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Automatic Rewards Program

We are in the process of launching a website for Fraternities and Sororities and using some sort of Rewards Program is important to us. It would be beneficial for other retail sites as well, but this market responds to this type of program more than any other I've looked into.

Points would be earned by purchasing (an item priced at $19.99 would earn 20 points), referring friends (10 points when a friend signs up for an account) and on friends orders (get 10% back in points from referred friends orders).

I want to set up options for points to be redeemed for exclusive products, credit towards an order and as a "gift" to a friend.

By Kristine Hamaty on 21 October 2014General ideas Submitted

PowerClip Editing Contents

I would really like to be able to edit the contents of an uploaded graphic created with a PowerClip content in CorelDraw, having this capability customers would be able to change the contents with different patterns, backgrounds, other graphics and photos, this will be very helpful so people can replace place-holders with photos in collages, designs with particular frames, etc., if this is not possible using PowerClips then any other way or method that would do a similar function will do.

Please consider this idea and VOTE please.

Thank you!


Quick, Simple, Easy "mark as produced/shipped" Options Needed

When you open an order, you get this nifty little headings bar:

Under production, the new version lets us see the overview of the order:

Wouldn't it make soo much more sense to click on the red cross where production, click once to actually mark as produced, then the same for shipping? instead of travelling here there and everywhere within business hub (which has quite a considerable amount lag time).

Even if there was a dialog box that just asked "full shipping?" or "Full production?" and a button to click to go to partial shipping if thats needed, that would save heaps of time.

Ideally, i want to open my order, mark as invoiced, click "produced", click "shipped" and then done, filed, gone, out of sight. Its such a hassle to simply invoice an order.

By Camille Prestwidge on 20 October 2014Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Store Specific Sizes

It would be nice to allow stores to disallow certain sizes of a product for just that store. I have many clients who would rather have Small-2XL for the size range and others who want the full product range of XS-4XL. Many have their own unique inbetween as well. Its gets confusing when i have mutiple stores i get complains because they wanted small-2xl on a product and its now XS-4XL because a recent store i lauched required that be the size requirements for the product.


Design to Product Hover over function

Currently when the hover over function is turned on for a product the design is displayed in a bigger box so a customer can see the design more clearly. It would be nice if products displayed the design first and when the design was hovered over the product was revealed with the design on it. 

So essentially have the option to go from Design to Product, not just Product to Design. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 October 2014Store front ideas Submitted

Header Color Scheme

Its great that we can now change easily change the color scheme of an affiliate website, but there are a few places on the site that we should be able to change the colors, but currently cannot. The biggest place is the header of the website. The hub template is the best and most often used store template, but is bland for a lot of people. By simply giving the header a color the entire site becomes more colorful. 

It would be nice to have the header color scheme be an option when customizing the colors of a website. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 October 2014Affiliate store ideas Implemented!

Ability to use Radio Widget over drop-down lists

There are a few places within Deco that it makes better sense for using radio buttons over dropdown lists.


The first place is when affiliates sign up for a new website and they have to choose a custom website template. Most affiliates don't even notice that the templates are in a drop-down list, and nearly every new affiliate starts with the default custom store template. 

The second place where radio buttons make more sense over a drop down list is on the shipping page. It makes more sense for customer to be able to see all of the shipping methods at once and make a choice from there. Our customers can pick up their orders if they like but most do not because they didnt see that it was a shipping option. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 October 2014General ideas Submitted

Blog Page Widget

It would be nice if affiliate websites had a Blog Page widget for SEO purposes. Blogging and creating unique content has a lot of SEO value and a blog widget/application would make storing the content easy and organized. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 October 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Name Saved Layouts

This is simple. Customers want to name Saved Layouts for easy reference. Thats it.


Supplier Purchase Order Field

There needs to be a "Supplier Purchase Order" field  within the production view. This will enable one to sort work orders by the Supplier PO and conveniently select that grouping of orders, download and print  all hard copies of each unique order for receiving of the goods. 

By Barry Carter on 19 October 2014Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Products on sale

I miss a function where i can put products on sale with discount and that its visible for the customer old price vs discount price

By Tiono Stoop on 17 October 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted

Enable text masking


I would like  to see function where the text can be set as mask. i sell i lot of shirts with leopard,tiger pattern text etc. or a photo in text.

