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* Additional staff accounts available for $10.00/month per account.

Core Features

A Staff Account is like a key that gives you and your employees access to your DecoNetwork account.

An Online Store is your digital retail space on the internet. It’s where customers can browse and buy your custom products and services.

Quotes & Orders helps print shops create accurate and professional invoices quickly and easily.

Product Mockups streamline the custom decoration process by providing a visual representation of the final product before production begins.

Artwork Approvals let you review and edit designs before going into production, helping eliminate costly mistakes.

Build and sell unique Custom Products, fully integrated with the rest of the DecoNetwork features.

Inventory Tracking ensures that you never run out of stock again with automatic replenishment of low-stock products and automated purchase orders (PO).

Automatically create and send Purchase Orders with all the necessary product data to your suppliers.

Organize your workflows and seamlessly collaborate with your production team to ensure timely delivery of goods.

Production Outsourcing allows you to connect with other DecoNetwork members who have the capacity to fulfill production jobs on your behalf.

Keep track of customer contact details, artwork files, order history, production preferences, and much more.

Advanced Features

With Affiliate Online Stores, your clients can sell their own custom products, with your business set as the fulfillment center for all their online sales.

With Fundraiser Online Store, your clients can create and sell custom products to raise funds for various causes. All with your business set as the fulfillment center for all their online sales.

A Coupon Code is a discount code that your customers can apply during the online checkout process. This code allows users to access exclusive discounts and promotions on their orders.

Receive access to your Online Store’s HTML and CSS code for code-level customization.Β 

Internal Messaging facilitates direct communication between you and Online Store Affiliates for inquiries, support, or other business-related interactions.

Access to Email Templates lets you personalize pre-designed email templates, which are used for various purposes, such as sending order confirmations, shipping notifications, marketing messages, and more.

Access to the Invoice Templates allows you to personalize invoices. This feature empowers you to tailor your invoices to suit your branding and business needs.

Set your production options to allow Batch Production at an Online Store level, which groups all of the store’s orders into batched production runs.

The Blank Product Filter upgrades your Online Store’s blank product page, allowing visitors to refine their search by various factors like category, size, color, brand, decoration options, price, and more.

Barcode Actions allows you to load directly into an order or production item and perform actions like print worksheets, change production status, mark items as completed or shipped, etc.

Once defined, you can assign Contract Price Levels to specific Online Stores and to individual customers for a more tailored business relationship.

Core Integrations

DecoPay is DecoNetwork’s integrated payment gateway. In collaboration with Stripe, we bring you a reliable and user-friendly payment processing solution.

Blank Apparel Supplier integrations give you instant access to products from over 20 industry-leading suppliers.

Integrated Shipping Providers make it easy to generate shipping labels, track packages, and provide customers with real-time delivery updates.

Seamlessly transfer your paid order information into Quickbooks Desktop to keep financial records up to date.

Effortlessly send your paid order data to Quickbooks Online to maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records.

Easily share your paid order information with Xero Accounting to make sure your financial records are always up to date and in good shape.

Effortlessly transmit your paid order data to Xero One to maintain precise and current financial records.

The Wilcom Engine integration allows for EMB file format compatibility throughout your DecoNetwork account, including Online Stores, Product Mockups, Artwork Approvals, Production, and more.

This integration enables you to push DecoNetwork customer data to your MailChimp account, enhancing email marketing and customer engagement efforts.

DecoNetwork API

The Order Management API enables developers to build apps and integrations for managing your DecoNetwork orders. Learn more

The Product Management API enables developers to build apps and integrations for managing your DecoNetwork products. Learn more
Purchase Order Management API lets developers build apps and integrations to manage your purchase orders. Learn more

The Inventory Management API enables developers to build apps and integrations for managing your DecoNetwork inventory. Learn more

External checkout integration allows you to host your main website separately from DecoNetwork. Learn more

Optional Add-Ons

Customize your DecoNetwork membership with a-la-carte add-ons.

Custom CSS/HTML access
$10.00 / mo
Email and Order Templates
$10.00 / mo
Coupon Codes
$10.00 / mo
Customer Fields
$10.00 / mo
Dropbox Production Sync
$10.00 / mo
$10.00 / mo
$10.00 / mo
Whitelabel Affiliate Stores
$50.00 / mo
$50.00 / mo