10 Brilliant print & embroidery promotional videos


There’s a certain magic to the garment decoration process that only a visit to your shop can truly capture.  The rhythm of the machinery, the smell of the ink, the feel of the fabric, the dedicated team hustling to bring the designs to life.  Seeing this first-hand gives customers an appreciation for your craft and the skill behind their finished product.  But in this digital age you’re likely to have customers all over the country (maybe even the world) that will never get to walk through your doors.  So what’s the next best thing?  How can you convey not just what you offer but what sets you apart?  One way is to tell your story through video.

Video content is a powerful marketing tool that is rapidly rising in popularity. It is a great way to give a behind the scenes tour of your shop, services, equipment, team and processes.  To many people the print and embroidery process is a mystery, so if you can remove that uncertainty through an informative and inspiring video, you’ll gain a more engaged and loyal customer.  

So how do you create a video that really resonates?  Make it about the problems you solve, what you offer above your competitors, the experience you give your customers, show some of your personality and passion and share the larger vision behind what you do.  To inspire you in your own efforts, we’ve scoured Youtube for some standout examples of promo videos for print and embroidery shops.  

Little Mountain Print Shoppe 

This is the kind of video that sticks with you.  The meaningful story behind the name, the beauty of the surrounding country, the clear sense of purpose Joe has and the beauty in the printing process pulls you in.   

Super Special 

Do not adjust your set, you haven’t just stumbled upon an MTV music clip.  It’s just Super Special’s unique aesthetic and style.  The synchronisation of driving beats with the printing press in ‘Genesis of a t shirt’ is hypnotic and stands out from your typical promotional videos.  

Oh Boy! Print Shop 

This one won me over with the story behind their name which honors the legacy of Jim’s grandpa.  They also show great care, sincerity and attention to detail in their work.  Oh and it’s beautifully shot with a stunning intro and outro.  

The Prince Ink co. 

What’s not to love?  A sweet ride, warm and inviting storefront, hoop shooting, tasty taco’s, primo printing and a swinging soundtrack.

Traxler Custom Printing 

The pride the Traxler team take in their work and in supporting their local community shines through in this video.  They’re values and the experience you can expect when working would win over any prospective customer. 

Superior Ink Printing 

What’s great about ‘Life of a craftsman’ is getting to know many different members of the team, from the owner to the production team to quality control to customer relations everyone’s voice is heard.  There is a clear unity in their efforts, values, vision and passion for what they do.

Print Renegades 

Take a walk (or skate) through the Print Renegades factory and you’ll feel like anything is possible when you collaborate with them.  Their enthusiasm and positivity is infectious, maybe it’s something to do with the delicious tunnel fresh pizza! 

Awesome Merchandise 

Living up to their name, Awesome Merchandise show a clever montage of snippets of all the little details that go into decorating products, from conversations to coffee, equipment to pooches, and so much more.

Fresco Press 

The founders share the origins of their business and what has lead to their growth.  What’s nice about their story is their focus on nurturing brands through a talented design team and in providing more than just t-shirts.

Jak Prints 

A great showcase of their team, wide range of services, grand scope of their operation and some sweet specialty finishing services.  They cleverly brand their video and promote some special deals at the end.


For ten quick tips on how to creating compelling videos for social media, check out this post by Hootsuite.  Share your thoughts in the comments on your favourites and let us know any stellar videos that we may have missed.


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