V4.03 – Sneak Peek – Create a “freeform” line item

V4.03 – Sneak Peek – Create a “freeform” line item
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  • Post published:Dec 20, 2011
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First off, what do I mean by “freeform line item”?

Well many of you may already know, in Business Hub (Order management within Deconetwork) when you add a product is has defined meta data (sizes, colors, images) associated with it already. A freeform line item has no meta data associated to it, its a simple line item.

So a freeform line item is about “freedom” and speed.
A freeform line item allows you to define the name of the product you want to use, give it a description and a price, thats it, simple and fast.

The definition of that product is not saved and it can no be re-used.

Here is how you add a freefrom line item.
First make sure you are in Business Hub, click “Orders” -> “DecoNetwork Business Hub“.

Then click “quotes”.

The click:  “add quote”.

Now we are going to add the freeform line item, click “add product”.

A dropdown appears.

at the bottom of the dropdown, one of the options is “define new product”, click this.

A pop appears where you can select the type of product you want to define. Select “Add freeform line item” and click continue.

That is it, a new freeform line item is added to your order, now fill out the details.

  • Name – Enter the name of the item.
  • Description – Enter a basic description the customer will see.
  • Unit Price – Enter the single unit price for the product.
  • Qty – Enter a qty

It is that easy. This means you can now add any line item on the fly without having to setup a product definition. This means you can start using Business Hub for all aspects of your business.

Shoot me any questions and good luck deco-ing ;) .


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