Migration to current technology imminent

As DecoNetwork is once again poised to release a game-changing new set of features for our unmatched eCommerce and shop-management system, the time has come to say goodbye to the earliest version of the software still in use. Luckily for our users that haven’t yet updated, they are about to benefit from an automatic upgrade, giving them access to all the features we’ve improved and added in the last year.

Rather than let our users linger, we want them to benefit from the latest tools and services, so we’ll be helping them to catch up to the current version through a managed, automatic update process in the immediate future.

There’s a lot to love in the current version of DecoNetwork; It greatly enhances the abilities of the platform and featured sweeping improvements like the following:

A redesigned, easier to navigate interface for administering your business and website.

This includes the Universal Search bar at the top center of every administration and Business Hub page, enabling you to find any information or menu you’ll need to get things done.

An all-new SVG vector engine for incredible speed in online design, as well as an all-new template builder that allows you to create customizable templates for your customers to personalize.

Build customizable templates with the new DecoNetwork Template Builder.

Color detection and adjustment capabilities for uploaded art for screen-printing to make it easy for customers and companies alike to adjust their designs to fit budget constraints

Global font management tools for all printing methods, allowing you to enable and disable stock and custom uploaded fonts on the fly.

All of these features and more will be accessible to our clients who have been using our earliest version as they are automatically upgraded.  We can’t wait to see what users will do with the tools and features of our current version, let alone what they will do when we launch the next set of industry-changing front-end tools in the coming months!

The migration to 7.5 will take place on Wednesday, February 7.

cyrus ndiga February 5, 2018

The migration to 7.5 will take place on Wednesday, February 7. are you refereeing to version 7.8 or what? since we are already on 7.509.