This Week in Catalog: Image Quality and the Catalogs

Those of you who read this blog regularly will know that I provide you with the totals of products we’ve worked on this week. Would you believe that for Alphabroder, this week’s number is 530? It is but that’s not good news. You see, out of those 530 products only 73 are live and active. The other 457 products did not have adequate product view images and without those, we can’t make a product active for you. 🙁 I’m hoping we will be provided with them shortly so we can get everything live in DecoNetwork.

We also added another 12 products to the Uneek catalog. All of the polos are live and we’re working our way through the sweatshirts that are not already available. We have come across a few issues unique to Uneek (see what I did there?) and we are working on figuring out some solutions to these. Rest assured that we will get all the bugs worked out. Happy Halloween and I’ll talk to you next Friday!


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