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Welcome to 2017, a new year, which is rife with resolutions to make changes for the better.  They usually consist of smoke less, eat healthier and take a trip to the gym at least once a week. But what about resolutions for your business?  Would you like to do more business?  Spend less time at work and more time with your family?  Do business more easily with your clients?  Maybe even bag some new clients!

There’s no reason why you can’t set and execute new resolutions for your business which can assist you on your journey to success.  DecoNetwork can pave the road to accomplishing your business goals.  You have to remember, we’re not just a website, we’re an entire solution designed with your business in mind.

Our powerful tools have been created to accelerate your time to revenue by cutting down the time it takes to process quotes, orders and the rest of the production process, right up to shipping your items out the door.

You can save up to 70% of your time processing quotes and orders with DecoNetwork’s Business Hub.

This streamlining process works very easily by keeping everything in one place. All your customer data, designs, previous orders and payments are all stored in one location. This makes it a dream to manage your business.

This “one location”, known to all as the Business Hub, not only stores everything you need to manage your business but it also doubles up as the sales tool you never knew you needed.

You can generate a quote and have it sent into your customer’s inbox, with visuals and pricing information, in just a couple of minutes.

Your customer can login to approve this quote and have payment over to you just as quick.

Not only does DecoNetwork deliver such a powerful product, but we have also partnered with some of the most well-known vendors in the industry to bring you ready-to-use catalogues that have been preconfigured by our dedicated catalogue team. You can enable your best selling products at the click of a button.

We have also built the tools to manage your services, so you can set up your pricing for your printing and this will provide consistency through your business when generating quotes and better consistency throughout your website when your customers are self-serving.

So make DecoNetwork your 2017 resolution and work smarter, not harder in your print/embroidery business.  Contact us at


DecoNetwork 7.5

Blog Post Ammber About Us Page

DecoNetwork 7.5 is scheduled for release at the ISS Long Beach tradeshow in January 2017. We’re super excited about what’s coming and here is a snap shot of some of the goodies you can expect.

Management dashboards

The new Business Hub management dashboards provides not only a snap-shot of your business, but a motion picture of your business that is good enough to win an Oscar! The real-time overview of everything that is happening in your entire business from sales, artwork approvals, purchasing to production ensures mistakes are identified before they become a costly problem. As with that other Oscar winner, ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’, you get to see what you do well, what needs improving, and what you need to tackle immediately.



Beautifully designed

Our passionate team have delivered a new, beautifully crafted interface tailored to answer to the user’s demand of simplicity. Clean and intuitive menus guide the user to logical structured pages and settings that together create a compelling and natural experience.

The back-end admin management screens are mobile responsive as well as a new mobile responsive front-end checkout.


DecoNetwork Search

Speed is everything. For the first time we give you instant access to everything through an innovative search tool called ‘DecoNetwork Search’, or as we lovingly call it our ‘Googly search’. DecoNetwork Search is your business in one search. From a single search field you can locate your products, customers, orders and more, plus gain instant access to any DecoNetwork setting page, help file or video. This dramatic improvement quite literally eliminates hours of searching and the need to understand every menu and setting page of DecoNetwork. It’s the game changer!



Screen printing color detection

Screen printers know it is almost impossible to sell their screen printing services online. Consumers expectations are now met with the new color detection capabilities of the new DecoNetwork online designer technology. Costly mistakes of consumers incorrectly selecting the number of colors required are eliminated. Consumers get immediate feedback about their uploaded artwork and can reduce and merge colors with the smart color matching technology.


Template builder

Empowering a consumer to be creative is critical to printers and embroiderers. Nothing is more creative than allowing a consumer to personalize a stunning template for their own use. DecoNetwork 7.5 introduces the DecoNetwork Template Builder, a powerful online design tool for decorators to create customizable templates for their customers to personalize on their front-end website. Consumers can now customize without compromise.

Build customizable templates with the new DecoNetwork Template Builder.

Unsurpassed design speeds

Speed was a driving factor. Thanks to two years of core development in a new design processing technology, text edits, color changes and applying special effects are immediate. Experience unsurpassed design speeds, coupled with more creativity and less clicks.


