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SPORTSWEAR market can not be targeted

Team Sportswear can not be targeted, because simple transfer flex print is the most important decodation method here. For player numbers and names for example.

Neither do we have this decoration method, nor can we provide a list in which the user can write NAME, NUMBER, TEAM NAME, SPONSOR LOGO, SIZE.

This way teams can not work with the designer. We can not sell sportswear!

What do we need?


1. Flex-Transfer print as a decoration method with a color standard range

2. Clear player lists with the details mentioned above in the order process.

3. Player shirts must be displayed if the user wants to see the shirts with individcual names and numbers.

4. Create pdf with these designs and a complete team collection, so that it can be discussed by teams in a meeting where there is maybe no computer (on the football field for example).

5. Resolution of team collection must be good


Here is what a collection should look like








We all have a problem. Our Deconetworks online designer is not state of the art and therefore we loose business. You all loose business. We can not compete.

We need an online designer like this here:

1. A simple design process any user understands, even the 50 year old secretary.

2. A great look of embroidery logos uploaded by users. It actually looks like real embroidery.

3. Great user friendlyness  on mobile devices.

4. Simple order process.

Folks, we need to act now or this is all over in two years.  


Screen Set up Pricing


I think it would be useful to have the screen set up cost in the new colour count screen to inform clients decision as to how many colours to choose for their design, as now they get a surprise after adding to cart with 8 colour design that they have to pay for screen set up for each colour. All clients are not educated in the screen print process and do not understand this charge so it would be nice for them to make an informed decision at the design stage rather than the checkout stage. 


Sublimation Preview Issues

Ther should be a way to preview how the sublimation process looks on a light color shirt? For instance, a photo or image with white in it does not print white in the sublimation printing process. In fact, any thing white will show as the background color of the shirt. (i.e. The white in the eyes and teeth would be the light grey or neon yellow). We typically use a multiply or overlay effect in Photoshop to represent how the colors of sublimation are affected by the color of the substrate. Is there a way to represent this in the preview? This could be completely misleading from the preview to the actual product. The overall problem is that even if it has a transparent background, sublimation does not appear as true color on any color but white. It has more of a "multiplied" effect when it comes to color on color shirts. Is there any way to achieve this as part of the preview? Please see attached.



Customer uses designer to submit quote...

I would like to see the designer setup without forcing the customer to make make a purchase and submit payment right them.  

so that the customer can create or upload the artwork,  select garment sizes, colors, quantities etc.  and then when they're done just have a button to "submit quote for review" at which point the order would be in our quote are of the business hub for us to review, offer suggestions/changes or just let the customer know that it is ready to move to payment.   

I feel like this feature should already be here,  the majority of customers need a little bit of hand holding to move forward and this would help keep customers from being scared away by having to pay before they reallly know what's going on. 




It would be awesome to see a search bar in the 'colour picker' window.

It would be awesome to see a search bar in the 'colour picker' window. 

So you can type in a pantone colour (if you have uploaded the Pantone colour chart)



Add Name + Number Pricing.

Add Nme + Number Pricing is not the same as cutom artwork pricing.  For most businesses it is a set price based on decoration process used.

Add Rhinestone Name + Number: $5 Name, $6 Number, $9 Name + Number
Add Transfer (Vinyl): Name + Number: $4 Name, $5 Number, $7 Name + Number
Add Screen Print Name + Number: $4 Name, $6 Number, $9.50 Name + Number


Add an option to assig pricing tables to Team Name & Number at the Designer Settings level in each decoration process:

  • Decoration Process/Rhinestone Template/Designer Settings/Allow Team Names to be Added/Select Pricing Table
  • Decoration Process/Trasfer/Designer Settings/Allow Team Names to be Added/Select Pricing Table

  • Decoration Process/DTG/Designer Settings/Allow Team Names to be Added/Select Pricing Table

  • Decoration Process/Sublimation/Allow Team Names to be Added/Select Pricing Table


Moving Art from art box to art box

When we are working on a left chest and then the customer wants to change it to a full front, we have to sort of re load the image. It would be nice to either drag the art into the art box or have a way to move the art from art box to art box.


