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Live chat integration with eCommerce website

Integration of live chat software on website can improve customer satisfation level and trust towards your business. To create an eCommerce website there are numerious 3rd paty open source platform's are available. To make your online prenence more effective I would like to refer eAssistance Pro live chat software. It is easily integrated with multiple CMS and CRM.

eAssistance Pro live chat software enable you to handle multiple online customers and also allow you to track online customer. To know more about it's advantages visit https://www.eassistancepro.com/features.php

By Thomas Grey on 24 July 2015 Submitted

Klarna payment gateway

One integration
– all major payment methods

With Klarna, you only need one solution to offer all the popular payment methods, saving you both time and money on administration. 

For your customers to be able to buy, they only need to enter absolutely necessary information. Simplicity that significantly helps improves your average order value as well as cart conversion rates.


-Pay Now
Pay straight away with your credit or debit card

-Pay After Delivery
Receive your goods first, pay later

-Pay Over Time
Enjoy the flexibility to Buy Now, Pay Later or make Planned Payments

customers deal with Klarna in 65,000 stores
In over 18 different countries.

By Daniel Listerud on 15 October 2015 Submitted

Cashstar (Gift Card) Intergration Needed

Please add the functionally to integrate with Cashstar for gift cards. The existing Gift Card design, setup and functionality is horrible.

By JP on 12 January 2016 Submitted

Set Product Defaults when Manually adding Products

I would really like to be able to set the Product defaults when Manually adding a bunch products.

Currently, I can't really determine what sets the product default!


By Rich on 02 June 2016 Submitted

Add Commbank BPOINT payment gateway (they are very well priced!)

BPOINT allows multiple ways to pay and sends a text message to the cardholder to confirm payment so it's super safe!

By Jared Fullinfaw on 21 June 2016 Submitted

Live Postage Payment Default to Checked

With the integration with Stamps.com we have the ability to setup a live shipping method and print the labels from deconetwork with the postage. In order to have the postage on the label the "Live Postage" box must be checked. It would be helpful to allow the user to select if this box should default to checked or unchecked when setting up the shipping method.  For example, if I setup a USPS shipping method for Stamps.com and set the default to checked, the system will always print a label with postage (unless I uncheck it when processing the shipment).

By Dan Raskas on 16 July 2016 Submitted

Affiliate Store Fees at Affiliate Level and with Flat Amount + %

1. Ability to set affiliate store fees at the affiliate level or gloablly

2. Option to to set affiliate fee as a flat amount + a percentage. (i.e PayPal stander processing fees are 2.9% plus 2,9%)

Because affiliate fees are not set up to except this format, I am spending a lot of time manually setting pre-decorated product pricing.

By NICOLE DORR on 12 August 2016 Submitted

Support for Multiple Location Production

Add a location tab in the quote/order system. Similar to the 'select store' option, only for businesses with multiple locations to better manage products and ordering.

By Jordan Ross on 15 August 2016 Submitted

Better WebSite Searching in Hub

When you create an invoice from scratch in Business Hub you often have to select the store you want the order to be for. The problem is the store search function does not work well at all. Even if you put in the exact store URL the store still does not get pulled up. There needs to be a general text search to help locate the right store / website for the order just like in the "Websites" section in the Fulfillment Center. So the search ability is already available in the Fulfillment center section and just needs to be added to Business Hub. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 06 September 2016 Submitted

Email Notification

it would be helpful to receive a user's email notifcation when order goes to next stage progress.  For example, if a user can only see Production, it makes it easier for the user to just receive the email everytime the order goes to production.  It can be an option. It applies to every department.  Like shipping too.  If sales gets notification when there's an order created from shopping cart, other departments should get certain notification too if it involved the department.

By Aris Miranda on 10 September 2016 Submitted

Downloading Invoices

We would like to have the option of when we go into the business hub and select a store front that we can select all of the orders and instead of downloading them into 1 large .pdf file or downloading invididual .pdf files into individual folders that we are able to download those individual pdf's into 1 folder instead of multipe folders. This will make it more efficient for our production manager. 

By Anthony on 10 October 2016 Submitted

Affiliate Stores- Minus Mark up

We are currently trying to set up stores for the sports clubs and schools we have. We have set pricing for them but we cannot edit the prices of decorate garments becuase it keeps taking the prices from our print and embroidery Tables without making loads of custom products. Deco-network is govening at what prices we sell at by not letting us customise this! Please  allow us to sell at Minus markup! 

By Daniel Sissons on 26 October 2016 Submitted

Add extra charge in %

Would be great when a option will be added where you can a % to a whole order.
It is very simular to Rush Orders but then a "free form" extra Charge where you can give the extra charge a free name.

In our case we add a 2% environment tax to each order .

So just a free defineable extra charge which lets you choose a % which will be calculated over the total costs inclusive garnment and printing / setupcosts and shipping costs...

By Jelle van der Mijl on 10 November 2016 Submitted

Adding Store To Groups

Within the fulfillment center you can choose to place certain websites into store groups. 

The problem is that there is no way to select a store group and then add stores directly to the group.  Currently, the only way to place a store into a group is to search the store, open up the settings, and then place the store into a group. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 30 November 2016 Submitted

Price Order

Is it possible to set up each category so that it is price order for each garment?

Best wishes,

David Cain

By David Cain on 29 December 2016 Submitted


It would be necessary for more than one EN user, that the integration of payments with Redsys be implemented

By Jose Mª Arenzana on 02 January 2017 Submitted


Necessary integration with sap business one (SBO)

By Jose Mª Arenzana on 02 January 2017 Submitted

Add the process to the reports section

We break down the process we used in our quick books. It would be nice if in the reports section we could see what process was selected for each line item.

By Timothy Pipp on 06 February 2017 Submitted

Stop SKU being overwritten by Deconetwork

Currently when importing csv files for products not in Deconetwork's product range, the SKU value is overwritten by a Deconetwork generated code. Is there a way that this can be overcome?

By Tracy Steinhardt on 30 May 2017 Submitted

Hide Store Focus

Store owners currently have the option to change their store focus and there should be an option to hide these options or limit them to one or all of the options.  

By SDPH on 12 September 2017 Submitted