Keep an eye on our blog, Facebook and Twitter for more previews and updates on DecoNetwork 7.5.


DecoNetwork version 7.2.1


We’re pleased to announce the release of DecoNetwork 7.2.1.

DecoNetwork 7.2.1 focuses on expanding the flexibility of Business Hub and improving the integration of DecoNetwork with accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks, plus much more.

We’ve made it even easier to get the help you need when you need it with a new integrated phone support and ticketing system that ensures every engagement you have with the DecoNetwork Client Services support team is recorded and captured for future references.

For your convenience your DecoNetwork website has been updated so you can begin to enjoy these new improvements.

Below is a summary of each improvement you can enjoy in your new DecoNetwork 7.2.1.

Additional flexibility in Business Hub

You already love DecoNetwork Business Hub for its power and efficiency when creating and managing your orders and production. You’ll love DecoNetwork Business Hub even more with the new level of flexibility introduced in DecoNetwork 7.2.1.

Editing taxes and shipping options

Sometimes your default tax and shipping options are not suitable for a new order you’re creating. We’ve now made it easier in Business Hub so you can edit your tax and shipping values without the need to log into the back-end fulfillment center and create new tax and shipping options!

This level of flexibility allows you to define a new tax or shipping option while in Business Hub which you can select again for future orders.


Disable sizes for free-form line items

Free-form line items have always given you the flexibility you need to create orders for some of your clients. DecoNetwork 7.2.1 makes even more easier and even more flexible!

You no longer need to define a size for a free-form line item and can simply disable the sizing option in the Size/Qty options.


Accounting software integration

You can now live integrate DecoNetwork with your favorite accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks or Sage.

With live integration your DecoNetwork orders will automatically update to your accounting software removing the painful task of manually exporting your orders from a system and importing them into another.


To access the accounting software integration log into your DecoNetwork website and browse to Manage Fulfillment > Settings and then select Accounting Software Integration under the General Settings section.

New DecoNetwork ticket and phone support

Support is important for any business and now it’s every easier to get support from DecoNetwork thanks to our integrated 24 hour support phone line and new support ticketing system.

To get the support you need simply log into DecoNetwork and click the red ‘Support’ button to the right of your screen. Our dedicated Client Services team are ready to provide you with the assistance you need, when you need it.

Plus a whole stack more…

As always we pump each release with lots of new improvements and fixes. You can see a full list of of changes in DecoNetwork 7.2.1 by visiting

BTC activewear – Affordable Apparel, Online & On Time


DecoNetwork partners with the world’s finest promotional product suppliers, so we are thrilled to collaborate with BTC activewear on an exciting new tool for their customers.

Being the largest B2B distributor of promotional clothing in Europe, BTC activewear continue to grow and evolve.  This is due to their commitment to offering the highest level of choice, service, support and innovation.  We recently joined forces in developing an Online Product Designer on the BTC activewear website.  Powered by DecoNetwork, this feature allows you to create and share decoration designs with your customers.

How it works

  1. Simply log in, go to the selected product page (from over 1200 available) and click on the ‘Decorator’ tool;
  2. Add an embroidery and/or print design or text to the front/back/sleeves, then download a PDF to forward onto your customer for review – it’s that simple;
  3. The design sample PDF has no references to BTC activewear or DecoNetwork and includes your preferred contact details for sending onto your customer.  Voila!


About BTC activewear

Part of the Falk & Ross group since 2010, BTC activewear’s distribution centre is conveniently located in Wednesbury, West Midlands at the very heart of the UK’s motorway network.  This enables them to offer delivery so speedy that online orders placed up to 9pm can be delivered by noon the very next day (geographical exceptions apply).

There is no minimum order quantity and BTC activewear offer a ‘Click & Collect’ service.  This means that orders are ready within 3 hours and can be collected between 8.30am until 5.30pm, AND customers receive a convenient text or email message when orders are ready.  No wonder their service is award-winning!

