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Meet The Passionate DecoNetwork Team

Our mission is to help custom apparel decorators of all sizes launch and grow their apparel decoration businesses.


Fun & Dynamic Professionals

Apart from our extensive product, our team at DecoNetwork set us apart from the rest. With fun and dynamic professionals, our passionate team is focused on one task, your success.

“It’s one thing to take an order but it’s another thing to follow it through the system and deliver it out to the customer in a timely manner, without all the errors and mistakes which generally happen in our industry.”

Greg Pentland
DecoNetwork Founder
Greg Pentland – Project Manager & Business Analyst

Greg Pentland is also co-founder of DecoNetwork and spends most of his time between a keyboard and his surfboard. Easy going and enjoying life, as Project Manager Greg keeps DecoNetwork development on track plus oversees product design and development.

Mark Pentland – Development Manager & Systems Architect

Mark Pentland is a co-founder of DecoNetwork and as Systems Architect Mark oversees all aspects of development, both system and application, for the DecoNetwork platform. Between pure genius and the power of The Force, Mark performs miracles that our DecoNetwork users enjoy!

Ryan Donola – Software Developer and Systems Architect

Ryan Donola is a Brazilian native and now calls the sunny Gold Coast of Queensland Australia his home. When not cutting code Ryan enjoys strumming his guitar, taking on the baddies on his Playstation, and cooking up a mean Brazilian BBQ lunch.

Michael McCloskey – Software Developer and Systems Architect

With over 25 years programming experience, Michael has worked on many small start-up projects ranging from music websites to bicycle websites to phone book websites. Michael joins the DecoNetwork team as Software Developer and Systems Architect. Michael enjoys the Aussie warm beach and there is rarely a day you won’t find him out in the water enjoying a bit of surfing or kitesurfing.

Lee Prazner – Product Design

With a major in computer science, Lee has worked in software design and development for over 13 years within the decorated goods industry. Coupled with experience running a part-time t-shirt printing business, Lee joins DecoNetwork with a wealth of industry and technical knowledge and a mission to keep growing DecoNetwork release by release.

Pat Janes – Software Developer and Systems Architect

When Pat is not ripping through lines of software code, you could find him scaling mountains, running ultra-marathons, or chilling out playing some alt-folk tunes on his guitar for his eight children. Yes, he owns a mini-bus. No, he doesn’t have a TV.

Mietek Woloszyn – General Manager Americas

Originally from Poland, Mietek joined the DecoNetwork team in 2009 and has enjoyed many roles since then. After years of education he earned Master Degree in Internet Technology from University of Georgia in 2015, and even though he prefers the European variety of Football, he feels obligated to support Georgia Bulldogs for life. Mainly a family man, he is not giving up on his passion for Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Cris Cruz – Senior Support Specialist

When it comes to printing Cris has walked the walk with over 10 years experience in print and design. Passionate about design, software development and electronics, Cris is super excited by the technical opportunities with DecoNetwork and looks forward to working with DecoNetwork users to make their online dreams a reality. Cris splits his free time between art, technology, zen meditation and enjoying delicious vegetarian meals.

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