Conditional Add Ons

It would be great to have conditonal product addons for different print processes. Let say for screen printing, there can be an option to pick the type of ink you would like to use (Plastisol, waterbase, etc) and depending on your selection, it could possibly add a extra fee. 


Realistic Printing

Many other designers on the market allow users to upload images that look realistic on the t-shirt.  That means that we can see the seams and/or wrinkles of the fabric behind the design, instead of just a design overlay.  This would be really useful to help the users pre-sell their t-shirts.


Support .DST files

.DST files are the most commonly used file formats for embroidery machines in the US. Most of our digitizing partners convert to .DST and .ISI files, so if we didn't have to convert those to .EMB that would make the work flow much faster. Currently for each embroiderred garment, we willl have to convert each logo from .DST to .EMB and then back to .DST for us to print the garment. 


Design Reminder Functionality (like abandoned cart)

Several competitors do a really good job at forcing customers to create an account or save a design before going to the shopping cart. Once the design has been saved, the customer receives several reminder emails to complete their design much like the existing abandoned shopping cart functionality through DecoNetwork. We need the same functionality here on DecoNetwork.


Embroidery Name drops - Same as Team Names

The same way you do Team Names on the back. It would be great if we could do Embroidered names the same way. Instead of having to do a seperate product each time.


Managing Designs: Same Process for Stock, Store, and Customer

Please provide the same configuration management process for Stock Designs, Store Designs, and Customer Designs.  

The configure tools for Stock Designs are significantly more robust than for Store and Customer Designs.   It makes sense to have the same configuration process/capabilities for all designs.


Add a Distressed Effect to Online Designer

Disttressed Effects are very popular.  Please add a distressed effect to the online designer.


option to re-use designs on DTG process.

If the customer changed the product but will have the same DTG print than its nice he find the option to re-use designs on DTG process as in the screen print.

Also interested to decorated products. The customer find a decorated product with a print on the frontside which he cant changed. And on the backside is a motif which he can changed. He order 20 pieces with the same print on frontside and with different print on backside. Than he must see a prices with printcost 20 x DTG on the front and 20 x 1 DTG on the backside.




Times have changed and we are seeing more and more people wanting relabelled garments, wonder if anyone else has a call for this? be awesome if they could also design this online.


Limiting minimum and maximum embroidery fonts sizes

Now that it is possible to make an easy selection of available fonts per affiliate store we would like to get control over minimal (and maximal) font sizes. Certain fonts should not be smaller than 10mm and some can be larger than 50mm.

Would be nice to have this control on store level, but even better when it would be possible to control on product level.


Assign Design Templates To Certain Products

There needs to be an easier way for customers to be able to browse through designs / artwork templates for certain products. For example: We offer graduation banners and have several different design templates for customers to work from. The templates are designed for each specific size of banner and no other products. Since the designs/templates are unique to just certain products and currently deco does give us the ability to limit certain deigns to just certain products our only option is to create pre-decorated products. The problem with this that customer's can't easily access these pre-decorated products from the designer. 

A customer should be able to select a blank product and then be able to browse design templates and choose which one they want to work form. It is pretty much how all large printing company's websites work. 1. Choose Blank Product. 2 Work from a template / upload artwork (Deco's design's and pre-decorated function works well for apparel, but not for media printing), 3. Customize artwork (with the option of changing templates at any time). 



Artwork Follows Decoration Area

We offer photo panels, plaques, canvas, stickers, and many other products that can be decorated in either a portrait or landscape vide. The problem is that some customers start decorating in one view (Portrait) and later decide they want to design the product in the other (Landscape). We have our products setup so Portrait and Landscape are two different decoration areas, like Front & Back for a t shirt. The problem is that the artwork cannot be easily transferred over from one view/decoration area to the other. A customer can copy the selected layers, but for the average customer they will not realize that its the solution. There needs to be some easy way to allow the design to be transferred to another view/decoration area on the same product.