100% cloud computing with Google Chromebook

100% cloud computing with Google Chromebook
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  • Post published:May 12, 2011
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No doubt you’ve heard the term cloud computing and there is a chance you already have cloud computing as part of your life.

Gmail and Wilcom DecoNetwork are both examples of cloud computing applications meaning they live and breathe on the web. The benefits are many but to name a few:

  • Your data is always backed and can never be lost from hard-drive crashes, fires, damage or theft.
  • Accessible anywhere anytime and on any computer.
  • Installation free meaning you don’t need to setup and configure tricking software on uncooperative computers.
  • Automatic updates so as new things appear or ‘things’ are fixed you get the improvements immediately. No installation of service packs needed!
  • Scale as you need it. This means as your business grows and you use more data and store more ‘stuff’ your cloud application will grow with you. No need to rush out to Best Buys and pick up a larger hard-drive!

But at the moment most of us are ‘casual’ cloud users. We still use physical desktop software such as Windows or Mac OS to access our cloud applications.

Well, all this is changing and Google is leading the charge with the release of their Chromebook.

Brenden Prazner

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