DecoNetwork Tip: Embed a YouTube video on your website

In this tip we look at embedding a YouTube video on your DecoNetwork website.

A video is a great way to highlight your businesses benefits in a short, punchy few mins backed by a killer sound track and entertaining narration! But seriously, don’t go overboard or your entertaining video could quickly become an annoying liability.

Firstly sign up with YouTube and use YouTube as your video repository. You can create a YouTube account here. I recommend using your business name as your account so it keeps with the brand you are trying to build.

Create your video using one of hundreds of video editing packages out there (I used Corel VideoStudio myself) and upload it to your newly created YouTube account.

Don’t forget to write a detailed description use lots of juicy tags that people might use to find your video.  This is especially important now as Google indexes videos from services such as YouTube and there is a chance someone will see your video during their Google searches:

Google search results showing videos

Once you video is uploaded you can view it on YouTube and copy the Embed code:

You can select control color and size for your video. When done copy the code from the text box:

Now you have the embed code you can copy it to your DecoNetwork website.

In this example we’re going to embed the video on the front page of the site in hope it will be the first thing our site visitor will see.

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Store > Website Pages and select the home page you want to edit. In this example we are editing the “Home” page.
  3. Under “Body Settings” select ‘Configure’ of the Body Content section.
  4. Click “Source” and copy your code into the text window.
  5. Click “Save” and your video will now be visible on your DecoNetwork website page!

You can head to to view this working demo.


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