This Week in Catalog: February 19, 2021

Another week in the books, folks. The development team is still working on updating all of our import processing programs to work with the new version of our programming language. Unfortunately, this means we cannot import any new data for the catalogs still affected, including S&S Activewear and Alphabroder. The good news is, we are still on track to release the new Outdoor Cap and S&S Activewear Canada catalogs in early March. Other news this week is that Gildan Brands Australia is working on an update and we have reached out once again to Otto Cap in hopes of receiving current data.

We configured 46 new products in S&S Activewear and updated 2 with new images. In Ralawise, we added 30 new products. We added 25 new products to S&S Activewear Canada. Then, we had a smattering of products across a number of catalogs, 3 new products in Outdoor Cap, 2 new products in Alphabroder, and 1 updated product each in Otto Cap, PenCarrie, and BTC Activewear.


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