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Remove Accepted Ideas from Most Voted Ideas Side Bar

I feel like we are losing a lot of opportunity on some big ideas that were gaining traction but then got buried into the idea pages. Every time I look to see what's being highly voted for I see only the top which are at this point all accepted ideas. I feel like the most voted for should be reserved for non-accepting so people can see these vs constantly seeming the same 5 ideas for all time.


E-Mail Marketing / Newsletter

Dear DecoNetwork team

It would be extremely important in my view, to create a corresponding email marketing extension.

1. Possibilities Birthday to automatically send coupons!

2. be able to make better General Newsletter!

3. Customers have the specific times have not re-ordered to take over in an autoresponder.

4. Statistics Newsletter data (open rates, clicks, etc.)

5. Basically newsletter active field during the ordering process with additional double optin process!

6. Customers who have achieved a certain annual turnover, automatically send a thank you, possibly with a discount code!

7. Automatic sending of discount code if a mail campaign in social media was a friend of the readers to others!

Maybe the other also have a idea!

many Greetings

By Michael on 10 March 2015General ideas Declined

Delete Automatic Fee in Quotes

I feel that this would be pretty easy to imlement, but I would like to see the ability to delete ALL line items in a quote done through business hub, including the automatic fee(s) (such as digitizing and screen set-up fees for custom apparel sites) 

Most of the work we do is done manually in business hub and about 3/4 the time we need to make an adjustment or completely delete the digitizing fee so I feel it would be much easier if we either had the ability to delete the automatically created digitizing fee or if we just had to manually enter it everytime. It is annoying when a customer wants the same logo on the chest, sleeve and hood just different sizes so it shows 3 digitizing fees on their invoice.

By Rylan Grose on 09 March 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

Cutting marks and alignment marks on print file

We would love to have a function to add an extra layer in every product which is printed with the final design but not shown in the designer. This layer should contain cutting marks and alignment marks so cutting and aligning prints for production is easier.



Currently customers can either save or e-mail the products they decorate, before buying. It would be nice if they could save their designs and share them with their friends on Facebook both before and after purchasing.


Assign Price Tables to Decoration Areas

Don't You Want to Jump Off A Roof When You Realize You Have to Edit Decoration Pricing For Every Smart Select Product You Add!

In our case, we upcharge for fleece, sleeve printing, and oversize printing. I am sure others have additional needs.

The Solution:

Assign Price Tables to Decoration Areas. Done.




Automatic Brand Category - This is Easy!

This ones simple.

Create a 'Brand' category that automatically categorizes products by the assigned brand (Custom, Smat Slect, or Manually added)

To take it a step further, allow Deco Users to assign subcategories withing brands.

I'll settle for just brands for now, as thats all we have time to manually categorize anyways.


You Need This - Improved Product Category Management (Here's How) - Vote!

Deco Users - Are You Not Tired of the Product Category Mess?

Smart Select was a HUGE improvement to product management, making management of pricing, decoration areas & rules, and color availability more or less automatic.HOWEVER, categories remain a burden. The defaults from Smart Select are usually insuffiecient or plain wrong.

My Suggestion:

Use the Bulk Action feature to Set Categories or De-Select Categories

Examples (Select):

1. Search for any product with the string 'long', then select all the long sleeves and assign to the Long Sleeve category

2. Search for any product with the string 'performance', then select the ones you like  and assign to the Perfomance Wear category

Examples (De-Select, or change categories):

1. Select an unwanted category (like a duplicate) ie: Sports, then select items and re-assign to a Sports Jerseys

2. Search for Polo Category, then search for string 'performance', selelect items and add to subcategory Performance Wear - - >Polos

So please give this a vote - all our lives will be bit  easier.



Custom Customer Fields available in Reports

The ability to include "captured" custom customer fields in reporting.  IE, a corporate customer requires individual employee ID's to be captured during the checkout process, and needs this info to be included in reporting.  

By Joe Collins on 03 March 2015Business Hub ideas Submitted

cost splitting

The cost for fixing some of the problems for some of the problems we all face can be a bit on the costly side.How about logging a problem with deco

and they submit a jump the que price so that we can split the cost for the same code by lets say between 5 - 10 users.


              we want quality 3d mug render.

             Cost from deco 1000 pounds

             10 users pay 100 pounds each 

             10 users get code to use.

