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You never know what you’ll hear when you tune in to the 2 Regular Guys Podcast, but you know they’ll serve up a feast of information made just for decorators complete with a side of humor and charm.  Last week, I was lucky enough to be one of the guests featured on their ‘People on the Move’ episode, in which they interviewed folks in the decoration industry who had made big career changes in the first quarter of 2017.

If you’ve been following DecoNetwork for any period of time, you’ve already been treated to my back-story more than once; here’s the short version: I’ve been in and around the decoration industry for around 20 years, spending the last 18 of those years in full-production as an embroidery digitizer, designer, and an e-commerce manager. For the last 11 years, I’ve written for industry blogs, magazines, and just been out helping decorators in the community. With a long, public history in machine embroidery and apparel decoration, it’s no surprise that the podcast to which I’ve so frequently been a contributor (and even a guest host on a couple of occasions) would want me to discuss my move to the hallowed halls of DecoNetwork. What is less wonderful is that every time I’m on the show, I get tagged with host Terry Combs’ favorite nickname for me, born out of what some feel is an odd spelling of my first name; ‘E-Rich’. This has dogged me to the point that the nickname came out, even in my first days at DecoNetwork; though with the younger crowd at DecoNetwork USA (sorry, Terry) ‘E-Rich’ has been styled my ‘rap name’.

All fun with my ‘h’ aside, I was happy to tell them all about the transition and the exciting things I’m involved in here at DecoNetwork. Though I discussed how it’s very different on this side of production and that it took some effort to make embroidery my hobby rather than my daily habit, most of the interview allowed me to highlight the opportunities DecoNetwork affords me to help my fellow decorators. I may not be on the floor with you now, but I am your advocate and voice as much as I ever have been, and the inspired, hard-working folks behind the scenes at DecoNetwork are not only allowing for that, but encouraging it.

Erich Campbell represening DecoNetwork in a decorated hat
Happily representing DecoNetwork at DAX Chicagoland

I was happy to get the chance to explain how I’m using my experience to inform my work. After all, the title Partner Relationship Manager doesn’t tell you all the places where we’re putting my time as a decorator to use. You would correctly assume that I’m talking to my industry friends in the apparel, supplies, software, and equipment spaces to see how DecoNetwork can help them and to get them more involved in what we can offer you, our licensees, but you might not think that we consider you our partners, too. I’m opening up discussions with you licensees, people interested in DecoNetwork, and decorators everywhere to find out more about what you need and what we can do for you. I like to think of myself as a a bridge; as a fairly tech-savvy person, a long-time decorator, and an online shop-runner, I am at the intersection of all the people I need to connect; I want to help our decorators, our development team, and our supplier partners all speak the same language so that we can promote the greatest understanding and build the best solutions.

As I told the talented hosts, Aaron Montgomery and Terry Combs, There are two things about the move to DecoNetwork that I like most. First, the amazing crew at DecoNetwork; each and every one has something valuable to bring to the team and a great attitude to match. Second, the way I’ve been empowered to offer more education, give more value, and to be here for you. One of my favorite things that might not seem to be part of my ‘job description’ is helping to review our documentation. We’re taking a fine-toothed comb to our help and tutorials to make sure they speak to decorators, making the process of starting and maintaining your DecoNetwork website and your order and production management in Business Hub as easy as possible.

If you’d like to hear more from me and my industry friends about our big moves, our advice for changing positions in the industry, our advice for people offering jobs in this space., please give the podcast a listen. It’s a fun discussion about what we do in our new companies, our greatest challenges, and the favorite things we’ve discovered about our new jobs.  You can listen to the episode (and track down a great deal more valuable content from the 2 Regular Guys show) at the link below.

People on the Move in the Industry with the 2 Regular Guys Podcast


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