Help Chronicles #6: Quote Mode For Online Stores

Help Chronicles #6: Quote Mode For Online Stores
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  • Post published:Jun 25, 2024
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DecoNetwork’s Quote Mode is a game-changer for garment decorators looking to streamline their sales process and boost conversions. This innovative feature allows customers to request quotes directly from your online store, providing a seamless and efficient way to manage inquiries and turn them into sales. With this mode, you can offer personalized pricing, improve customer satisfaction, and grow your business. Discover how this powerful tool can transform your online store and elevate your garment decoration business.

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About Online Stores Quote Mode

The DecoNetwork platform allows members to choose between the functionality of purchasing goods from your stores or just submitting the quote request for previously selected and designed products. That functionality also allows you to choose whether you want the prices listed on your website.

How Do I Enable Quote Mode?

You can enable Quote Mode in the admin section of your DecoNetwork platform.
  • Step by step instructin on how to enable Quote Mode
  • The Benefits Of Quote Mode For Online Stores

    With the flexibility of unlimited stores in DecoNetwork, you may find a case scenario where some stores are set up to accept quotes instead of online orders. While the benefits of automated pricing and online sales are unquestionable, in certain cases, enabling quote mode can boost your business operations by generating leads, understanding customer needs, and offering competitive pricing, giving you confidence in your decision.

    Final Thoughts

    DecoNetwork’s Quote Mode is an essential tool for any garment decorator looking to enhance their online store’s efficiency and customer experience. By offering a streamlined quoting process, you can provide personalized pricing, improve customer interactions, and increase your conversion rates. Embrace the power of Quote Mode to transform your sales process and take your garment decoration business to the next level. Implementing this feature will not only simplify your operations but also give you a competitive edge in the market. Don’t miss out on the benefits of Quote Mode—start using it today and watch your business thrive.