Setting up custom domains for your DecoNetwork website

As a print shop, your brand is important in every aspect of your business.  Make it easier to promote your business and brand by using your custom domain to simplify your web address.

With DecoNetwork you can easily have your custom domain to point to your DecoNetwork website.  The following videos will help walk you through the steps of changing your domain settings for GoDaddy, Google Domains and 1&1.

Setting up your domain name with GoDaddy

Setting up your domain name with Google Domains

Setting up your domain name with 1&1

HostGator users : The steps to change your DNS records will be unnecessarily difficult for most users.  To change these records please contact HostGator support and have them change the DNS records using the instructions on the Domain Settings page in your Website settings.

Please note : It is best practice to add your domain with AND without the www preceding your domain.  So for example you will add AND when adding your custom domain in your domain settings

Please note : Changes may not be instantaneous and could take anywhere from 24-48 hours for changes to take effect.


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