Help Chronicles #8: Add Products To Quotes And Orders

Help Chronicles #8: Add Products To Quotes And Orders
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  • Post published:Jul 9, 2024
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DecoNetwork allows you to create highly customized and personalized customer quotes and orders. This includes the ability to add products, sizes, colors, and customization options such as printing or embroidery designs to quotes and orders. It also provides real-time pricing updates based on the chosen options, quantities, and applicable discounts. All these factors ensure that quotes are accurate and reflect the latest pricing.

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How To Add Products To Quotes And Orders In DecoNetwork

When a customer makes a purchase from any of your DecoNetwork online stores, it appears as a new order on the Orders page of Business Hub. The system also offers the convenience of automatically generating orders from approved quotes, or you can manually create them in Business Hub for in-person sales. This feature is designed to make you feel relieved and stress-free in your order management. As with a quote, you can quickly create a professional-looking sales order with a simulation of the final product, produced to scale, and email it to the customer for review.

How To Manage Quotes and Orders?

Access functionality to add and manage quotes and orders in DecoNetwork Business Hub.
  • Instruction on how to manage Quotes and Orders
  • Add Products With The Product Selector

    Visually browse and add products to your Business Hub quotes and orders with the Product Selector.
  • Add products with Product Selector
  • Add Free Form Products To Quotes And Orders

    When creating a quote or an order in DecoNetwork, there are situations where you may need to include an item that isn’t predefined in your system. These items, known as free-form products, can encompass anything—from unique items to specialized services—that aren’t typically part of your regular catalog.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to add a free form product to a quote or order
  • Add Products That Were Previously Ordered

    If you need to fulfill a recurring customer request, Business Hub makes it easy to manage repeat orders efficiently. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of locating your past orders and placing a new order with just a few clicks.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to add previously ordered product
  • Final Thoughts

    DecoNetwork’s quotes and orders features stand out for their customization capabilities, real-time pricing, automated calculations, and seamless integration with production and inventory management. These aspects streamline operations, reduce errors, and enhance customer satisfaction in print and embroidery shops. Adding products to quotes and orders is easy due to an intuitive user interface, comprehensive product catalogs, real-time updates, customization tools, templates, mobile accessibility, and integration with other business systems, all of which save time and improve efficiency.