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Team Stores

I would like to be able to create basically a bulk order form that a high school team can log in, order, and pay for their specific order and then have a batch order for the period of time the store is "open".  For instance,  I would like to offer the same design over possibly 10 different products.  I would like a user (student/family/fan) to be able to log in and purchase the products that they want to.  I want them to be able to pay.  I then want their individual order tallied into a que for the total order.  In this instance I would open the store for a given period of time and when that time ends it would trigger the batch order.  I would then run the order and deliver to the team.  I would also want total, EASY control over the pricing of the decorated products.  Please help this would be a hit for local high schools.


Better Search Filter Options

I think DN would benefit a better search filter/attribute option in the left hand column, where customers can quickly drill-down to the garment they are looking for from a particular category (e.g search by gender, price, colour, size, brand etc etc).




Production Times/Rush Fees By Decoration Method

I've seen some other similar ideas posted but didn't seem to quite cover what I'm after.  We should be able to set our Standard Production Times by decoration method.  For example, I can easily do a 2 day turnaround on DTG prints but If I set that as my standard production then I'm forced to commit to that on Screen Prints and Embroidery.  I also think you should be able to offer/not offer rush fees based on decoration type as well. I was able to sort of do this by only offering rush fees on qts of 11 or less thus negating my minimums of 12 on SCR and EMB. If you can combine this with the production times you can set at the product level then you can be assured that all your bases are covered. Then each total order can default to the product and decoration method that takes the longest time to complete.  


Ability to set Rush Order Fees for either Business Hub / Store

Cant find if there is s way to do this.  But I would find it very helpful if the "Rush Order Fees" Could be set to be used within in the Business Hub only and not the Store.  I have stock products on the store, but do customised work that i'm just starting to use business hub for.  I want to be able to charge them Rush Order fees when I process orders through Business Hub.  Or even idividually set Rush Order Fees for individual products as well. 


Sell designs of the affiliate pages in our principal page. (more traffic, sales and designs)

I think that the best for to sell is that the users can sell her designs and products in her affiliate shops, but also in our principal shop, because we have the principal traffic, and for the affiliate is very difficult get traffic.
I have too much affiliate without products, or with only 1 o 2 products... I think that is a good Idea.
Is very nice for us for to get more original designs, and make a comunity (with a little panel for her designs and votes, comments,..), but is better for the user with not too designs or little traffic, or little knowledge of SEO. I think that can make more convertions and sales.

By esteban belvis on 30 April 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Production and Order Pending Times Settings on store level

There should be an option that allows us to set production and turn-around times on the affiliate store level or a custom shipping method.

Also this ties into Shipping and order times need to be more clear like stated here


Secure Passwords

Allow admins to see passwords of other company profiles on the site, or set rules with regard to passwords. Must be X number of characters, have a symbol, or could be randomly generated with the requirement to change the password within 10 days.

By Steve Wald on 28 April 2015General ideas Submitted

Multiple sizes when min requirement is set

Our Minimum order is 36 for screen printing and at times our clients want to order 250 but with multiple sizes... it would be great to allow customers to pick multiple sizes when pciking an item with a min order requirement set to it. Maybe set an option to allow this or to deny it like it is cureently set at but i can see how this copuld help with screen print orders. 


One-Time Fee

I have been working on an embroidery store.  My new dilema is, if I as a customer go to the store and create an item for embroidery.  This item could be paid for by me the customer but I the store owner find the order is then lacking some key parts.  For example, the cost for digitizing is added based on the number of stiches, but my embroiderer has a one time fee that they apply to all embroidery.  How can I add the one-time fee to an embroidery quote as a one time fee for embroidery, and can this one time fee fluctuate with the number of stitches in the design?

Example:  1,000 stitches would be lets say $20.00.  $20 being the one time fee.

