This Week in Catalog: June 14, 2019

The development team is still working on straightening out some data errors with the Alphabroder catalog. We are hoping to get it all done soon so we can do an update for you and get the latest prices live. I believe the team is getting close.

As for what he have gotten done this week, PenCarrie has had 38 products updated this week along with 39 new products added. S&S Activewear had 2 products updated and 28 new products added. We updated 1 product in Alphabroder and added simple categories for 360 products before having to halt in order to allow development to resume work on the data. We switched our focus for simple categories to BTC Activewear, where 210 additional products now have them configured. Lastly, there was an update for 1 product in SanMar.


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