Offer T-Shirt Campaign Options to your Customers

Offer T-Shirt Campaign Options to your Customers
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  • Post published:May 18, 2021
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Are you a custom decorator looking to offer your customers T-Shirt campaign options?

T-Shirt campaigns can be fun and a great way to earn money for both your business and the customer, but a lot of work is involved from start to finish.

The steps below will help you figure out the best and most effective ways to set up a campaign for your customer. 

Why is your customer starting a campaign? 
Why does your customer want to start a T-Shirt campaign?

We’re circling back to the original question we asked you in the opener. 

Before you and your customer dive into trying to set one up, a helpful tip would be to have a conversation with them about why they want to launch a campaign. You as a custom decorator need to understand what their plans and goals are for the campaign. 

A great example of a T-shirt campaign is the famous “I Love New York” shirt. It was a campaign started by the New York State Department of Commerce with a goal of rebuilding their local tourism industry. 

Needless to say, it worked. 

What is your customer’s goal? Help them come up with an idea and conjure up a good plan together.

Creating The Design
Creating the graphic.

An important step in this process is helping your customer create the T-Shirt design. Odds are your customer will have some type of design mocked up. But it’s your job as the custom decorator to help them fine tune it. Talk to them about costs. Give your customer any thoughts or ideas you might have with your expertise as a custom decorator. 

The design you and your customer choose, which is ultimately your customer’s decision, will have a shelf life much longer than the campaign itself. You want to make sure your customer will be happy seeing the T-shirt worn by different people in the years that follow. 

Sharing The Story
Your customer must tell their story.

Once you and your customer have figured out why they’re wanting to start a T-Shirt campaign and what their overall goals are, your customer now must share their story to the masses. This is a key piece of information that you need to share with them as your job is to produce the T-Shirts, not write their bio for them. 

Your customer needs to let their audience know why they’re wanting to start a campaign and what/who it is going to benefit. This section can be posted on the selling page of the campaign, of course.

There is no better spot than to put your customer’s reasoning behind starting the campaign than right beside the t-shirt and the spot in which they will purchase it. 

Promoting the campaign 
The campaign must be promoted.

Every step that we’ve listed is important, but promotion of the T-Shirt campaign is a big one. If your customer isn’t promoting and marketing it to the right people, odds are it won’t be as successful as they hope. 

Let your customer know that social media platforms will be a major way to attract potential buyers.

If you’re looking to run a successful campaign on your end as a business owner, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to help promote your customer’s campaign on your own social media platforms. 

That would be a great look for you. Not only for this customer, but for future customers looking to start a campaign. 

The more eyeballs you can get on your product the better. 

It’s time to get started
Watch the money pour in!

T-Shirt campaigns are a great way to raise money for both parties if done correctly. It’s important that you take the time to dot all your T’s and cross all your I’s. That way when it’s time to start producing the shirts, there will be nothing left but to watch the profits start to roll in. 

We here at DecoNetwork offer the ability to launch an online campaign store. DecoNetwork allows the Fulfillment Center and its affiliates to create campaign stores for this specific purpose. 

With DecoNetwork, you have the option to choose the product to be used in the campaign, configure the decoration, set the sales target and length and choose when fulfillment should take place.

We welcome your business to visit to see how we can help you get the ball rolling to start offering T-Shirt campaigns to your customers, as well as welcome you to watch our exclusive T-Shirt Campagin YouTube video that can be found below.

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