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DecoNetwork users doing more business

Gold Coast, Australia - April 20, 2016

DecoNetwork’s comprehensive, user-friendly platform is providing significant and measurable benefits to clients. The latest figures show that over the last year, DecoNetwork customers have put more and more business through the platform in terms of both order volume and revenue.

Brenden Prazner, DecoNetwork’s Product Manager and Evangelist, says that the company’s responsive approach to customer feedback has fueled an upturn in adoption of the platform and increased use of its capacities.

“We’re continually checking out our effectiveness with our customers and asking them what we can improve or add to make their user experience smoother and more convenient,” said Mr Prazner.

“Every new DecoNetwork platform release contains both new features and enhancements of old ones. For example, Business Hub, which produces quotes and orders, is ever evolving from direct client feedback. Now we’re seeing more and more customers cutting their costs and saving time by staying within the DecoNetwork platform to manage all their office work and production.”

The figures are certainly impressive. DecoNetwork clients put 34.91% more online sales orders and 49.97% more online revenue through the platform during the last year than in the previous 12 months.

Use of the quoting and order management feature of DecoNetwork’s Business Hub is also up, with an increase of 33.3% in offline sales volume and an increase of 44.31% in offline sales revenue compared to the previous year.

“These figures speak more persuasively than ever about the importance of a complete business solution. We’re serving both the online consumer market and some very high-volume and high-value business relationships, so a very flexible model is needed,” continued Mr Prazner. “More and more business owners are seeing that a strong technological platform like DecoNetwork will streamline their business and increase its competence and reliability. The figures just reinforce the point that DecoNetwork is the platform of choice for decorated products and business software.”

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