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Affiliate site monthley charge

I would like to have the option to charge affiliate stores on a monthley basis. Not saying I would charge everyone, However I do have some affiliates that keep matarials and pre decorated Items at my shop.  As their fulfillment center, not just their print fulfillment center, I would like the ability to charge each store independently. I currently do it offline but It would be much nicer if it could be intergrated into the deco system. 




Add Mandrill Integration (Transactional Mail)

Integrate fulfillment center with Mandrill for transactional mail


User Added Coding for Snippets

I know that there are some pretty coding savvy people that have posted on the forums, but I don't want to search through the posts to find them. If we could add our own html or css coding to the snippet section, I think it would be a more valued and used resource.

I remember that someone created a snow fall effect on one of their pages (pretty awesome!!), so maybe a place to upload images as well?

I wouldn't mind if there needed to be an approval process from Deco to make sure that the snippets do work properly and don't go against any terms of service, laws, etc.

By Kristine Hamaty on 25 August 2014General ideas Submitted


Allow fixed rate as well as % commissions


originally raised & discussed in topic:

By Richard Mattinson on 25 August 2014General ideas Submitted

Vote Status

This idea is for this Voting system, I know that if you try to vote again in an Idea that you already

voted the system will pop up a message telling you that you have already voted, but as the list keeps

growing the harder to remember if you have already voted for it or not and it may become annoying

to click on all of them to find out if you already voted or not, you may even skip an idea that though

you vote for it and you didn't, so how about a visual status that can tell that you already vote in that

particular idea? like, "you voted for this idea" or something along those lines, I hope this is even

possible to implement.


Out of stock items automatically not able to be selected from within the product page

I know we have the option of not allowing "out of stock" items not been allowed to be added to cart.  However, is there any way to have the customer not able to select a particular item from the sizing/colour options, so that when they dont have to go through the whole design process, only to relise that they can not add it to cart if the item is out of stock. 


Flat rate for team names and numbers

Allow flat rate pricing for team names and numbers and limit customization to location, font, size and color.

By Nabil Ahmed Khatri on 25 August 2014Online designer ideas Submitted

Artist royalties

Artists can be paid royalties or markups for their art without needing their own store.  


Proofing and approvals

Add a step for artwork proofing and approvals to the hub. 

How I envision this working:

Orders go into a proofing queue like the digitizing queue (optional).  In my workflow I download the order artwork files from deco, do any manipulation needed to get them ready for production, also make a rendering of how the item will appear (since this is laser engraving), and export that as a png.  Then I send them the png for their approval or to ask for changes or approval.  

With deco, we could upload the png to their order (order attachments could be part of this) and have it email the customer about a proof being ready.  Have a place for comments, and buttons to Approve or Request Changes.  If approved it moves into the production queue.  Otherwise it stays in proofing queue and notifies us of changes requested.

If there is no response to the email after X days it should automatically send another message.

Bonus: If the customer requests too many proofs it could warn them that an additional charge is required to receive more proofs.


Allow multiple blank products

instead of just having one available category of blank product available per page how about adding the ability to add multiple categories per page?

I know we can fiddle around it by creating new categories & dumping multiple products in there but it's not elegant & it doesn't group them together in a way that makes sense.

We're an industry about image so elegance & style should be relevent to what we show the world!

By Richard Mattinson on 25 August 2014Store front ideas Submitted

Affiliate pages

Time to get rid of separate affiliate domains & transfer them to affiliate pages within your own store.

The benefits for SEO / visitor numbers & combined transaction levels data in Google alone makes this one a must if you really want your website to stand out in the ecommerce world

By Richard Mattinson on 25 August 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Easy to remember Sign-in

The ability to sig in with Facebook or Google+ account, this would make it easier to remember and avoid the creation

of several accounts from the same customer do to forgetting their passwords, etc.


Text resize proportionally

Make text resize proportionally in designer as an option just like it is now for graphics.


More process modules (vinyl, transfer, engraving, etc)

More modules for other processes like laser engraving, etc.


Undo and Redo in Designer

Undo and Redo capabilities in the designer

It would be nice if the designer had an undo button so while designing a shirt you could go one or multiple steps back from designing the product.



* Implemented in 8.001 !!!


Coupons for a single product

Assign coupons to a specific product


Designate specific fonts

A capability to designate specific fonts at a product level or even at a process level would be helpful


Private decorated product

To be able to upload a private decorated product/s to a certain customers to approved and buy


Grouping elements (layers)

A capability to let customers group elements (leyers) in the designer


Stock graphics and designs restrictions

A capability to restrict or allow stock graphics and designs at a product type level, as an example

a full color graphic my not be suitable for screen printing, some laser items, vinyl etc., having this

available you could assign graphics and designs that work with this particular processes, or restrict

the ones that don't work.