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Brenden started his career as an embroidery digitizer and screen print designer in the late 1990s. Later he joined Wilcom in the role of technical support and advanced through to product management, strategy and later marketing manager. Brenden is currently Product Marketing Manager for DecoNetwork and continues his passionate journey in the custom decorated goods industry.


  1. I advertise on Google paying $750 every month. Each day visit about 100 people and zero sales. Reason is it doesn’t work on android or Apple. Customers call me saying that they cannot create a design using their phones. I made couple of sales all was through computer. When I check Google dashboard 98% of search and site visit made via phones. very disappointing

    • Hi Omer. Thanks for your feedback. Without seeing your site and going into detail it will be hard to comment on the issues you’re experiencing. Most certainly DN is compatible on all devices including iOS as we are not flash based.

      The user experience for the online designer is currently not optimized for a mobile and this is a major development underway with DN8.

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