DecoNetwork Tutorial – Episode 14

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  1. we have lots of pages with predecorated products on for clubs we do work for. But when we delete a product because its been discontinued it stays on the predecorated products so people to still order.
    is there an easy way than having check every page.

    1. Hey Brian, this seems more like a support issue. Decorated products should become discontinued as well (no longer show) when the underlying blank has been deleted. If you’re not seeing this behavior please submit a support ticket with full details so we can look into it for you.

  2. I had research as much as I could. I wanted to know if there is a way to keep the link to “decorated and blank” without having the price listed on my webpage. Basically can we have an option to put on our website to apply this link without having any prices until the customer goes to the design page. Right now it appears you can’t do this without a price and keep the link to go straight to the design page. I hope I am making sense here 🙂

    Example: EMBROIDERY from 10.99

    BLANK from 6.99

  3. Will any updated product release contain the availability of multiple line items of different apparel that receive the same design recognizing its the same design for discount purposes and charging purposes?

  4. Question
    How can I send a ‘Clearer proof of the customers art….. It converts my vector based pdf to a jpg in order to send….and I lose a lot of small detail that I need the customer to see?

  5. Hi Guys – I’m looking for some inspiration re pricing tables – it’s something I need to review but there’s a lot of functionality and variables to consider – can you show us the easiest way to get pricing setup to allow for selling right away – giving us time to put together the more complex pricing models?

    Also, some ideas on the user interface in the Admin hub – e.g. we use a traffic light colour sheme for our order screen and are constantly improving it – I’d be interested to see other ideas.

    Thanks – looking forward to it.

    Best wishes,


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