With BTC activewear you will also get access to some superb sales and marketing tools to communicate product details to your customers and stand out from the crowd, such as customised catalogues and eFlyers.

Not only are BTC activewear committed to offering superior products and service, they also demonstrate integrity by developing the talents and skills of their team, committing to sustainability in their business and by supporting worthy causes and charity organisations.  The company’s Cyclescheme initiative offers to outlay the cost of purchasing a bicycle for employees to cycle to work – great for the planet and the team!


As the only supplier in the UK with live ordering enabled, DecoNetwork clients can send their purchase orders directly into BTC activewear’s internal system for error and hassle-free purchasing. 

DecoNetwork features the BTC activewear product catalog in the Online Designer plus Business Hub quote, order and production management software.  

Learn more more about DecoNetwork’s industry-leading product catalogs and time and money saving purchase orders in Business Hub or check out the BTC Activewear website click here.

DecoNetwork 7.5 and 8 update


Our previews of the new features and updates over the past few months have been met with much excitement and anticipation, so we wanted to give you the scoop on our plans for DecoNetwork version 7.5 and 8.

But guess what? We’ve got some great news! Sometimes stars align and some features and improvements are completed sooner than expected, and in following with DecoNetwork’s “release it as we build it” policy we’re excited to announce a newly formed DecoNetwork version 7.5.

Previously DecoNetwork 7.5 was primarily focused around the new SVG vector designer, meanwhile DecoNetwork 8 was focused around the new back-end administration, responsive online designer, responsive themes and web page builder.

Each of these areas have been worked on by various teams each focusing hard to deliver their innovation as soon as possible while maintaining the level of quality DecoNetwork users have come to expect.

The great news is the new and redesigned mobile-responsive administration backend design team are ahead of schedule and instead of holding these new improvements back we’ve decided to merge these changes into DecoNetwork version 7.5. When we floated this idea with our end-user beta testing team the overwhelming response was ‘Get it out there!’ sighting the significant user-experience improvements they have experienced.

This merge means you will be able to experience the new DecoNetwork sooner rather than later! 7.5 delivers a well-designed and refreshing experience with intuitive menus, consistent page layouts and backed by hundreds-of-pages of help articles and videos. These changes do not affect in any way the development of DecoNetwork 8, which we know you’re all very eager to get your hands on! 🙂

Some of the improvements you can now look forward to receiving in DecoNetwork 7.5 are:

  • Powerful vector-based online designer engine with real-time text and color previews.
  • Automatic color detection of uploaded designs for screen printing.
  • Easy color reduction slider to reduce and automatically merge colors in a design.
  • Responsive consumer-facing account management screen for your customers to view their orders, make payments or re-order.
  • New role-based dashboards providing detailed overview of your business or individual operator performance.
  • Template Builder allowing the creation of customizable templates without the need of complicated and expensive graphics software.
  • Accounting integration with software such as QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Online, Sage, Xero.
  • Faster and simpler setup wizard plus a series of interactive walk-through tutorials that introduce you to some of the key functions and capabilities of DecoNetwork.
  • Hundreds-of-pages of help articles and videos.
  • … and a whole stack more!

DecoNetwork 7.5 preview images

DecoNetwork 7.5 user interface.

The new DecoNetwork 7.5 user interface.


Role-based dashboards.

Obtain stunning insights with the new role-based dashboards.


DecoNetwork Template Builder.

Build customizable templates with the new DecoNetwork Template Builder.


Mobile responsive account management.

Empower your customers to manage their account in the new mobile responsible account management.


DecoNetwork help website

Get help when you need it. Over 200 detailed help articles.



Now the big question: when!

We aim to release DecoNetwork 7.5 at ISS Long Beach this coming January.

Meanwhile in DecoNetwork 8 world, our senior development team have been working on the completely new mobile responsive front-end themes and online designer plus the unbelievably powerful web page builder. You’re going to love it!

DecoNetwork 8

DecoNetwork 8 website page builder and online designer.


You can also see our previous post on the DecoNetwork 8 designer and responsive theme framework: DecoNetwork 8 responsive design preview

Stay tuned to our blog and forums for more updates.

