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Create option for Raster Artwork in Business Hub (Halftones, 4 Color Process, etc)

We need the ability to add a raster file into Business Hub and mark the colors ourselves without modifying the image. This way, we can still quote our customer, and add mockup for simulated process, or any designs with halftones. Using the file attachment works for now, but long term this would be very valuable as our designer has to make mockups outside of Deco and it has to be priced out manually or else the mockup will be blank.

By Hunter Strine on 30 January 2019 Submitted

Smart Select

I'm not convinced Smart is the right word.......... smiling w/ smiling eyes Can the system not be amended so


a/ smart selected products go in to business hub but not live on the site by default?

b/ individual products rather than whole catalogues / supplier ranges can be added

c/ The very badly auto-selected product categories are not included

By Richard Mattinson on 08 February 2019 Submitted

Show Customer/Internal Notes on Create Quote/Order Pages

We feel that it would be good if customer notes that have been added to a customers account are displayed on the "create a quote" or "create an order" page. This information should be visible to us whilst making the quote/order but not displayed to the customer. Therefore we would know if an internal note has been placed on a customers account when creating a quote or order from the same page.

By Benjamin Dawson on 15 February 2019 Submitted

Quotes in Business Hub

The Business Hub needs the ability to just choose the number of print colors for each location on the garment when giving a screen print quote. As it is now, we have to open the Designer and create a design of some sort just to get a quote. I understand having the Designer as an option for quoting. We have plenty of customers that walk in and call in for quotes. They are just wanting a Quick Quote. It would be a great feature to add because we do need to print out the quotes and email them. It would speed up the process for our team and customers.

By Joe Caricari on 03 March 2019 Submitted

Payment on/off feature

It would be great to have a payment on/off feature on business hub invoices. This will help when you are juggling between wholesale and retail orders. `````````

By Michael Santiago on 18 March 2019 Submitted

Connect inventory

we have the necessity to combine some products' inventory.

I'll explain our problem with an example.

We have this product (1) that in some stores can be decorated, so it's ok that the photos are simple and "neutral" (1a).
But in other stores, this product can't be decorated, we sell it with our design, so I would like that the photos be more appealing, but I don't have the possibility to change the photos for each store.

So I found another method, that is:
I uploaded other products (2) with customized photos (2a).

Is there a way to unify the inventory of the product 1 with the inventory of the product 2, since the product is the same?

By Irene Caset on 25 March 2019 Submitted

Wildcard SSL

Please installl this feature for White Labelling app. Will be really great for when new affiliates sign up and be directed straight to our own SSL secured sub-domain (i.e https://store.myshop.com) instead of store.secure-decoration.com.

Defeats the purpose of white-labelling when affiliates can see secure-decoration.com which when people google, deconetwork pops up as the first search result.

By Zhi Ting Chong on 30 May 2019 Submitted

Enquiry only products

As Deco has natural limitations with complex bundles & packages products an ability to set certain products as "enquire about this package" would be a fantastic feature.


Make it so there's no pricing on the product but instead we get to produce a suitable landing page to display the product package for sale so potential customers can find & see it on the web.


As well as the workwear bundles (rquested elsewhere) this would give us the ability to market team kits far better than is currently possible

By Richard Mattinson on 24 June 2019 Submitted

Internal notes at customer level to show at order/production level

I think it would be helpful if internal notes created at customer level would automatically show up at order/production level.

For example print notes regarding sizing, image placement etc or even if the customer has any other specific requirements.


By Niki Merrett on 27 June 2019 Submitted

Purchase Order Back order Overview Tab

I would like to see a seperate tab in purchase orders that lists "all" of the items on back orders with suppliers, and be able to add expected delivery dates. Rather than opening each purchase order line. this should be available for sales to view, also a direct contact email about this item would be great.

Please Vote

By Daren Wright on 04 July 2019 Submitted


When someone registers on the site there should be a requirement to fill in all contact details before anything is allowed to be added to cart.


Sick of having people trying to make purchases but not being able to as they haven't entered contact details in advance & the site doesn't give them adequate instruction.


Lets make life easy on ourselves by making people register fully!

By Richard Mattinson on 06 August 2019 Submitted

To existing products: Applying pricing, print method assigning/adjusting in bulk

I have added products Manually from varies supplier catalog, Total around 200 products.

Currently, all 200 products show as default pricing, location, decoration methods.

Out of 200 shirts, 100 will be screen printed (Front & Back), 50 will be (Embroidery Front left only), 50 will be (DTG only)

How can I do that with simple selecting product in bulk, 

I want to able to re-assign screen printing prices, embroidery prices, print locations in one click action instead of a product by product one by one.



By Ali on 23 August 2019 Submitted

Deactivating change the size proportionally by embroidered text

Why it's just possible to change embroidery-text only by font-size.

It should here also be possible to change the text unproportional.

By Sabine Freiwang-Klug on 24 September 2019 Submitted

Sales Tax Automation via Alavara API

Can we please integrate a syatem that automates the complex needs for the ever changing sales taxes we need to charge.  There are SO many different rules depending on country, state, county, zipcode and even multiple rates within a 5 digit zipcode for each jurisdiction.  This is impossible to setup in deco leaving us technically uncompliant with the tax laws.  There are API fully customizable solutions like Alavara.com that will take care of all of this automatically based off of the persons address and they will even collect and pay these taxes per month or quarter for you.  This is a must have for a good system that deals with transactions like Deco does as the tax laws are not going to get any easier in the future but instead just more complex to comply to.  Even if it was an added fee to use the integrated Alavara it would be well worth it.

By Kerry Eldstrom on 18 October 2019 Submitted

Option to Turn Off "Discount %" on Invoices

Can we get a somple option for us to choose what does and does not show up on an invoice?  The most confusing thing to explain to our customers is why they are getting a 7.34% discount on one product and a 12.9% on another.  This is driven from how we setup our pricing yes but I want to turn the line item discount off so it just simply shows the item amount and the total after the discount.

By Kerry Eldstrom on 18 October 2019 Submitted


Please add Canada Post live shipping rates as this is our main shipper in Canada and cheaper than UPS. Thanks

By Matthew Romeo on 26 November 2019 Submitted

Export orders

When exporting orders by CVS you can manipulate what is exported by the admin for all stores combined. Affilate stores would like a way to track what designs are being sold best - so it would be nice to have an option where the affilate stores can choose what colums they want when a spreadsheet is exported like you can with the admin exporting. 

By Taylor Mountjoy on 11 December 2019 Submitted

Revert Art Approval Status

It would be a helpflu feature if we were abel to revert an order's art back to not approved after a customer has approved a proof. We've recently had a situation where a customer hit the approval buttoin but then contacted us because they imediately realized there was a mistake on the proof. While this doesn't happen often, it would be good that if the customer makes a mistake on the approval we have the ability to override the approval so we could send them corrected proofs.

By Bill Ferraro on 06 February 2020 Submitted

Import Orders form other Websites via XML

For certain customer groups I have a seperate Website with an order flow that is customized just to this customer group.

I would like to be able to import orders from this website into Business Hub, to then have all my orders controlled from one central point - the businees hub.

So, in general my external website creates an XML file with all order information, and the business hub should "pull" these orders in.

By Marco Kuhnen on 21 February 2020 Submitted

Can't vote on these ideas

Does anyone else have trouble voting for the ideas? It lets me vote for one or two but then if I change to page 2 etc I am unable to vote anymore - it seems to be a java script issue.

I have tried in Chrome and Safari and get the same issue.

By Niki Merrett on 18 March 2020 Submitted