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How-To Coach A Sports Sponsorship Deal

This eBook guides you through some strategies, facts, and experiences from business owners on the ground who have built their business around sports sponsorship. It will inspire you to get out on the playing field and capitalize on these tremendous opportunities. And we promise there will be plenty more sports puns where that came from! 
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How-To Make Your Mark In Social Media

Having a strong online reputation is key for potential customers to find you, trust you, and purchase from you. Consumers today interact directly with businesses through social media. This interaction can help with decision making, customer retention, loyalty, and ultimately evangelism.
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How-To Price Your Embroidery Services Profitably

Setting prices for your decoration opens up a world of research, reckoning, and sometimes even a little soul-searching about what your work and your time is worth. The profit-driven information provided in this eBook will help you establish a structure that can do more than just keep you in business.