This Week in Catalog: July 17, 2020

Hello out there. We finally have face covers from S&S Activewear live in DecoNetwork. I’d like to thank you all for your patience as we worked to get them available to you. We are also inching closer to having the Gildan Brands (Australia) catalog in the DecoNetwork family. You can stay tuned here for news on that front.

We added 73 new products and updated 23 products in S&S Activewear. This week we also added 3 products to Ralawise. We updated 6 products in PenCarrie and added 1 new one. Rounding out the week, we updated 1 product in Alphabroder and 1 in SanMar. We are scheduled to have a data import from Alphabroder over the weekend and I plan to push new pricing live next week.


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