Policy Changes Regarding Features and Plans

DecoNetwork is constantly striving to improve its products and services to best meet the demands of the modern apparel decorator business. The challenges we face achieving this are many, and sometimes despite our best intentions, we miss the goal. The recently released Contract Pricing, and prior to this the Multifaceted Search both fall into the missed-the-goal category.

To prevent this happening again DecoNetwork is realigning some of its product placement strategies.

First off, Contract Pricing will be moved into Premium and Premium Legacy plans. Work will commence on this immediately and will roll out over the next day or so.

Secondly, going forward we are changing the way we view new features and the plan levels they fall into. The simple plan is this:

  • Standard – Has a bit of almost every feature; a single store, a single price level, few staff. Many features are functionally complete. Features that represent an improvement above baseline operational functionality will not be part of Standard.
  • Premium – Has more of every feature and the ability to customize much of it; more stores, multiple price levels, many more configuration options, more staff.
  • Enterprise – Everything, and lots of it, PLUS the API. Only plan level to have the API as a clearly distinguishing feature, plus other features that are undisputedly enterprise-centric (none as yet, but stay tuned).

The effect this has on legacy plans is that a feature that is being offered on a modern plan level will also be made available in the most equivalent legacy plan. Thus, you are not required to move from a legacy plan onto an equivalent modern plan just to get access to a new feature.

However, you will be required to pay a license fee if you advance your system upwards to a higher plan level. If you are on a legacy plan, you should only be paying the difference in license fees between plan levels, if you are on legacy and are planning this, please contact client services to discuss the move.

There are no fees going down plan levels.

Legacy plans are not available to be subscribed to, and if you leave your legacy plan it will not be available to you again in the future.

If you have recently (since the release of contract pricing) moved to enterprise, you will be contacted over the next week to discuss the reasons for your move and assess if the plan you are on is right for you. Where appropriate we will offer downgrades and refunds.

Obviously, DecoNetwork has listened to our customers when coming to this new direction, and for most of you, this will be exactly what you want. However, there are going to be some people that feel hard done by. Please understand we try to take a considered approach to everything we do and we acknowledge that some of you might get upset. If that is the case, I would encourage you to call client services first to discuss the matter personally as we are doing our best to be accomodating.

Thanks for listening!

Sandy September 11, 2020

Great Job!  This is a great feature;  I am glad to see that you guys reconsidered the availability of this feature!

shawn sckoropad August 10, 2020

Really happy with the way you guys are approaching this! Happy to be working with you guys & looking forward to what is coming. :) Keep up the amazing work always making it easier for us to sell custom merch!

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