Happy Deco’ing!


Dressed for success with S&S

Blog Post Ammber About Us Page

At DecoNetwork we are committed to offering the industry’s best software solution for print and embroidery businesses, so it’s no surprise that we partner with the world’s finest promotional product suppliers.  Known for their premium brand offering and top-notch service, S&S Activewear are going from strength to strength.



Founded in 1988, S&S Activewear is a national wholesaler to the promotional apparel market, headquartered in Bolingbrook, IL.  The company has over 1.5 million square feet of warehouse space with four distribution centers in Illinois, California, New Jersey and Kansas optimized to process your orders with speed and accuracy. Orders placed are shipped the same day, and delivery reaches 47 states in 1 or 2 days – now that’s efficient!



S&S have a fantastic set of resources and sales tools on their website including customizable catalogs and flyers, an image library, sales sheets and more.  They also showcase their brands beautifully through professional, fun and stylish videos that will wow your customers.

The recent addition of a LiveChat feature on their website allows customers to engage with a live employee who can quickly answer your queries about sizes, colors, inventory and more.  

Hot off the press is their New Styles 2017 brochure with some fresh new products to inspire you, check it out here. 


S&S Activewear’s full catalogue of products has been integrated into DecoNetwork since 2013, giving you access to their 60+ leading brands.  From basic garments to fashion-forward styles, their products include t-shirts, fleece, sport shirts, wovens, hats, bags, aprons, performance apparel and uniforms.

S&S Activewear Brands


DecoNetwork features the S&S Activewear product catalog in the Online Designer plus Business Hub quote, order and production management software.  DecoNetwork also live-integrates with S&S Activewear purchasing to allow error and hassle-free purchasing of your blank goods.

To enable the S&S Activewear catalog

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfillment Center > Products
  3. wireframe-product-catalogsSelect Edit Selection under DecoNetwork SmartSelect settings
  4. Check the S&S Activewear catalog
  5. Click Save to save your changes


Learn more more about DecoNetwork’s industry-leading product catalogs and time and money saving purchase orders in Business Hub.  To check out the S&S Activewear website click here.

Sharing your About Us story

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The About Us page is one of the most important pages of your website.  Sharing a compelling story behind your business not only gives a visitor clarity on whether your services and products meet their needs, but also forms a human connection.  

With online businesses much of the communication is via phone or email so many of your customers will never set foot inside your factory or get to meet your team face-to-face. Providing some behind the scenes insights, showing a little personality and describing how you help your customers reach their goals, builds trust and helps to differentiate you. For me personally, reading the About Us page is usually one of the first things I do when I am considering a new brand or business. Knowing the background story makes me feel good about handing over my hard earned cash and makes me more likely to stay loyal or tell a friend about that business.  And an awesome About Us page also optimizes your site through the use of targeted search keywords!  

Content Ideas

So now that you’re psyched to compose a killer About Us story, where do you start?  Here is a list of content ideas to consider:-

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Why did you start the business?
  • Where are you based?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What do you love about this industry?
  • What is your vision and values?
  • What differentiates you?
  • What inspires you in your business?
  • Testimonials from customers
  • Opening hours
  • Clients you’ve worked with
  • Awards you’ve received
  • Video tour
  • Photo of your factory, equipment and/or team

Inspiring stories

And here are some great examples of well-crafted About Us stories from printers and embroiderers:-





screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-15-47-06 screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-15-59-18

Now you’re all set to have a go at writing or perhaps refreshing the story behind your business to engage more potential new customers.  Don’t forget to share it across all of your social media accounts.  Be creative, be memorable and be yourself.

Never Miss A Vendor Deadline… Again!

Blog Post Alex 7 Ways to Streamline

In my last post I spoke about Business Hub and how creating a quote in the Business Hub saves up to 70% of your time. But this isn’t where all the time savings are, it continues. Let’s take another real world example that demonstrates how DecoNetwork’s Business Hub completely paves over this process and delivers better technology to the industry, thus saving you more time and money!