Deco to put a specialist in place to fix ASAP


By Tony Wharton on 02 March 2015General ideas Submitted

Maintain Group Settings by Hierarchy for New Affiliates

It would be helpful if we had the choice to make new affiliate signups follow that of the top level of the hierarchy group. I have certain products I sell on SiteA and different products on SiteB, configured with group settings. Currently when a new affiliate signs up under either of those Sites, we can only choose 1 or the other that a new signup group lands under. If SiteZ, who came from SiteB but accidentally signs up under SiteA, then SiteZ automatically inherits all group settings/products and cannot be changed by the affiliates.


Allow Us To Contribute To The Code Snippets In Deco Support

There are 8 code snippets available in the deco support area. I think if they allowed us to contribute our snippets/plugins many of us would.

By Corey Hyde on 01 March 2015General ideas Declined

Deco Development

I don't know if this is even possible, but it is obvious (as good as the development team might be) that the needs of the Deco community have outweighed Deco's ability to keep up.

Would it not be advantageous of Deco to open, give access to, or hire, outside developers to assist in the development process.  Knowledge is power and there is a wealth of knowledge out there that I am sure would be willing to assist. 

As an example; among other things, I am currently looking for a robust Drinkware template.  Would it not be possible for an outside developer to create this, then have Deco incorporate it?

The heck with "Thanks for your idea. Let's hope it's a winner!" Let's make them ALL winners!

Peace, Bill

By William Cannon on 28 February 2015General ideas Submitted

Change the way invoices display in business hub

This is a simple change I'd like to see in business hub when a customer views their invoice online.  I get calls and emails all the time from people thinking they have ordered an XL instead of a L because the invoices read 1 x large.  Could we simply change this to 1 / Large, 1 - Large, 1 (x) Large please. Thanks for your consideration.

By Corey Hyde on 26 February 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Separate logins for affiliate / parent store

At present, if a customer creates an account for an affiliate store, Deco automatically allows that user to login to the Deco customer's primary website account using the same credentials. We would like to see Deco offer the ability to disconnect this relationship for various security reasons.

By Mark Holland on 26 February 2015Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Mug Design Template / Drinkwear

Deco does not have a mug design template that is worth a damn. 

The 3D rendering option is OK, but the preview image sucks.  It doesn't even come close to fitting the mug and is VERY misleading to what the customer might receive. I asked a group of people from my church to review the image, and nine out of ten said they would most likely not complete the purchase based on their concerns of what the final product might look like.   
The '3 in a row side mug' option works but is prehistoric in comparison to what our competition is offering. 


Take a look at the ShutterFly site...
1) Try this link
2) Select a mug and click "Personalize"
3) Add some images to the existing design and click "Preview"
I think you will appreciate what you see.

I would be willing to bet that Deco's "top notch team of designers" could re-create the Shutter Fly template in a day or two and would reap HUGE rewards from doing so in both customer satisfaction and sales commission.

Let me know what you think.

By William Cannon on 26 February 2015Online designer ideas Declined

Multiple Tax codes

It would be a great help if we could not only define a custom tax code, but also

be able to assign when that code is used (e.g. Our city has a 1% tax if items are sold in our city limits, but if I am selling to an internet customer or a phone order customer in a different city than I should not be charging them the additional 1%)

Maybe if we could specify by customer account  or by zip code what tax code is used.

for example if i could go into a customer account and uncheck a box if that customer is tax exempt or have a drop down list, or maybe that function in business hub, so that we can specify which tax that order is charged.

By DAVID UDELL on 20 February 2015Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Print all worksheets at once

Just a simple feature, print all the worksheets for pending orders in one PDF. Currently you have to select every order seperately to print the PDF.


Markup/Commission % at product level

We would like to see Deco add the ability to set the Markup/Commissions percentage at the product level -- and if feasible, even at the qty break level for each product. This would allow us to offer our re-sellers more aggressive commissions on some products/qtys than on others while keeping our retail price at strategic/competitive price points (i.e. the only way to control commission at the product level at present is to increase/decrease the product's price point). This capability is core to the pricing model for the promotional products industry so it seems like an obvious fit for Deco Network users as well.

By Mark Holland on 14 February 2015General ideas Discussion Required

Custom Shipping Method Add Kg

Would it be possible to add an alternative way of adding additional kg’s to the shipping price table.

Most couriers charge a fixed price up to X kg, with a per kg additional fee.

Could the shipping price form be amended to add the ability to set up the initial charge as now, but just enter a per additional X kg, Price and maximum kg. This would then calculate and create the rest of the existing price table.    

By Andrew Smith on 12 February 2015General ideas Submitted