Enable Live Purchase Ordering

Here at DecoNetwork, we pride ourselves on being the optimal solution for your print shop by providing you with the tools that make running your business easier.

Did you know that DecoNetwork is the only print shop software that allows you to create Purchase Orders to send to your suppliers?

DecoNetwork seamlessly creates a purchase order that you can easily email to your supplier to keep your day to day operations running smoothly.

In addition to this awesome feature, you also have the ability to send the purchase order directly to your supplier without ever having to leave your Business Hub with Live Purchase Ordering. ¬†From Business Hub you can send purchase orders directly to your supplier using your account number, and without having to log in and re-enter the order again on your supplier’s website.

Enable Live Purchase Ordering with the following steps:

  • Head to Admin > Products > Supplier Account Details
  • Here you will find a list of available suppliers. In the “Live Ordering” column, “Not Setup” denotes that the supplier has the ability for live purchase ordering.
  • Click Edit next to your preferred supplier.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box for Use Live Ordering.
  • This will make some new fields appear and from here you will fill out the appropriate Customer Number, User Name and Password for your account.

You can even choose the Default Warehouse so you know that your orders will be sent from the nearest location to your business!

That’s it!

Just another awesome DecoNetwork tool to keep your business operating efficiently.

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