Now the customer needs some photoshop skills or the store owner have to do the work. Would be great if the customer can do that stuff with teh online designer.

By Tiono Stoop on 17 October 2014Online designer ideas Accepted!

Bundle items for offer

Allow shop owners to create a bundle sale item eg 3 Polo shirts and 1 jacket for £80.00  The customer can then choose colours and sizes as well as add a logo in the designer etc.

By Justin Pugh on 16 October 2014General ideas Submitted

Edit Stock Designs

I'm relatively new to DN but it seems to me it would be nice to give us the ability to actually edit the Stock Designs that are made available from the various suppliers you represent (Digital Art Solutions, Rival Art, etc.)  It seems kind of useless to enable these designs on my site and then not let my customers actually edit them when they are trying to use the designer to create a design.

By David Estadt on 14 October 2014Online designer ideas Submitted

Automatic abandoned cart email - affiliate level control

I would like the controls of abondoned cart emails, on the affiliate level, or for store groups. 


One or more of your configured products are not valid for some live shipping methods

When the system detects a problem and notifies you, such as this one: "One or more of your configured products are not valid for some live shipping methods. This may be caused by invalid shipping dimensions and weight. You may still sell these products, but live shipping methods will not be available for these products." Wouldn't it be easy and helpful to also name the product (and maybe show a link) that needs attention instead of just telling us it needs to be fixed and then we have to search through all products to find's kind of like calling the fire department and telling them a house is on fire but not giving them the address!!! LOL

By CLARK LEAKE on 13 October 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted

Addition multiple blank products

OK, the world is a more sophisticated place than it was yesterday, or the day before that, or the...... (you get the idea!)

People want easy! They want things put in front of them, practically spoon fed ........... People want visual gratification, instantly, not to have to go looking for it! What's the stat? Less than 1% of web queries get past the first page? We need to get our products on our own first page!


So why does the current deco system only allow us to put one category of products in front of a customer? They want it all! We want to supply ity all! lets go for it! cool

Take this example: 

It's our page aimed specifically at the catering & hospitality game, but it covers just about EVERY market sector ........

Now I know there's a lot to do on that page, but consider this:

I want options in front of the customer (and as I said, they want to see options!) So on this page I want the following categories:

1/ hospitality shirts & blouses (as shown)

2/ Aprons

3/ Chefs clothing

4/ hospitality wear


there will be others ........... wink

So my suggestion is that we incorporate multiple blank product options, On this one I'd have 4 lines of products, 3 of each to whett the appetite with the "more" button as current



By Richard Mattinson on 13 October 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted

Production Status for screen printing

Hi Guys,


It would be really helpful if both the artwork and screen department are able to log that their jobs are complete before an order hits the production floor.

Once a screen print order comes in, after all is confirmed, separations need to be done by the artwork department and films printed - if they can log that this is complete for an order, then the screen department knows that that particular order is ready for screens to be made. Screen department then makes the screens and logs that it's complete. Only then is the order ready for printing on the shop floor. Thsi is something that I've been looking for in software in particular. It saves running around and having to find out what's done and what's not throughout producion.




By Alex Greig on 13 October 2014Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Button to "Add All Colours" when configuring custom product

I would like the option of adding all colours within each specific section when configuring a product. For example, when you create a custom product, on the left side of the tabbed section is colors. Within there, you're able to all all the colors you want, but at this time, you need to select them one by one.

You should be able to either add them all at the same time, or all the colors would have checkboxes next to them so when you select the ones you want, you can click a button that says "Add Selected" at which case, would add all the colors you specifically chosen...

The reasoning is because I constantly create custom products and am always needing to select the colours one by one which makes the whole process rather slow...

By Caesar Rubio on 10 October 2014General ideas Submitted

Sales Team commission

I think it would be nice if we could automaticaly pay out a percentage of each order a sales team member creates to their personally paypal. Say if I give my sales team a 15% commission based on the total or their order, that would be automatically help and paypal could mass pay them. I know there are work arounds for this, but not very good ones.