Add the Facebook Like Box to your DecoNetwork website

Add the Facebook Like Box to your DecoNetwork website
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Social networks are all the rage now and if you don’t have a Facebook fan page for your website make one now at the Facebook ‘Create a Page‘ site.

Once done you should put a “Like Button” or “Like Box” on your website. A “Like Button” creates a simple “Like” button that your customers can select. i.e.:

However a Facebook “Like Box” adds some additional elements such as your latest Facebook posts (stream) plus the Facebook people that like your page (faces). i.e.:


First of all check out the Facebook Like Box in action on our demo DecoNetwork website

This Facebook Like Box is positioned in the homepage left Column section of the site.

To create your own Facebook Like Box browse to

First enter your Facebook Page URL (i.e. is our DecoNetwork Facebook Page).

If you want the Facebook Like Box to appear in the column area of your Wilcom DecoNetwork website set the width to 185px, the width of a standard Wilcom DecoNetwork page column. Of course you can set your own value for your website.

You can adjust other settings like the color scheme, and elect to show or hide faces, stream or Like Box header.

Once done select “Get Code” and a popup will appear showing two sets of code – iframe and XFBML.

Copy the XFBML as the iframe option is known to be unreliable (a quick Google search will show the  many reports from many users).


With your code copied you can now add the Facebook Like Box to your Wilcom DecoNetwork website.

  1. Log into your Wilcom DecoNetwork website
  2. Browse to Manage Store > Website Pages and select the website page you want the Facebook Like Box to appear (such as the home page)
  3. In this example I want to insert the Facebook Like Box into the page column so scroll to “Column settings” and click ‘Configure‘ next to the “Column content” widget.
  4. Select the “Source” icon and paste in the Facebook XFBML code.
  5.  Select “Save” at the bottom of the page so save your Website page changes.

Finally make sure you announce to your customers that you have a Facebook fan page by sending them an email via Manage Store > Marketing > Send Marketing Email.

Happy Facebooking!
Brenden Prazner

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