How to link DecoNetwork with my current website?

DecoNetwork, aside of the Online Designer, Business Hub, Decoration Processes, and more is also a fully functional standalone website. It means that you don’t have to host a separate website and pay for the hosting somewhere else. With DecoNetwork you can customize the look of your site, add your own domain, pages, and all other things you would imagine each website should have.

That said, I hear this question from time to time circulating around: How to link DecoNetwork with my current website? I personally would recommend you to use DecoNetwork as your website as it is easier to maintain and you don’t have to pay for hosting twice, but I want to make sure, that you can also explore all of your options first before making any decision (which is ultimately yours). Below, you will find a summarize of choices that you have:

1. Starting a new website from scratch

DecoNetwork is a DIY type of application (Do it yourself). It was designed, so anyone can have its own online presence setup by using the GUI interface, and not coding or anything what will require from you any technical background. Thanks to that you can setup your own products, prices, website template, and content with the available standard options. While the setup can take you some time, and will require an effort from your end it is entirely within your reach. DecoNetwork of course is much more than just an online presence. The true strength is in the Business Hub area, and the way how you can manage your day to day operations, but in this article I discuss primarily the online part of the application. Here is the video tutorial which can help you in this process:

2. Moving my existing site into DecoNetwork system.

If you are already having a website, and perhaps even paid for a fully professional design, you may want to stick to the current professional look that you have already received and paid for, but at the same time you only want to have one website. If that is the case, our dedicated DecoCoach team can help you with this process. Please check this link for more information about the DecoCoach: Yes, this is a paid service but affordable and our web designers are familiar with the platform (when you hire someone from outside you will need to pay for the time put into learning the platform first). It is also not required to use DecoNetwork services to do it, but since this is an advance option and our in-house web designers are well familiar with the DecoNetwork, this might be the best choice for you. That said, you have access to all of the tools that our web designers are using, and you can also do those changes on your own. Here is the video which can help you with this process:

3. Using my existing domain with DecoNetwork.

You can easily move just your domain from using it with your existing site and redirect to DecoNetwork. This video explains this process in more details based on the GoDaddy example:

4. How to add 301 redirection?

Let’s say you have your current website active for some time now, and you have gained some traffic to specific pages indexed by Search Engines (Yes, I am being politically correct and by Search Engines I really mean Google… Sorry Bing). It is natural that you don’t want to lose this achievement. DecoNetwork allows you to add 301 redirection from your existing pages into a new pages created in DecoNetwork in an easy and seamless way. Please check this short article on how this can be done:

5. I just need a link…

It is also possible to just add a link from your current site to DecoNetwork platform. When you sign up for DecoNetwork you are getting a new URL automatically. You can simply add a link to that URL from your existing site. At the same time, you can also add a link to your existing site from DecoNetwork platform.

To add a new link:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfillment > Website > Website Pages (Page Management add-on must be enabled)
  3. On the next page click on Add Page and then select Page Status as Link.12-22-2015 4-42-46 PM

This will let you to add a link to the list of your pages within the DecoNetwork system. Please remember to use the entire URL (absolute path) if this is an external website. That link should also start with http:// protocol.

6. Using Online Designer with external shopping cart

If you are already using a shopping cart on your end and you would just like to include the designer into your online offer, with the DecoNetwork API it is possible to do. This is an advance option and will require a developer on your end who is familiar with your existing shopping cart and is capable of programming API into your cart. If this requirement is met, you can look into DecoNetwork API documentation here for the details:

7. Using an iframe

Supposedly you just have your own website where you would like to display an online designer as an option to decorate and purchase goods online, but you don’t want to migrate the look and feel of your site into a DecoNetwork system. In such scenario, you can be interested in displaying DecoNetwork Online Designer in an iframe on one of your pages. While I will encourage you to evaluate a possibility to actually move your entire website for economical and maintenance reasons (why pay for two sites) and personally I am not a big fan of iframes in general (such a SEO waste), if you are still willing to do it here is the guide how this can be done in the correct way:

      1. When using an iframe, most likely you want to display the designer. In your DecoNetwork store you will find the designer under /designer/customize/ page (If you can’t see the designer on your end, make sure that it is enabled in Website > Online Designer Settings > Allow Online Designer). Here is the example:
      2. You may have noticed that the link from above is using secure protocol (https). Please always use the secure domain on your end for iframes. This will most likely be The reason why you want to use secure domain is to avoid cookie issues during the checkout in an iframe (One of the possible issues when non secured domain is being used in iframe can be empty cart during the checkout).
      3. Remove all of the unnecessary elements under Customize Template HTML section in DecoNetwork. Since you are using an iframe, you don’t want the menu to be displayed nor footer section as this can create a confusion. This can be done in Website > Customize Template HTML. Your custom code should look less or more like this after the code reduction:
      4. Disable Breadcrumbs in Website > Website Page Options
      5. You can also make some adjustments under Customize Template CSS section if needed, but I didn’t do any of that in this example.
      6. If you need any assistance in creating an actual iframe this article can help:
      7. Last but not least, add the link to the designer page into an iframe. Here is the code that will show you an output for the example used in this article:

        <iframe src=”” width=”870″ height=”700″></iframe>

I hope this helps.


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