This Week in Catalog: June 15, 2018

I’ll start with my usual summary. We’re still working on the truckload of new products from our premium partners that came through last week. Most of these need image per color product views, which require a lot more time to create than templates. This has resulted in the going being rather slow. We added 25 new products to SanMar, 9 new products to Alphabroder, and 6 new products to Ralawise. In addition, we updated two products in Alphabroder and one product in S&S Activewear with new images.

Now, it’s time for a little unpleasant news. It might even be tough love, perhaps. Based on estimates gleaned from the first few weeks of trying to focus on reviewing existing products, this project will take years to complete. Yes, years. With an “s”. Three to be exact, and that’s just to take care of our three most popular catalogs. That’s also if we ignore new products and support tickets.

This realization has meant that I need to revise our approach to this project. We have to prioritize products that have functional issues over those that have cosmetic issues. SanMar seems to be in pretty good shape but S&S and Alphabroder, not so much. The new plan is to go through our top catalogs and correct any products with errors that may cause malfunctions. Once this stage is complete, we can go back and work on the cosmetic issues, like color matching and switching templates to image per color for products with heather/textured options.

There is a way that you can help us get through this process as quickly and efficiently as possible. How? Support tickets. I am asking that you only file support tickets for products that are malfunctioning. To help you, the following are not problems with functionality: products using non-visual decoration areas and/or wire frames instead of product views, colors/swatches that are not an exact match between the catalog and the vendor’s web site, color options that don’t look great because they are heathered/triblend/textured and currently using a template, image per color views that are not perfectly aligned.

The following are considered problems that can affect functionality: products using image per color product views that have a missing color or colors, product views that are mislabeled, products with views that are clearly not the correct product (for example, the product is long sleeved and the views show a short sleeved item), products with invalid colors (meaning there is no hex/RGB value assigned for said color), colors that are completely wrong (as in; light grey shows up red, NOT that it’s not the “right” shade of grey). If you encounter one of these issues, please do file a support ticket.

We want the products on our catalogs to look their best and we do appreciate you all alerting us to problems and inconsistencies. However, we are having to spend too much time responding to support tickets reporting problems that will be taken care of during the course of our product review. We can get through this a lot more quickly with less time spent on support tickets for non-essential issues.

As a final note, I know that not everybody keeps up with the catalog blog. You folks will be ahead of the curve. Plenty of DecoNetwork users will likely still file catalog support requests for the types of things I’ve just asked you not to file tickets for. We will start addressing support tickets at our own discretion. Tickets deemed to concern non-essential issues will be placed on hold and addressed when time allows. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.


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