But if : 10,000 stitches the one time fee would be $20 + $6.00 / 1,000 stitches for a total of $80.00

By Peter Graham on 22 April 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Drag and drop file uploads into the designer

I think it would help if our customers could drag and drop artwork files into the designer and specific decoration areas for an overall easier UI


This has been implemented in 8.001. 


More Options for Generating Reports

It would like to see more options for what can be exported in the Reports section.  Specifically, I would like to be able to export Shipping Weight in the Order Line Items report.  Maybe a bood solution is allowing people to create and save their own reports.

By Jeremy Litchfield on 21 April 2015General ideas Submitted

Printing of Work Order or Invoice

You should be able to print the work order or the invoice without having to download the PDF file first. 

By Jeff McClure on 21 April 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!


More control over purchasing items. You should be able to easily limit orders you would like to send to a supplier without the system automatically grouping all the orders for a specific supplier. A check box allowing you to either select all or pick and choose which orders to include on a specific p.o. 

Aslo, be able to automatically send customer order number to supplier in the attention field or other area, so supplier can print customer order number or info on outside label of box coming form supplier.

By Jeff McClure on 21 April 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Inventory for non blanks

I would really like the option to

A) set inventory for predecorated products (on the store level). For instance, i make 100 shirts in various sizes on a Gildan 2000, and i want to sell them in a specific store until they are gone. right now i can only set inventory for blanks, which does me no good, because if i set the inventory of the G2000 lower it will not be in stock for all my products globally.


B) I need the ability to add pre-printed items (no designer needed) for sale and set inventory accordingly. this would be a better option because i could do it in the business hub and it would apply to all stores using that product. If this was the option i would also be able to put non clothing items for sale on my stores, like foam fingers for teams, lanyards, etc.


Export Latest Orders, etc

Could we get export latest orders to export the Items file instead of the summary?

Could an option to include the Shipping Method be added to both of these files?


Add Cost of Good Sold / Cost of Decoration

Hey, we would like to see the cost of decoration, and # of decorations, added to the sales report / export. We need this information to accurately determine the Cost of Goods Sold for accounting purposes. Currently it only shows the decoration price. 

By Matthew Walls on 15 April 2015General ideas Submitted

Product Pricing

Can we have the option to display the lowest price possible for each product?  Or display a price range?  Displaying the default minimum (highest possible) price can be a deterrent.


create a predecorated product from an order

Think a process where once a customer has designed and ordered a product , a simple way to just convert it to a predecorated product would be extremely useful. 


By Brian cresswell on 14 April 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

More Sales Tax Control

We need more sales tax control.  Tax laws in the US are complicated.  We need the ability to override who the system charges tax.  We got an unfavorable audit due to this.  The tax needs to be set up on an IF/THEN type programming somehow.

Example:  IF:  Shipping Method = In Store Pickup THEN: Always charge local tax

Or:  IF: Shipping Method= UPS AND: State= WV THEN: Always charge local tax

Or:  IF:Shipping Method= UPS AND: State is not = to WV THEN: Don't charge tax

In our state we are required to collect sales tax from someone who purchases online (from out of state) but chooses to pickup in the store. The state still considers this an in-store purchase. What is the easiest way to remedy this?

Example: Our store is in West Virginia / Customer is in Virginia and places an online order and chooses in store pickup option at checkout...deco does not charge this customer sales tax because they have a Virginia address, however because they are picking up in the store West Virginia requires us to collect tax...on the other hand if they chose to have it shipped to them in Virginia we are not required to collect any tax at all.

By John Housley on 12 April 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Hide Delivery Period on Shipping Options

Some of our affilliate stores do batch production, which means we collect all of our orders at the end of a purchasing period and screen print them all at one time. But in the checkout process, the delivery options display the text "Allow for (x) days." I would like the option to turn off or get rid of this text as it would not be accurate across the entire purchasing period. 

I spoke with a technical support team member the other day about this option, they agreed it would be beneficial, so here is an official posting of the need for this change.

Thank you!

By Power Grafx, Inc. on 10 April 2015Affiliate store ideas Submitted