You’ve taken loads of orders throughout the day and you need to now check whether you have enough inventory to fulfil them and what stock you need to order in. You take note of what products are in your orders so you write a list, then cross reference this with your stock levels. This is extremely error prone because human error will always be there, you may miscount the items in the order and you may even note down the wrong quantity, colour and/or size. The knock on effects from such a small mistake can be very costly, not only are you losing money but you could potentially lose a client.

There’s a good chance a mistake was made because you were rushing, and you’re probably rushing to make sure you get your order in before the vendor deadline. If only there was a way that this calculation was done for you and much quicker! Enter stage left… DecoNetwork’s Purchase Ordering! This technology has been well thought out and constructed. Not only will DecoNetwork keep tabs on what you need to order regardless of the number of orders you are processing, it will also keep tabs on your current stock levels. You can even tell the application to add X amount of products to the purchase order list when the current stock level runs low.

This function is literally taking those costly mistakes, tearing them up and removing them from your business entirely! Ok, so what happens when DecoNetwork has consolidated all the items I need to order? Well, with a few clicks that takes less than a few seconds, you can drop that order of products right into the inbox of your vendor. No more rushing, no more lists, no more logging onto the website or trying to get through to your sales rep. ‘Click, click, click’, Done! Now you can go about your day without breaking a sweat!

When you thought this couldn’t get any better… it has! We have worked closely with some of our Integration Partners to introduce Live Ordering, this process will deliver your order directly into the internal systems of the vendors who offer this.

To see more about how Purchase Orders see the video below

To find out how you can work smarter and not harder, contact us at



Increase your sales through better customer engagement

Blog Post Alex 7 Ways to Streamline

Whether you’re watching TV or chatting with friends on Facebook, you’re constantly being exposed to ads that are all striving for the same thing – your attention.

From popups, to SMS’ and emails – we’re conditioned to accept engagement and we get a lot of it. As a print and embroidery business you too rely on return business and keeping in touch with your customers is a way to increase your sales through better customer engagement.

A tool designed for just that is Zoho CRM – A Customer Relation Management tool.

Zoho CRM empowers you to manage your business contacts including customers and leads, record engagement you have with them, and create and manage email and social campaigns. It’s used by millions of businesses and marketers world-wide because it works.

You can see a short overview of what Zoho CRM can do for you here:

Partnering with Zoho – Get your free trial

DecoNetwork is partnering with Zoho to give you a free trial that integrates with DecoNetwork so you can experience how Zoho and DecoNetwork can skyrocket your business.

Configuring Zoho CRM with DecoNetwork

With DecoNetwork and Zoho CRM, your customers and leads can be shared between DecoNetwork and Zoho CRM.

Customers who purchase on your website, or who you create a quote or order for in DecoNetwork will become Contacts in Zoho CRM.

Customers who subscribe to your newsletter in DecoNetwork will become Leads in Zoho CRM.

Get Zoho CRM!

If you are not a Zoho CRM subscribers click here to start your free trial account thanks to DecoNetwork.

Enable the Zoho CRM app in DecoNetwork

To enable the Zoho CRM app in DecoNetwork:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfillment and select the yellow ‘+ Add Ons‘ button in your top menu.
  3. From the Category drop down select ‘Customer Settings
  4. Click Add now on the Zoho CRM app.

Get your Zoho CRM API token

Before you can connect Zoho to DecoNetwork you need to create your Zoho API token.

  1. Log into your Zoho CRM account (
  2. Click here to create a new API token (
  3. COPY the AUTHTOKEN value from the results

ONLY copy the value AFTER the equals sign.

Setup Zoho in DecoNetwork

Now that you’ve installed the Zoho app in DecoNetwork plus have your Zoho CRM API token, you can now configure DecoNetwork to sync with Zoho CRM.

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfillment > Settings and select Zoho Integration under the Website Settings section
  3. From the Integration Settings options select either:
    1. Sync all Customers over all Affiliate Stores:  Select this option to import all customers who purchased from ANY of your affiliate stores into Zoho, or;
    2. Only Sync Customers from “My” stores: Select this option to only import customers who purchased from stores you flagged as your own stores.
  4. Optionally check Allow each Affiliate Store to setup their own Zoho Integration if you permit your affiliates to sync to their own Zoho CRM account.
  5. PASTE in the Zoho CRM API token acquired above into the Zoho API Authentication Token field and select the Verify Zoho API Authentication Token button to verify the authentication.


