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Ability to select fonts for Team Names and Numbers

It would be nice to limit the fonts available for team names and numbers by decoration process. I often outsource transfers for this and most of the big companies have a limited selection of fonts and styles for names and/or numbers. I think this would be most beneficial if you could set this at the decoration level so you could limit the number of fonts for transfers or if you have a name/number screen print system but you could also open up the font availability for DTG or Sublimation processes.

Edit/Addition - It would also be nice to be able to upload new fonts to your online designer, I have several fonts that I have paid for commercial rights to use and it would be great if I could use them in customizable templates.


Change document size for shipping label

Nobody uses a4 shipping labels, let's make the size customizable.


Custom quote form

it would be really great to edit, add and make changes  to the quote form with built in options and custom options.  


Other blank products

How about other blank items that we can create designs on like:

dog clothing/shirts

Canvas or cotton Tote bags

Jackets or coats


Table cloths, place mats, cloth napkins

plastic cups, plates, paper napkins

baseball caps




By Kathy Lykins on 07 April 2015General ideas Submitted

Add Brother DTG output format (.ar3)

Add capability for Deco to auto create a Brother DTG .ar3 file format 

Hopefully there are others who use Brother DTG printers who would like to benefit from this added DecoNetwork feature too!

Thanks for the consideration - it's a stumbling block for us to move over to DecoNetwork.

By Don Bullock on 04 April 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Commission, make it easier!

The Commission system is too difficult to understand and it's hard to show commissions to affliates. I vote for better commission reports as well as Administrator abilities, we should be able to set when the comission clears, edit if there is a problem with a particular order etc. 


Individual Store Affiliate Transaction Fees

It would be nice to have the ability to customize the Affilaite Transaction Fee for each store. There are some stores where we don't want to charge a transaction fee and others that we do not and at the moment we have no way of declaring who gets hit with a fee and who does not. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 02 April 2015Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Batch actions for all order actions

We miss the batch functions in allmost all order related functions. In the production queue we would like to print all worksheets at once and download all designs at once. In the shipping list, we would like to print multiple shipping labels at once. 


Quick Quote starts with product already being viewed

In its current form the quick quote system forces the customer to always start from step 1 and choose a product, even if they are currently viewing a product and simply want a "quick quote" on that particular product so they can get the full price of a printed order before deciding to purchase.

It would be much less frustrating for the customer if the quick quote system did not to force them to select the product again and even more importantly this is a very likely cart abandonment point.

So the idea request is for the Quick Quote system to bypass the product selection stage if the customer has already chosen a product to view.

By Website Admin on 31 March 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Printing Packing Slips before item marked as shipped

It would be nice to be able to generate and print out the packing slip prior to marking the item as shipped.  In my production, I have a quality control section that will inventory the items to be packed and shipped.  It would be good to have this feature so I can have the packing slip printed out earlier than when generating the packing label, etc.

By James Berdeguez on 26 March 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Add/ Remove all products from Catagory...

Simple in thought, but not too sure on implementing it...

Simple selection to add or remove all selected products to a specific catagory...

Apologies if already posted, the search didnt bring anything up...

By Luke Lavelle on 25 March 2015General ideas Implemented!

Groupon/Living Social support

will it be possible to intergrade Groupon/Living Social type of companies with DecoNetwork? Currently these sites will generate a reference number per purchase, that information then has to then be input into DecoNetwork system one customer at a time. Can we get a direct method to import the data or get an upgrade for this? 


By Victor Marquez on 23 March 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Production by Decoration or Product

Production- It would be nice to be able to see all the products with size and qty that are the same decorated product or design. For instance an affliate store orders 67 individual orders of the same decorated product that are going to be bulk ordered and printed all at once, In production I would want to see a view/production worksheet bulked by design and qtys instead of the individual worksheets generated per order.


Qty Outstanding

As far as i can see in production there is no column for outstanding qty, if you have partially shipped an item it still shows the original qty on the main page, would be nice to have a column for outstanding qty added to the option fields.

By Daren Wright on 17 March 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Shipping Due Date Clarity Needed

The header text on the shipping options screen during the checkout process currently shows "Select Shipping Method", "Shipping Options", and "Add Instructions".  This has caused much confusion our customers when placing an order related to when the item will ship as it shows under Shpping Options.  It would make it much clearer if the "Shipping Options" heading could be modified to say "Estimated Order Completion" or something like that.

It would also be great if we could add a section on the Confirm Order Information page called Estimated Order Completion containing the same completion date and delivery date estimate as presented on the Shipping Options screen.

Ideally, these could be setup to be editable by us instead of static as currently is the case.

By Dan Raskas on 16 March 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Option to make products active/ inactive from catalogue updates...

When adding new products from Catalogue Updates, items are automatically loaded into the site as an active product, even if they are not configured, catagorized, etc.

Just a simple tick box option that if new products are added via smart select or anyother way through a catalogue update, they are made active or inactive depending on user settings, this would help us to have them inactive immidietely so we can catagorise them correctly, check decoration areas and so on without having to take note of the product and find them in and amongst 1000's of other products...

By Luke Lavelle on 12 March 2015General ideas Submitted

Auto-Add Related Products

This is a 2 teir idea.

1st - All products should automatically generate related products based on descriptions, categories, titles, etc. but ONLY when you have not manually entered product(s). As soon as you manually enter a product this auto-fill option should go away. (Could just be a toggled option)

2nd (and more importantly) - When you manually add a related product (P2) to a product (P1), then P1 should get automatically added as a related product to P2. Since we have already dictated that they are related we shouldn't have to enter this into every product.


By Rylan Grose on 12 March 2015Store front ideas Submitted

Import / Export

We DESPIRTLY need the ability to EXPORT ALL PRODUCTS in a file format that can be manipulated and IMPORTED back into the system.

I have several hundred products that cannot, and do not require the use of Decos design platform for any reason. Designs and/or products that are created by a third party vendor and simply added to my store FOR SALE ONLY.

I simply want the ability to manager this aspect of my business using Decos extremly robost and well designed Business Hub. :)



By William Cannon on 12 March 2015General ideas Submitted

View the latest purchases


How about a presentation on the home page, which the last buyer created or bought.

many Greetings


Confirmation Emails

Incorporate the option to select what users receive confirmation emails after an order is received.  It is a bit silly this is not an option.

By Jeremy Litchfield on 10 March 2015General ideas Submitted