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DecoNetwork announces U.S. General Manager

Gold Coast, Australia - April 11, 2016

Mietek Woloszyn

At DecoNetwork we believe in rewarding competence, perseverance and ingenuity. With this checklist at the forefront of our minds, we’re proud to announce the appointment of Mietek Woloszyn to the position of General Manager of DecoNetwork’s North and South American operations.

Mr Woloszyn arrived in the US from Poland in 2003 with a dream of pursuing a career in technology and a desire to be truly innovative. A Master’s degree in Internet Technology from the University of Georgia laid the groundwork for realisation of his professional goals.

Mr Woloszyn remembers 2009 as a great year. “I got engaged and joined DecoNetwork!” he quips. DecoNetwork’s determination to follow Richard Branson’s excellent business advice (train them well enough that they can leave, treat them well enough that they want to stay) has paid rich dividends in this case, given that Mr Woloszyn has been able to advance rapidly through the company and develop his skills to the point where he is the clear frontrunner for this promotion and has happily accepted the offer.

Mr Woloszyn will have direct responsibility for the smooth workings, growth and development of all DecoNetwork’s American business operations, plus world-wide responsibility for our Client Services. He will also have significant involvement in research and development for the US market and will be responsible for feeding R&D findings directly into the product development cycle.

We look forward to more of Mr Woloszyn’s innovative contributions to the success of DecoNetwork and are pleased to be able to offer him a wider scope for implementing his professional talents.

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