This Week in Catalog – April 20, 2018

Good news, everyone (in my best Professor Farnsworth voice)! The BTC Activewear catalog update is complete. We finished up the last of the new products as well as activating some old ones that had missing data. No time to rest on our laurels, though. The catalog department’s work is never done.

We spent a good chunk of this week’s time on the Alphabroder catalog, adding 57 new products. Ralawise also got a lot of attention and we’ve completed 26 more products there. Per usual, the weekend updates gave us some new products in SanMar (3 products) and S&S Activewear (8 products).

There is a little bit of views concerning the Condé catalog. Their art department has completed the additional photography required to make their product images compatible with our online designer. They have done a wonderful job, by the way! Now, we are waiting for them to compile the necessary data for us. I know you’re all eager for those sublimation products and we’re equally anxious to have them available in DecoNetwork.

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