This Week in Catalog: February 26, 2021

Howdy ho, y’all. It’s been an eventful-ish week in the catalog department. First, we have completed the new Outdoor Cap catalog and it’s been submitted for publication. It should be available next week. Second, development has completed the updates to the S&S Activewear import processor and we’ve imported the latest data and pricing. I’ve also submitted that catalog for publication so the pricing should be corrrected as soon as that step is done, which does take a few days.

This week we added 8 new products to Alphabroder, 1 new product to BTC Activewear, the final 3 products to Outdoor Cap as well as adding missing images to 1, added 21 products to Ralawise and updated 34, added 24 products to S&S Activewear and updated 5, added 25 products to S&S Activewear Canada, and updated 9 products in SanMar.


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