This Week in Catalog: Happy (insert name of chosen holiday here)!

Hello, my lovely DecoNetworkers! It’s the holiday season and you are getting some nice presents from us. The least exciting news is that we’ve added 83 new products to the Alphabroder catalog since my last post. We are now almost caught up on the current product line. As of December 8th, the Uneek catalog is complete! We’ve also added four new products to SanMar.

On to more exciting stuff. We have officially begun work on updating the SanMar Canada catalog. It’s been a long, long time and we apologize for the delay but getting correctly formatted data was a longer process than anyone expected. It looks like we have 76 new products that we will be adding for you over the coming weeks. Next, we have also begun adding the AS Colour catalog. I know that this is one that a lot of the DecoNetwork community has been longing for. Like Uneek was, this will be slower to roll out and will go live in sections. Check back to here to see what’s available and when.

I also have two announcements concerning the future of the catalogs. The first is that we will be bringing back the use of wireframes for product views for which we do not have appropriate images. This subject has been a back and forth debate internally. We know that not all of you will like this decision but as some wise person once said, “You can’t please all of the people all of the time.” General user consensus is that a wireframe visual is less confusing for end users than the non-visual decoration areas we had been using for the past year or so. As of January 1, 2018, all new products added to the catalog will include wireframe views for any product decoration areas missing product photos from the supplier or whose supplied images are inadequate.

The last piece of news is that we are implementing a brand new catalog update system. This system will pull new data automatically from our vendors and import it into catalog configuration once a week. This means that we will be able to update the catalogs for vendors whose data is support by this system, such as SanMar, Alphabroder, and S&S Activewear, on a weekly basis (or whenever there is new data). Pretty cool, huh?

I bet you didn’t know that I could write more than one or two paragraphs. This was, indeed, a long blog post. I just want to take a moment to wish all of you a happy holiday season, no matter where you are or what you celebrate. We here at DecoNetwork wish you the best and look forward to continuing to help you do what you do best in 2018 and beyond.



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