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Production Time based on Product.

I have many products that have way different production times. I would like to see the ability to base the production time on the actual product/ quantity order. Currently I believe it is one standard production time which doesn't make any sense. 


Limit Decoration Processes for Affiliates

I would like the ability to limit decoration processes for my affiliate store. Often times I will have a client design a whole webstore of predecorated products using the screen print process not realizing that the min quantity is 6. I would like to limit most of my "brand" affiliates, who most of the time sell one-offs, to DTG only. 


Multiple Colors/Products for Quantity Discounts

If this has been added, I apologize - I thought I saw it earlier but couldn't find it on my last search.

Inksoft has had this feature available for a while - you can add multiple colors of a product (25 Red, 25 Royal and 25 Purple in Gildan 2000 = 75 pieces) to get a lower price because of the quantity. 

I haven't looked recently, but I "think" you also can choose different products to get the same result. This is important to our business as screen printers and embroiderers - we have camps that order youth, ladies and unisex styles and will get the price break that corresponds with the total number of shirts ordered over all three styles. 

By Kristine Hamaty on 27 August 2014General ideas Implemented!

Idea comment(s) notifications

Would be nice if it were built in to the UI here, but email notification would also suffice- I think it will really increase community engagement and discussion of all these GREAT ideas being submitted.

Should notify when community member comments on idea you submitted OR idea you have commented on.


Related Products | Auto Reciprocate

Seems pretty unnecessary to have to open BOTH products to make them 'related' 

Should also apply to decorated products


Downvote button?


Voting only works if you can voice your dissent on an idea.



Free Shipping Threshold/Ticker

Available on other ecomm platforms, would love to be able to have a running total of what a customer has in their cart display against a free shipping threshold (ie, 'just $14.27 more to qualify for free shipping' )


Account Balance + Credit

From here:


Add product selector to Quantity Discount area

Since coupons currently can't be limited to specific products, we use the quantity discounts a lot to put specific items on promotion.

Right now this involves:

  1. Creating Discount Structure
  2. Opening each product that I want discounted, apply, save product.

It would be awesome if I could just pick the products for that discount right from the quantity discount area.


Single Page Checkout

Need the option for a way slimmed/trimmed down checkout

see thread:



Listing Image for Decorated Products

We have some clients that want actual photos of their products on our websites instead of the designer mock ups. We would LOVE if we could set a listing image for each color and have it show up on the product page (where you actually order the product and can see the product information).

I know that I can make an exclusive product for a store and set the "color" images be the actual photographs, but for a store with over 10 designs on the same t-shirt, that's extremely time consuming.

I envision the process something like this:

1. Go to "Manage Decorated Products" then click "Create Decorated Products" and design as normal.
2. After you set the Retail Price, there should be an option to "Save and Finish" or "Upload Finished Product Photos"
3. Click "Upload Finished Product Photo" and you see the product colors you've chosed. From here you can upload product photos for any color previously selected for that product, any color left blank would use the mock up as it currently stands.

This way, we would get the production files and our retail websites would have a more professional, polished look.

Is this something anyone else is interested or is it just me?

By Kristine Hamaty on 27 August 2014Store front ideas Implemented!

Step by Step Training Video For Affiliates

I have many new affiliates that sign-up, create a basic store based around the default template and then nothing! I think a step-by-step video just for new affiliates would be a big help in getting them to build their store and add products. 



I think it would be awesome if Deconetwork could make a blog for fulfillment shops and affialites to use on their own sites, in the website pages area. 


Stock Designs

I would like the Stock Designs catagory to be opened or changed in a way for the customer to see it more easily, If not then I would like the ability to bring an entire catagory into the Store Design area so it shows for the customer.


'Widgetized' Page Designer

We would like the ability to duplicate page sections (ie Categories of Decorated Products, Blank Products or Designs) 

Also, the ability to have more that one content area would be great


Customer Notes.

Right now, if you leave your customer a note via business hub, the note is available to read in the history/notes area. Often times my production staff does not see these notes because they are not going to be looking at each individual order, rather they are looking at the production sheet which does not include these notes. 

I would like any notes pertaining to the order to be printed out with the production sheet as well as visiable on the production area of business hub. 


Third Party Themes

It would be awesome if we could use themes the way Joomla or Wordpress uses them. For instance could provide us with thousands of themes if they could work into the deco platform easier. 


Responsive Website Themes / Designer

Obviously we want to see the responsive themes. I understand this is probably a project that is already happening. but maybe the voting system will help push it along. 

This may be in the works with the "overhaul designer project". I would like to see touchscreen ability with the designer. Touch to select objects, pinch and stretch to resize, and other basic touchscreen funtions to make the designer much more user friendly on touchscreen devices.

The current deconetwork website design is behind the times, not compliant with digital marketing and hinders business growth.



** Implemented in V8!


Fundraiser (Booster campaign)

I would like to see the fundraiser option. I believe this option should be avaible on the fulfillment domain and affiliate domain. 

Product Design

Client designs product. 


Client choose markup on wholesale price, then choose how many they would like to sell. An estimator then would tell them what they can expect to earn if they reach their goal.

Information About Campaign / launch

Client then can write some information about their campaign to encourage their followers to purchase. Client can then share their campain on social networks and other means. 

I'm sure their are alot of others things that would be awesome to include. just wanted to get the idea on the voting system. 





Allow us to rename "Team Names"

Team Names isn't really applicable to name badges, etc.  We can rename 'artwork' and 'text' but not this field.