Add Custom Surcharge Pricing for Larger Product Sizes


Quite often suppliers charge you more for products with larger sizes such as a 2XL + t-shirt, and you may want to pass that surcharge on to your customers. With DecoNetwork you can effortlessly add your own surcharge pricing to cover these costs, both on a per-product level and in bulk!

Product by Product

Head to Admin > Products, find your product and click Manage then Edit Product.

Click Sizing, then click the blue gear icon in the top right corner.

Check the box “Check custom size surcharge prices”  and add the surcharge pricing as necessary.

Click Save to save the changes.

Add surcharge in bulk

To add surcharges in bulk navigate to Admin > Products > Product Defaults.  If you do not have this app enabled, do so now, it’s free!

Click Edit next to the Product Default you would like to change and on the next page click Sizing.

Click the blue gear icon in the top right corner and check the box “Use Custom Configuration”

You can now add custom surcharging to the sizes that you wish to change.

Read more about this topic on our help article,  Product Sizing


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