Mapping record fields

Once your access has been authenticated a section titled Record Mapping will appear which lets you select to sync contacts and / or leads.

Check Sync Contacts to sync all customers who have made purchases in DecoNetwork as a contact in Zoho CRM.

Check Sync Contacts to sync all customers who have registered on your site but NOT made purchases in DecoNetwork, or who have subscribed to your newsletter as a lead in Zoho CRM.

Mapping fields

With either option selected you can now select the blue link Map Fields so DecoNetwork fields to Zoho CRM fields. You can add new fields by selecting ‘dd new field and map additional DecoNetwork fields in CRM. Useful fields to map could be:

  • Phone number
  • State
  • Country
  • Store
  • Total order value

Note these fields are required in Zoho CRM. To make new custom fields in Zoho CRM see Creating Custom Fields in Zoho Help.


With your settings configured click Save an DecoNetwork will begin the sync process.

Once complete DecoNetwork will continue to sync new and updated records automatically.



What Do You Mean, Business Hub?

FB & Insta Meme-No-Setup

When you first make contact with us here at DecoNetwork, you’ll hear something that you probably didn’t expect, and that’s the term “Business Hub”. But what exactly is this? Let’s take a look at a traditional setup of doing business with your customer to find out.


What tools do you use to provide a quote for your customer?


Photoshop, for your mockups
Excel, where you keep all your prices
Word/Accounting Software, to type everything in, add the images and generate a quote
Outlook/Gmail, for sending emails to the customer

That’s four different areas you must visit to get a quote to a client, so imagine how long that’s going to take and the money spent just to create that quote, and if the client turns down the quote, then you’ve lost time, money and a potential client.

Lets say your customer would like some changes to the artwork or would like a few extra products, you’re now back at square one and more time consuming changes are in front of you. You’re inbox is filling up and becoming hard to manage, let alone all the separate files you have for your clients, all the artwork and it’s changes and before you know it you’re spending more time sending and amending quotes and you’re not paying the attention to your business as you would prefer too.

This is where the Business Hub comes into play!


When you generate a quote with DecoNetwork, everything is at your finger tips in one single window. You will start by opening a blank quote, DecoNetwork will auto-assign it a number, You can then select your customer from your database or quickly enter their data into the quote, once loaded in, their data will appear on screen. You will then be prompted to add a product, when you find the product your customer would like, all the colours and sizes are pulled in for you to select. The pricing is also pulled in and you now have the option to start building the visual. You will open the product in the Online Designer, within the same screen as the quote, where you are prompted to upload your customers artwork. When you have loaded it in, you can resize it, move it around and position it where it needs to be, DecoNetwork will also apply your printing costs as soon as the artwork is loaded up. You haven’t had to cross reference your pricing with your excel price lists.

Once you have done this, you simply save and email it out, but wait… That’s also from the same screen! DecoNetwork will attach the quote to an email and will deliver it to your client… “Attach what?” you ask… a PDF copy of the quote! DecoNetwork delivers again by automatically generating a PDF copy of the quote that looks great and is easy to understand. DecoNetwork will keep a copy of the pdf, all emails sent, a history of changes to the quote, internal and external notes and the customers details and artwork.

Where does it store this info? In the cloud, on our secure servers that are locked down with the latest SSL technology backed up with DDos protection. No more local files on your computer that can be very difficult to manage.

Think of the time and money you could save just by generating quotes with DecoNetwork and the experience from your customers point of view and more importantly, think of the time you will gain for you to concentrate elsewhere in your company. Quoting is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Business Hub. It’s going to streamline your entire process from simple quote building all the way to ordering with your supplier, but we’ll look at that in the next post! 

Below is a preview on how you build quotes from within the Business Hub

To find out how you can work smarter and not harder, contact us at