How To Launch Your Own Affiliate Online Stores – Webinar

DecoNetwork Affiliate Online Stores

With DecoNetowrk Affiliate online stores, you can enable your customers to sell their own decorated products by launching their very own affiliate online stores, hosted by you.

Why Launch Affiliate Online Stores?

Creating and launching affiliate online stores helps secure long term business and loyalty from your clients, with you positioned as the fulfillment center for all incoming orders. With DecoNetwork, affiliate online stores can be customized to fit the branding needs of each one of your clients.

Affiliate Online Store Setup & Monitoring Tools

Affiliate online store organizers simply select a product from your catalog, add their design, add pricing and their details, then launch the Affiliate online store. Both you and the Affiliate online store organizers can log in and monitor progress at any time. Plus, payments can be processed online right through the Affiliate online store.


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