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Quote and order management

Create stunning quotes & orders with ease

Throw away those clunky Excel sheets. Forget complicated graphic software to do your concepts. DecoNetwork Business Hub™ turns the painful job of quoting and writing orders into a simple task, with an elegantly beautiful quote and order management tool specifically designed for all print and embroidery applications.

Avoid costly mistakes with online approvals

You can ensure your customers always approve their quotes before they turn into production orders, while your customers can see a visual representation of their finished product and design including sizes, colors and quantities. Win-win!

Choose from over 12,000 catalog products

You can select from over 12,000 catalog products from leading suppliers and brands including S&S Activewear, SanMar, alphabroder, BTC Activewear, Ralawise, JBswear, Superior Activewear and more.

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Quote and order management software

Streamlined purchase ordering

Purchase seamlessly from your suppliers

DecoNetwork is integrated with major suppliers to provide seamless and error-free purchasing. When a customer orders from your website or your sales team creates an order in Business Hub™, a purchase order is automatically generated and consolidated automatically by supplier.

Eliminate errors from your purchasing

Errors are costly. DecoNetwork automatically consolidates all your orders for each supplier, eliminating the need to re-type your orders on your supplier's website and avoiding the costly mistakes that come with finger-slips.

Choose from live purchasing or email

Your supplier doesn't support live purchasing? No problem! You can configure DecoNetwork Business Hub™ to email your supplier your purchase order.

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Streamline purchase ordering

Did you know...

DecoNetwork clients told us their cost of processing orders reduced by 70% thanks to DecoNetwork Business Hub!

Comprehensive artwork management

Never let spelling errors cost you!

Spelling errors are one of the number one causes of artwork-related problems. Ensure your customer checks the spelling every time with online artwork approvals and ensure a spelling error never costs you again.

Preset your artwork creation or change fees

Charge your customers for new artwork creation or changes they want to make. Your customer will view the artwork online and approve it for production or decline it with change requests.

Keep a complete history of all changes

Each change and artwork approval request is recorded to ensure you have a complete history of all the changes made and the fees you've charged your customer.

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Artwork approvals

User-friendly production management

See all your production on one screen

View all your production on one screen that’s live updated as orders flow through your production cycle. Sort by status, decoration process, quantity and even machine operator. Never lose track of a job in production again.

Create production-ready files

DecoNetwork produces production ready files to your specifications.

Download your production files and production worksheet

Download your production files directly from DecoNetwork Business Hub™. A PDF worksheet is automatically generated showing exactly where the design is located on the product.

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Manage your production on one screen

Did you know...

Hand-written production worksheets are the number one cause of production errors in printing and embroidery. DecoNetwork Business Hub™ creates clean and accurate production worksheets that will keep your team on track.

Trouble-free shipping

Automate your live shipping prices

DecoNetwork integrates with major shipping providers such as UPS, DHL, USPS, FedEx and FastWay to provide live shipping prices. Prices are calculated using your dispatch address to the client’s address, factoring in the product’s weight and dimensions.

Automatically generate packing slips and shipping labels

Packing slips and shipping labels are automatically generated in DecoNetwork Business Hub™. Packing slip and shipping label templates are completely customizable and update automatically with the selling store's logo and details.

Blow your clients away with awesome customer service

When you mark an order as 'shipped' in DecoNetwork Business Hub™, your clients will automatically be emailed with the shipping and tracking details. You can also enable an optional SMS notification to really deliver that gold-class service.

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Outstanding customer management

See all your customer's details on one screen

Access all your customer's details on one screen including their company information, quotes, order, outstanding invoices, statements, payments, designs and unpurchased layouts.

Organize customer purchasing on your terms

Define the terms and conditions around your customers’ purchases from you. Set a credit limit, deposit requirements and a customer-level discount.

Keep all your customer correspondence in one spot

Never lose an email or customer note again. Access all the correspondence with your customer in the one spot, including quote and order emails, order notes and shipping notifications.

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Customer Management

Oversee business workflow

Be in the know. Be in control.

Gain a complete understanding and overview of the current orders in your business on screen. Track their progress from purchase to shipping at an order level or down to an individual line item.

Speed up your order updates

Make quick and simple changes to your order such as a raising a purchase order, marking the products as produced or as shipped.

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Garment Decor

One of our favorite parts about DecoNetwork is the Business Hub and the flow of production. It has completely changed the dynamics of our business. Devyn Lado | Garment Decor | California, USA

Production overview

DecoNetwork puts you in control and makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. 

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