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Canadian User Freindly

As a store owner and living in Canada I find it time consuming and fustrating that DecoNetwork hasn't set this up for Candian Stores, All the prices have to be changed and I can not make Canada Post a Live Shipper. Also the Product Catalogue's are not the same. I was really hoping to have the store set up and running without all of this imputting and fustration. Is this likey to happen in the near future? I hope so!


Please add an 'Order' button to the customer account saved layouts screen

Please add an 'Order' button to the customer account saved layouts screen rather than just the edit button. 


Request Quote only option

As there seems to be no near time future for "live" bundled products option how about a system where it is possible to disable pricing at listing / product level which would activate a "request quotation" button on the listing.

There'd be a prompt to add colours / sizes (and quantities if required) required for the quotation to be produced then you'd be able to send it all back via business hub as if it were a shop, email or telephone enquiry you were dealing with


Multi use artwork improvement

if you upload customer graphic in BH & tick remove background that isn't carried over to 2nd item (and subsequent) that the same artwork is used for.

AND ........ When you use same artwork on line 2 the tick box for remove background doesn't work

So customer sees line 1 with no background, but subsequent lines with it........ 1/ it looks bad 2/ it's confusing for customer 3/ it's plain wrong! 


Lets have it improved!


Duplicate decoration across products

Include ability to duplicate all decoration from a product on to a new product line in business hub.

Just had a 10 item visualisation with 5 decoration areas to proof & quote......... took forever!!!!


At present can only see possibility of duplicating line THEN changing product. Problem is that if the decoration areas aren't in the same order on the 2 products then Deco places them in order, not in the correct box.

So either we need to re-order all decoration areas at product level so they are the same (long workaround & not ideal) or Deco need to have the decoration areas self recognising. 


Multiple Quote reply templates

It would be great to have an option to have more than one quote template:

Ie to have an initial quote email template

Here is your quote .....

and then to have a quote amendment template?

Here is your amended quote.



Add notes to line items

It would be really handy if there was the option to input notes for each individual line item.

I know there is the generic notes box at the bottom, but this can get confusing if you are referring to only one or two items in the order. 


Multi decoration in production

Allow production complete (partially complete) to be split by decoration type where multiple processes are in play.

If we've embroidered the logo to the front of the garment but not yet done the print it would be nice to know where we are along the job completion process, therefore add facility in for each decoration type to be separate.

In order to avoid confusion for customer have it flagged internally & only notified to customer when all decoration is complete.


Decoration areas free form products

Add decoration areas to free form products lines.


Use existing named decoration areas utilising the same system as the current not visualised areas on certain products.

It would probably be useful to have an upload sales image option in there as well so customer (as well as in house production team) can see exactly what they're dealing with on those one-off or bespoke items.


I'm assuming having them show up in previously ordered items to retain the information isn't out of the question too? 



Please add the delivery company bPost. 


Add A View Production Calendar

Add a production Calendar, So you have a daily task and jobs will not get skipped over. Right now I use Google Calendar and it would be great to have it all in Deco. 


Items should have more website info

When looking at an item, you should be able to see all the decorated products you have of this item and what websites they belong to. That way when a product is discontinued I can know which websites need a similar product added and am able to decorate it.


Splitting Long Worksheets

Within Production Overview or when viewing an order under the production tab it would be helpful if print sheets could be split by simply ticking the items to include and then clicking "Download Order Print Sheets" or a similar button. Some orders are complex (art changes, color changes) with multiple line items and different decoration processes. It's not helpful to give an order print sheet to the embroidery department that has items that are being produced in the printing department and vice versa. Is there another way to do this without creating separate orders (and separate invoices).  Printing a worksheet for an individual line would keep the production happy and reduce errors.  Otherwise we have to create a separate order to isolate the changes between items.  Keeping the ability to have multiple line items with different processes and artwork makes customers happy when this all stays on one invoice.

Screenshot 2



Ability to show websites including VAT and having plus VAT

With Web Stores I think you should have the ability to show if your products include vat or are to add vat, I know you can choose this option but this does it for all sites, as we have end user customers and business customers they do work in a very different way so i think you should be able to choose for each site which way you want the site to work for you.


Ability to use a quoted product as a previously ordered product

Hi, can i make a suggestion and ask can you when creating an order that you can include items which you may have quoted for when picking previously ordered products as you may have only quoted but it will have saved layouts, prices etc which would be really useful.

many thanks



TSF Sportwear Catalog

Please add TSF Sportwear, they are in 5 locations across the country and I'm loosing for my competitors that use Inksoft because they have TSF. Thanks.

Facebook Ad Pixel

Give customer ability to add a Facebook Ad Pixel so that they can track their campaign.  Competition is providing this service.  Thank you


Design feature options

Need Urgently Feature In the create/design process for customer to select the Number of Colors in each print location for a quick quote feature. Without having to load an image. This is a feature CONSTANTLY requested by ALL OUR CUSTOMERS. Without this type of feature we can not compete with other systems that offer that feature. 


SPORTSWEAR market can not be targeted

Team Sportswear can not be targeted, because simple transfer flex print is the most important decodation method here. For player numbers and names for example.

Neither do we have this decoration method, nor can we provide a list in which the user can write NAME, NUMBER, TEAM NAME, SPONSOR LOGO, SIZE.

This way teams can not work with the designer. We can not sell sportswear!

What do we need?


1. Flex-Transfer print as a decoration method with a color standard range

2. Clear player lists with the details mentioned above in the order process.

3. Player shirts must be displayed if the user wants to see the shirts with individcual names and numbers.

4. Create pdf with these designs and a complete team collection, so that it can be discussed by teams in a meeting where there is maybe no computer (on the football field for example).

5. Resolution of team collection must be good


Here is what a collection should look like








We all have a problem. Our Deconetworks online designer is not state of the art and therefore we loose business. You all loose business. We can not compete.

We need an online designer like this here:

1. A simple design process any user understands, even the 50 year old secretary.

2. A great look of embroidery logos uploaded by users. It actually looks like real embroidery.

3. Great user friendlyness  on mobile devices.

4. Simple order process.

Folks, we need to act now or this is all over in two years.