After 10 years in the business, Andy Bailey tells it like it is!

In the June 2019 issue of Images Magazine, Andy Bailey opens up about his decoration industry experiences over the last 10 years and how DecoNetwork has been a vital key to his success.

Andy started in the decoration business by first printing and then soon after realized he needed to do introduce embroidery into his business as well. With an always busy shop and with lots of orders from smaller clients, he knew something was needed to have everyone in the shop organized and keep client order deliveries on schedule. That’s what he spoke with Rena at DecoNetwork and saw the potential to organize everything within a single system.

Get first hand insights from Andy himself to what’s it like to use DecoNetwork, what he sees are the main advantages, what he’d like to see in future updates, and what his advice is for those looking to adopt new software into their own business.

Book a demo. Even if you have looked at DecoNetwork before, have a look again – It has changed massively over the last few years and is still improving. DecoNetwork gets a huge thumbs up from us here at Not Just T-Shirts.”

Andy Bailey

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