased in a while, If we can help please let us know  blah blah blah, would also like a box where you could imput the minimum spend so it filters out the small costly jobs

By Daren Wright on 04 June 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Include Paypal and Bacs Payment on Banking Reports

I would like to see this Paypal and Bacs Payments on the Banking report also have a columb for Any tax paid, would be helpful of me if any others would like this please vote thanks

By Daren Wright on 04 June 2015General ideas Submitted

Make The Site Mult-Lingual!! Shoppers to switch languages at store front.

Make the Store Front  MULTI-LINGUAL!  People can click popdown to change language from one to another!!

PLEASE! Thanks!

By Raymond Merritt on 01 June 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Adding Work Orders

Concept: in biz hub, being able to create a "work order", ie something done internally in your shop that never goes to purchase ordering or never goes to shipping.

Work flow would be like this: Shop manager creates work order "Clean 10 screens" or "Run Printhead Diagnostics/Maintenance".  The lay out could look just like the regular layout of the order screen. Then the work order gets assigned to employee X.That person comes in, clicks on the production tab, then completes that task.

By Luther Veuleman on 27 May 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Larger Printable Design View

In business hub, it would be nice to be able to see a larger/printable Design View on the garment/product without downloading the source files that don't show how the customer sees it anyways. Even the work sheet images are way to small.


Dashboard Edits / Customization

I think it would be great if we could bring the affiliate sites and customer areas into brand. Currently they display the "deco blue" for buttons, tabs, links, etc and I think it would be great to see custom options for this section within deco. Maybe also allow "Dashboard" banners so we could display them within affilaite and customer accoiunts, right on the dashboard for deals, sales, promotions, etc... In a way maybe have a few themes or skins we could edit and work off of like the websstores do. 

Also, it would be great to override the support links displayed within the affiliate / customer areas. I have no problem displaying "powered by deco" but I have a great article base and chat widget I use and it would be gret to allow our customers to have direct support to us since we do handkle the support. If not mistaken deconetowrk will not support our customers or affilaites so why offer them links to support? It's confusing and I hope this can haoppen soon!!

If anyone has other ideas i would love to hear them and hopefully we can rally and get this accepted :)


Scaled Down Portal - Commission by Product

We are a dye sub custom cut and sew shop that is the leader in providing custom team apparel for the BMX racing community.

Back in 2009 when Deco was Pikiware they were literally days away from releasing the beta for a portal concept.  We wee so exicted to start testing it then along came Wilcom and it tanked never to be resurrected.  The issue we have experienced over 6 years is most small businesses cannot create or manage an affiliate stores.  The vast majority fail because of this. For us creating and managing individual stores in house for affiliates is too expensive and time consuming.  Our idea is a scaled down portal to eliminate having to create individual affiliate stores.  Instead we would like to create a single BMX "Mall" (Deco Store) where we could have customers broke into catagories such as BMX Track jerseys, BMX Store jerseys, BMX Manufacturers jerseys, etc.  Major chains and auto dealers learned decades ago that by having multiple "stores" in one location will provide more over all sales then the same number of individually located "stores".  This same concept would work for any industry you work in whether it be schools, churches, etc.

The only thing needed to accomplish this would be the ability to assign commissions to an individual product. 

For us we look at software tools two ways.  First and most important, increase sales/revenue.  Second, to automate processing orders to reduce cost.  For us, being able to offer our customers a simple way to increase their business without having to learn a tool like Deconet would have the biggest single effect on sales.


By Mark Roberts on 19 May 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Share Designs on Social Media

Need the ability to share a design on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & G+. This will help drive traffic to sites and increase sales.


Urgent need to (at least) allow us to rename & delete Deco installed Designs

Customers searching DecoNetwork Designs (clipart, graphics) are unhappy weary with their search results - even though there are thousands available.

Stores need the ability to at least, rename the design file name (to improve customer search results) and delete undesirable designs.

If DecoNetwork had "World Class Artistic Designs" it would become the leader in Digital Apparel Printing.

Please vote & comment if you agree - this needs prompt attention.




Bulk update for Digitizing

Need The ability to mark multiple files as digitized.

Digitizing / Action / Mark as Digitized.