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Multilingual support

We would like to have multilingual support, using different URLs or different URL subfolders to point to different languages.


Partner with Stock photo sites has a deal with cafepress and zazzle 'Single Use Merchandise" licenses, maybe something can be set up so Deco users can access their library?  It looks like a pay-per-image system.


Shipping calculator on cart page

Let people enter just their country, city, and zip code to view estimated shipping charges right on the cart page.



Personalization Validation

There should be a validation at either check out level or order confirmation level which shows what customers have entered on each product for personalization fields. We get so many customers complaining that they have no way to know that what they typed it got to us correctly since they dont ever see it. 


Decorated Products Folder Shows Subcategory

Currently affilaites can create decorated designs and put them in folders and subfolders. The problem is if a product is withn a subfolder there is no option of having it automatically be displayed in its main folder as well. Products within a subfolder should have the option of being displayed in both the subfolder and main folder at the same time. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 22 September 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Quick Edit Decorated Product Variables

It would be nice if it was possible to have several designs/decorated products update all at once for a new affiliate. Fulfillment centers can currently create website templates, but the variables within the template then must be edited.  For example, schools make great affiliates, but putting together school spirit designs is a tedious processes. Within our school website template we have around 40 different designs for school spirit, sports teams, and other groups for the school. It would be nice if the designs would automatically update with the school's name, mascot, and other variable information through a "Mass Decorated Product Wizard" that would allow all of the designs to be updated based on their variables, instead of having to go into each design and manually change all of the variables. 


By ZACH DEWHURST on 22 September 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Extra Options: Smart Select & Default Catalog Price Markup

I was going through the Smart Select (in the Products) and would like to use it with the Default Catalog Price Markup (in the Settings) but I notice that the SanMar prices are already marked up from cost and some of the other catalogs are not marked up.  When I created an 50% or 100% markup in the Default Catalog Price Markup the SanMar products was listing/charging way more than what I wanted and if I set the markup to 0% to correct this then the other catalogs was listed at my cost (below what I wanted to sell)

Is there a way that we can have an option for each supplier (catalog) to have different DC? Also maybe have an option for the Smart Select to be active/used in selected Stores and the Business Hub this way I can activate it and don't have to go through each store and make each product that I don't want to sell unavailable (unselected) in the products area of each store.  This way I can use the Smart Select with multi catalogs (Suppliers) and use the Default Catalog Price Markup with different markup % value for each catalog (Suppliers) in the Business Hub and the stores with the correct pricing marked up.

By Greg Kwiecien on 21 September 2014General ideas Submitted

Customer "Contact" separate from Billing or Shipping

Too confusing for the front end, but would be helpful in the HUB.

With corporate orders I'm often dealing with a third party who isn't the billing contact and isn't the shipping contact.  They could be saved as the main contact, but with the option to add a new name for billing...   


Global Customer Notes

Some customers need special attention, and we need a global customer notes field that will show up the same on every order, printed or electronic.

Customers with special setups that don't fit the norm, problem customers that should have a flag when an employee pulls their file, etc. There are lots of reasons this would be helpful. A prominent note that stands out would be excellent.

By Carl Schenkenberger on 19 September 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted

Remove 50 product limit when cloning a store

I'd like to see the 50 decorated product limit removed when cloning a store. Alternatively, an export/import process for decorated products would be helpful.

By Mark Holland on 19 September 2014General ideas Declined

Customer Merge

Customers forget their passwords all the time. Many of them prefer to just create a new account rather than recovering their password. We need a way to merge those accounts, otherwise searching by customer is much less effective.

Also, perhaps limiting email addresses to one account only, and providing the customer an easy was to open the old account if they try to create a new one with an existing email?

By Carl Schenkenberger on 19 September 2014Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Color Eyedropper Tool (needs to be added)

I get designs that are used or uploaded and they want to add lettering or change a color(s) that maybe already used or in another part of the design and they want it to match it. It would be nice to have a Color Eyedropper Tool just like Corel and to use the eye dropper tool to select and change object colors.

By Greg Kwiecien on 17 September 2014Online designer ideas Implemented!

Edit Gift Certificates


I have run into a few different problems that could all be fixed by a simple feature.  Relating to Gift Certificates, once one is setup, you cannot change it at all.  On the CSV import, the Expiration date defaulted to March 2014 (in the past).  I didn't think it would be expired already, I was thinking March 2015.  Anyway, once imported I was screwed because:

1. I could not delete it, only inactivate it ( which means I can't use those codes again).

2. I could not change the expiration date (no edit feature).

3. I could not re-use that code and fix it (no duplicates even if inactive).

4. I cannot adjust the dollar amount based on an offline purchase.

All of this could easily be resolved if you simply had an edit option, that lets you change at least the open dollar value and the expiration date.  I also think allowing deletions to be permanent would be better, but at least if you can't delete, if you can edit you can fix it to how you want it.

This ability is actually going to be critical to allow us to operate with vouchers for our customers.  So I would "desperarately" request that you add a feature to edit existing gift certificates.



By Jason Smith on 17 September 2014General ideas Implemented!

Color Pallette Choices

Would it not be great if we could have a seperate "Color Pallette", either embroidery or screenprinting, for each affiliate store? 

By Phil on 16 September 2014General ideas Submitted

Product Designer Within Fulfillment Center Settings

It would be nice to have the product designer application within the fulfillment center settings so fulfillment centers can create products for affiliates to be sold through their stores. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 15 September 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted

Shipping Partner Integration

Our only option for shipping integration right now is to export a CSV file.  It would be great if there was API/XML access offered to make things more automatic.  

Integration with or Shipworks would be a start.

By Sara on 14 September 2014General ideas Submitted

Better User Interface for BackEnd - Website Pages

Please create a new user interface for the back end of the website pages. 

It is very difficult and the learning curve is very high. This back end user interface could be made much more simpler and stream lined. Look into different websites, such as Shopify, Big Commerce or SquareSpace. Developing sites on those platforms is so much more user friendly and easier. 

This is one reason why I am using SquareSpace to host my website and have a link directing people to design there shirts on DecoNetwork. The cost of having someone develop a site on SquareSpace was 3x as cheap becasue of the learning curve and confusing placement of things aroud the site. 

By Soleiman Bolour on 12 September 2014Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Sell Non Printable Products

I want to be able to sell non-printable products. I want to sell Fabric Markers for instance, I want to be able to keep inventory on this product. 

I want DecoNetwork to add options beyond selling printbale products. I want to click on an option so the printing design feature of a new product does not come up. This is just a product for sale and I can add the image and sell the product. No need to add shipping info, sizing, quantity, etc. etc. 

The best way to describe this, is selling a product that just like a Shopify, SquareSpace, or any E-Commerce selling website. 

Hope this makes sense to people. 


By Soleiman Bolour on 12 September 2014General ideas Submitted

More Developers

Deco needs to hire more developers, so our wonderful ideas gets implemented tomorrow, the ideas just keeps piling up... and Deco needs to keep up, or what you all think? :-b

Well... is just an idea.


By Ruben on 11 September 2014General ideas Implemented!

Better Alignment Capabilities

As it is right now the alignment tool it works like if there is only one object or if anything needs to be centered in relation to the decoration area only, but there are many cases that a design is compose of a few graphics (objects) that ca be replaced by the customer or perhaps repositioned and need to be aligned against other objects either at the left, right, top, bottom and also center in relation to an object and not just the decoration area.